4 Movements to Relieve Lower Back Pain

April 21, 2022
4 Movements to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a concern that an enormous number of individuals suffer from these days, whether it is due to poor posture or trauma. 

In this article, you will learn 4 practical exercises to help you fight back issues that can be very difficult to live with on a daily basis.

What are the causalities of back pain?

Back pain is a frequent problem, which can occur for various reasons.

First, it can be caused by a traumatic movement, a “wrong movement” that puts your back and its vertebrae in a bad position, and which can, over and over again, cause a back problem such as lumbago.

This problem can also be caused by bad posture, which you can get while studying, working, or in your spare time.

When you sit at a desk all day, for example, always remember to watch the position of your back and take care to place your legs on the floor without crossing them, to keep your back straight.

Choose a chair that suits your back. In addition, whether you are sitting or standing, remember to change your position very regularly, to avoid pain.

If you work standing up and carrying heavy loads, pay close attention to your back when bending down, and rely on the strength of your legs, which you will need to bend rather than bend your back forward.

These back problems can be improved by adopting a good posture, but also thanks to frequent stretching of the back, and massages, which will help you to soothe possible pains.

Sport can also be one of the causes of back pain. Indeed, the exercises can be poorly performed and cause pain due to inappropriate positions, but some exercises can also be too complex for the person who will injure himself while trying to perform them. 

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Always be careful to keep your own pace during the exercises, take the time to understand the positions, and get corrected by a professional to avoid injury.

Finally, stress is another reason that can cause back pain. When your daily life is very busy when you no longer know where to turn, when you feel both nervous and stressed, it is quite normal that the body can somatize these problems, and strong tensions can appear in your back.

To avoid these stress-related problems, massages can relax you and allow you to release the pressure, as well as meditation, which will help you to calm down.

If, however, your back pain has been caused by an accident or malformation, it can only be resolved through medical treatment provided by your doctor after performing X-rays and other examinations of your back. 

Only he can prescribe a treatment for you, and you are strongly advised not to perform exercises for your back on your own.

4 exercises to relieve back pain

To help you reduce this back pain, you can of course call on your doctor, who can prescribe a painkiller or sessions with a physiotherapist or osteopath.

The lumbar belt can also help you keep your back straight while driving or when vacuuming, for example, to relieve lower back pain. 

Exercises practiced regularly can also relieve you. If your back pain is not related to trauma, these few exercises could help you relieve your pain:

  • Relaxation exercise. This exercise is ideal if you suffer from stress-related back pain or poor posture. It will help you relax your back and rest it for a few seconds so that you can resume your activities with more energy, without fear of back pain or muscle tension.

To do it, it’s very simple: you just have to put yourself on the ground, on your knees. Rest your butt on your feet, keeping your legs together, and lean your back forward, hands on the floor, stretched above your head. 

This exercise will allow you to relax your entire back. Remember to breathe deeply and enjoy this moment of relaxation.

  • Stretching exercise. This exercise is ideal if you suffer from muscle pain due to repeated movements or bad postures. Stretching will help relax your back. You can practice them at the beginning of the day, and before or after physical activity.

Lie on the floor against a wall, and place your buttocks and legs at right angles against this wall, toes pointing towards your head. Keep your arms along your body, and push your back towards the floor for a few minutes, to relax all of your back muscles. 

You can stay in this position as long as you want. Take the opportunity to breathe. Above all, make sure that the pelvis does not come off the ground, and that your back gradually comes to marry this ground, without forming a hollow in the lower back.

  • Massage exercise. A very common technique among athletes is the massage using a tennis ball. It is a very effective technique if you are alone, to enjoy the benefits of massage alone. This technique is very effective in untying knots.

To do this, first, grab a tennis ball and lie on your back. Place the tennis ball under your back, and roll it with the force of your back to massage it. Bring it to every part of your back, emphasizing the areas that cause you pain. 

Be careful not to exert too much force on the ball, so as not to press on a place that could aggravate the pain. It is a very pleasant moment if you suffer from back pain.

  • Bodybuilding exercise. Finally, the last exercise that we suggest is a weight training exercise. It will help you regain strength in your back, which will allow you to build muscle, stand straighter and fight injuries effectively.

To perform this exercise, it’s very simple: you just need to be on all fours on the ground. At first, keep your head in line with your neck, your back straight parallel to the ground. 

Inhale and tilt your belly forward, without forcing, to form a hollow, head towards the ceiling. When exhaling, do the opposite movement to form around back, with your head facing your chest. Repeat these movements several times to strengthen your back.

Do you know these exercises? If you suffer from back pain, we recommend trying these at home.

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