10 Must-Have Beauty Products For Summer

July 1, 2022
10 Must-Have Beauty Products For Summer

Organic, ethical, vegan, clean composition… Green cosmetics continue to attract consumers all over the world! Here are our 10 essential green products for the summer…

1 – shower gel that smells like summer

Summer is associated with holidays, hot sand, and smells that transport us to the Caribbean as soon as we open the bottle. If warm and cozy smells fill our bathrooms the rest of the year, switching to a shower gel that smells good in summer as soon as the temperatures rise allows you to travel each time you shower. If in addition, the shower gel has a clean composition, without endocrine disruptors or other parabens… It’s actually better, for your skin and the planet! Monoi, vanilla, papaya, citrus fruits, lavender, rose, tiaré, coconut… All you have to do is pick from the editorial favorites:

  • Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap;
  • Love Beauty And Planet Radical Refresher Body Wash;
  • Native Body Wash – Citrus & Herbal Musk

2 – Eco-friendly sunscreen

It is not always easy to find an adequate and at the same time environmentally friendly sunscreen… Indeed, studies show that specific ingredients present in sunscreens are partly responsible for the destruction of coral. Fortunately, more and more cosmetic labels are looking into the subject and we have found you 3 green and effective sunscreens to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, responsible for premature aging of the skin, among other things, and not to damage the planet :

  • Mattifying SPF 30 face sunscreen from REN Skincare;
  • Certified organic SPF 50+ sunscreen spray from Laboratoires de Biarritz;
  • Respire’s SPF 50 solar duo

3 – Self-Tanners for a Healthy Summer Glow

Exposing yourself to the sun makes you dream less and less… And for good reason, the sun’s rays are responsible for skin aging, and exposure without protection can lead to serious dermatological disorders, or worse, skin cancer. However, we look better with a light tan and it makes our hearts feel better to see our skin take on a caramel color over the summer. The solution? A green self-tanner that will permit you to have a pretty golden complexion, without having to suffer the deadly consequences of extended exposure to UV rays. Here are our favorites:

  • The moisturizing self-tanning milk from Biarritz Laboratories;
  • Aloha organic natural oil from Cocosolis;
  • Veil Doré self-tanning spray by Phyt’s

4 – Sea Salt Sprays for Beachy Hair

Nothing rhymes with summer and holidays more than mermaid-worthy hair. At the beach, our hair is magnificent, between the sun which lightens it slightly, and the natural ripples created by the salt water, you sport hair worthy of the girls of the islands. Good news! You can reproduce these effects with a hair spray that will mimic the action of salt and sun. And not to spoil anything, these green products often have a divine smell:

  • The Vegan Surf Mist spray;
  • Rahua’s Enchanted Island Salt Spray;
  • EQ Love Stay Salty Wavy Spray

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5 – Pop nail polish

Chemical cosmetic product par excellence, nail polish generally contains ingredients that are not good for your body or the planet. But in recent years, green nail polish brands have been flourishing on the cosmetics market and we are the first to be delighted! A nail polish with an irreproachable composition, in pop colors that smell good of summer? No problem! You will even find them in a semi-permanent version…

  • The semi-permanent Green Flash gift set from Manucurist;
  • Kure Bazaar’s Bikini & Co nail polish;
  • Avril Lagoon nail polish Organic Cosmetics

6 – 100% natural after-sun Care

You certainly take all the necessary precautions to avoid exposing your pretty skin to the harmful effects of the sun, but unfortunately, no one is immune to a failure… A green after-sun is the best way to treat a bad sunburn. sun or simply to hydrate your skin after a day at the beach. Aloe Vera is a highly moisturizing plant and it has the advantage of being able to be used pure to soothe superficial burns:

  • Alba Botanica After Sun Gel, Aloe Vera;
  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel from Orfito;
  • Respire Aloe Vera After-Sun Gel-Cream

7 – All purpose vegetable oil

If you don’t like to burden yourself with a dozen beauty products on vacation or even at home, vegetable oil is about to become your best friend. Especially coconut oil! Known and recognized for its many moisturizing, healing, and nourishing properties, it can be used to moisturize the skin after sun exposure, to remove make-up from your skin while nourishing it, to make a homemade scrub by adding sugar or coffee grounds or even to deeply nourish your hair by simply applying it to your lengths and leaving it to act for several hours, or even overnight:

  • Waam Cosmetics coconut oil;
  • Natessance coconut oil from Léa Nature;
  • Organic coconut vegetable oil from Cosmenana

8 – a clean scrub to prolong the tan

The best way to maintain beautiful golden skin throughout the summer is to regularly rid it of dead skin and other impurities that could alter your tan. Here are our favorite green scrubs:

  • Typology Toning Body Scrub;
  • The Exfoliating Body Duo by Marionnaud Green;
  • Oh My Cream Facial Exfoliating Powder

9 – Hydrating Serums For Plump Skin

Between sun, pollution and a festive diet, your skin particularly needs hydration and dedicated care in summer. A regenerating oil to use as a serum has the advantage of being nourishing and, on vacation, it can replace your moisturizer for a particularly practical and effective all-in-one product.

  • Pai Skincare Wild Rose Oil BioRegenerate;
  • African Botanics Intensive Recovery Oil;
  • Patyka Radiance Regenerating Serum

10 – purifying shampoos for healthy and scalp

Our favorite of this selection… Because your skin isn’t the only one that needs to free itself from dead skin and other impurities, especially in summer. Christophe Robin’s Purifying Cleansing Scrub with Sea Salt is a real ally for your summer. Thanks to its sea salt crystals, it will exfoliate your scalp while purifying it. Use once in a while if you don’t have particularly oily hair.

Photo: Pexels/ Mikhail Nilov

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