10 Hair Curling Tips to Make Your Style Last

April 23, 2022
10 Hair Curling Tips to Make Your Style Last

See the 10 processes to create waves, ringlets, and tight or vast curls to be on top this summer! With a straightener, a hairdryer, or even more natural techniques without drying: the preference is yours!

The return of loops is already declared for this summer! Here are 10 methods to make wavy waves, ringlets, and tight or wide curls. With a straightener, a hairdryer, or even more natural techniques without drying. We have beautifully structured curls!

1. Tame your curls with a diffuser hairdryer

Before taming your curls, apply a pre-drying treatment to protect your hair from the heat. To enhance the result, add a little styling mousse to your hair.

First, start by detangling your hair using a comb. Then divide your hair, and make a classic brushing by proceeding strand by strand.

Then take a round hairbrush and a hairdryer with a diffuser tip. Adjust the nozzle and set your hairdryer to medium heat. The diffuser distributes the hot air throughout your hair without damaging it.

Tilt your head to the side and drop a strand into the diffuser cup. For more structured curls, you can also wrap your hair around your finger before placing it in the diffuser cup. 

The diffuser head must be pointing upwards. Then gently raise the hairdryer, stopping near your roots. Repeat this movement all over your hair.

Finally, to perfect the definition of your curls and give volume to your hair, finish with cold air. Then spray a little hairspray to bring shine to your hair and fix your hairstyle. Above all, do not comb your hair with a comb or a brush, you risk “breaking” your curls.

2. Wave your hair with a straightener for a wavy result

It is important to prepare your hair before curling your hair. Take care of your hair and detangle it with a comb or boar bristle brush. Then apply a heat protector, insisting on the ends. Then divide your hair into several strands.

For large curls, take a thick lock. For tight curls or English curls, take finer locks.

Once you have decided on the style of curls you want, take a strand and wrap it around the lower level of your straightener. Then close your straightener while holding the wick in your hand. Then move from top to bottom by rotating your straightener between your hands. Repeat this movement on each strand.

Once your curls are done, finalize your hairstyle by applying a spray or hairspray to maximize hold and bring shine to your hair.

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3. Use a curling iron for natural waves

Before using the curling iron, spray your hair with a protective spray. Then utilize some styling mousse to a comb and touch your head upside down. 

Preferably employ a fine ceramic or titanium hair straightener so as not to burn your hair. Avoid setting your curling iron to the maximum. For touch-ups, you can do them at a low temperature.

Practice: divide your hair into several parts. Take a wick the width of the iron and wrap it in a spiral around the iron. Wait 5 seconds then release the iron. Repeat the manipulation on all your hair. 

Consider, in the end, running your fingers through the inside of your hair to give more volume and a more natural look. For a better hold, do not hesitate to add hairspray.

4. Wave your hair with braids

To curl your hair naturally, do African braids or simple 3-strand braids. Braids should preferably be done on wet hair.

Keep your braids on when you go to bed, and undo them the next morning. Then, lightly tousle your hair using your fingers and apply a little hairspray all over your hair. The braid is an effective and simple method to obtain beautiful natural waves.

5. Use curlers for natural curls

Hair curlers are a good alternative for curling your hair without using heat. Hair curler choices depend on your hair length and the type of curl you desire. For long hair, we will favor large rollers for loose curls. As for shorter hair, we prefer small rollers, for thin curls.

Practice: before applying the curlers, it is essential to style and dampen your hair. Divide your hair into several parts and take a section the width of the curler. Place your curler at the tip of your wick and roll it up to the root. Do the same for all the wicks.

If you’re looking to achieve spiral-shaped, curly curls, position your curler vertically. For a wavy effect, place your curler horizontally.

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6. Curl your hair with a headband

Detangle your hair using a comb and dampen it. Put your rubber band around your head. Then take a strand from the top of the ear and twist it. Then, pass your twisted wick around the headband by wrapping it. 

Do the same all around the head until no strands remain. Keep your headband on overnight, and remove it the next morning. To style your hair, just run your fingers through your locks. Don’t forget to apply a little hairspray to your hair for a better hold of the curls.

7. Wave your hair with the bun method

Dampen your hair and brush it. Then separate your hair into several strands. Know that the more you have, the curlier your hair will be. 

Take a strand and twist it on itself. For each wick, create a small bun that you can hold in place with an elastic band or a bun clip. Leave on overnight.

8. Use a styling mousse for a “Beach Waves” effect

Styling mousse is a good option for waving your hair without damaging your hair fiber. After washing and detangling your hair, take a large hazelnut of styling mousse and distribute it all over your hair, starting with the roots. 

The application can be done by hand or with a comb. Then, head upside down, “crumple” your hair using your fingers. Then let your hair air dry.

9. Wave your hair with saltwater spray

For those looking for a slightly ‘wild’, ‘back from the beach’ type look, opt for a saltwater spray. 4 to 5 sprays will be enough to bring you volume and create an unstructured effect. 

Finish by drying your hair upside down while passing your fingers through your hair. Above all, do not use a brush to style them at the risk of destroying your curls.

10. Use bobby pins to curl your hair

On detangled and slightly damp hair, apply conditioner or detangling treatment then let your hair air dry. Then divide your hair into 3 sections. Separate the sections with bobby pins.

Take a strand of hair, a large strand if you want big curls, or a thin one if you prefer tight curls. You can also vary between small and large curls for a more natural effect. Then use the comb to untangle your lock. 

Take a wick and wrap it between your thumb and your index finger starting from the tips. Slowly slide your curl off your finger, leaving the tip inside. Then wrap the hair, being careful that the hair does not slip. 

Then fix your curl to your scalp with two pins, forming a cross. Repeat the operation on all your hair. Then let it sit overnight for the best results! 

The next day carefully unties each loop without pulling on the pins. Use your fingers to style your hair. Finally, to perfect your waves, apply a shine spray and hairspray for better hold!

Whether you have straight hair, thick hair, fine hair, or wavy hair… now you know how to curl your hair and perfect your waves! And you, what method do you use to curl your hair? Do you know any other tricks to have pretty curls?

Photo: Pexels/Carlos Cuadros

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