How To Care For Natural Nails

April 7, 2022
How To Care For Natural Nails?

Your nails are soft, brittle, yellowed,… In short, they make you desperate and cause you more worries than anything else. 

Do not panic! Many easy recipes to make at home with natural ingredients can help you fortify them to restore your hands to their elegance and beauty.

Why take care of your nails?

Like hair, our nails are made of keratin, a material that gives them a certain rigidity. Without realizing it, our nails have several major roles. They help protect the ends of the fingers, which are more likely to suffer shocks and other attacks. 

They refine the precision of our gestures, make object manipulation easier, and improve our tactile sensitivity. If you have ever had very (too) short nails, you surely know the hassle of having to open a can or look for the end of the adhesive tape! 

The nails can serve as a defense, like the claws of a cat, but also to scratch in case of itching. Aesthetically speaking, healthy nails also contribute to the beauty of your hands.

With so many roles to play and the hands being surely the part of the body that we solicit the most, the nails deserve to be pampered with the appropriate care!

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Among the tips and advice that we can give you, think first of letting them breathe from time to time. Give them days off where you don’t give them any manicures or wear nail polish. 

And if you wear them, choose varnishes without toxic substances, which could affect your nails but also your health. Applying a base before applying the varnish on the nail also helps to protect it better. Also, use a mild, acetone-free nail polish remover instead when removing your polish.

Also, maintain a healthy lifestyle: a varied diet helps keep your nails healthy! And to bring something to fortify them, vitamin B and zinc are the ideal natural elements!

Taking care of your nails makes them less brittle and prevents splitting or splitting. Also, remember to file them regularly with a soft file. Natural recipes can also help strengthen them and accelerate their growth.

Natural recipes for healthy nails

To take care of her nails, you can easily find everything you need in your cupboards. Here are some homemade recipe ideas to strengthen, grow and whiten your nails.

For white nails

If you are used to wearing polish, your nails may have lost their natural color and are a little yellow. The simple recipe to make them whiter than ever can be done simply with lemon.

Just leave your fingertips dipped in a bowl filled with the juice of half a lemon for a 5 to 10-minute bath. You can also dilute it in a little lukewarm water for more comfort. 

Lemon has the advantage of being a good antiseptic and also limits brittle nails. You will thus make them benefit from complete and natural care!

If you’re short on time, you can also rub half a lemon directly against each nail for instant whitening.

For more efficiency, you can mix this lemon juice with a tablespoon of baking soda, which you will mix in a little warm water. Dip your fingers in it for a few minutes, and voila! Whiteness guaranteed!

For longer nails

Vegetable oils, preferably organic, are excellent natural ingredients to include in your care, or even to use individually in massage on your nails as a treatment.

Surely you have already heard of this natural miracle ingredient that is castor oil. It promotes nail growth, hydrates the cuticles, and has the advantage of being a real natural hardener. 

A complete treatment that you can apply in the evening by massaging your fingertips to leave it on overnight when you no longer need your hands. In the morning, your nails will be nourished, fortified, and visually more beautiful!

And if you don’t have castor oil on hand, olive oil can do the trick and has the advantage of being found in many kitchens! It does not accelerate nail growth as much as castor oil, but it has the same moisturizing and fortifying properties.

Do not hesitate to include one of these two oils in your nail care, with a little lemon for more whiteness for example.

For stronger nails

To strengthen your nails, it is important to take care of your cuticles. The cuticle is the skin that surrounds the nail, which we sometimes tend to want to tear off, and which can become too white and dry if it lacks hydration. 

A natural scrub is one of the treatments that can help remove already damaged cuticles while rehydrating them.

To make this scrub, mix a tablespoon of each of the following ingredients:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Vegetable oil (castor oil or olive oil)
  • Honey (optional)
  • Lemon (optional)

If coffee grounds and vegetable oil have the advantage of being natural exfoliants and fortifiers, honey provides additional hydration to the cuticles but also softens the skin. 

Lemon, on the other hand, whitens the nails and makes them more radiant. You will give them a real moisturizing and anti-breakage treatment.

If you don’t have coffee grounds on hand, you can completely replace it with sugar, preferably brown sugar, the grain of which is ideal as a homemade exfoliant.

Don’t limit yourself to your nails: this scrub can be used on the hands to make them softer and hydrated. To find even more beauty, you can complete this treatment with moisturizing hand cream.

If you have followed our advice and our recipes, you should quickly be able to say goodbye to brittle nails and be able to regain the beauty of your hands! So, which natural recipe are you going to try at home?

Image by Nikita Khandelwal via Pexels

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