4 Types of Manicure You Need to Try for 2022

June 27, 2022
4 Types of Manicure You Need to Try for 2022

There are more and more new methods to wear beautiful long and strong nails permanently. Finding your way around is not always easy! We assist you to take stock of the various manicure techniques…

Why Opt for a Permanent Manicure Method?

Having strong nails is often synonymous with good health… Yes, but sometimes our nails break or grow very slowly because of our daily activities or our genetics. Fortunately, there are many techniques to wear your nails long, without risking breaking them. These processes also help to protect your nail. They will be capable to grow quietly without you being able to gnaw them, for instance. If the application of semi-permanent varnish permits many of us to enjoy pretty nails in a more lasting way than with classic nail varnish, this is simple nail varnish. The techniques we discuss in this article are more about false nail techniques. Long perceived as imperfect taste, false nails today go overlooked, like a natural extension of your natural nails…

The False Nails With Capsules

The capsules are plastic false nails. They are attached to the existing nail using suitable glue. You can find them in supermarkets in a ready-to-use version. Also, have them posed in an institute for a better and much more realistic look. Available in different forms and lengths, capsules should be used sparingly. The glue can harm the nail in the long term. This method is perfect if you have short nails and want to benefit from a wow effect with long and worked nails. But not only… Clearly, a manicure in capsules can also give a clean and neat result with short nails. It allows a very natural look and is like extending your nails.

Count between £30 and £45 for a manicure with capsules. It will last between 3 and 4 weeks depending on how long your nails grow back.

Gel Manicure

The gel manicure is placed on natural nails or on capsules. Your choice depends on the length of your nails and the length you want for your manicure. It consists of applying a layer of gel that the professional will stretch to make it uniform. Then, the gel is dried in a UV lamp, a bit like a semi-permanent varnish, then it will be shaped and varnished.

It strengthens brittle nails and gives you a nice manicure for several weeks. The advantage of gel is that it can benefit from filling once your nails grow back. This avoids a complete removal before starting again. As with the use of capsules, it is advisable to take breaks to allow the nail to breathe and preserve it. Count between 40£ and 120£ for 3 to 4 weeks relying on the speed of regrowth of your nails.

Resin Manicure

Less and less widespread, the use of resin to cover your nails is still practiced in some institutes. Less expensive than the gel, this method consists of applying a resin and modeling it directly on the nail. The rendering is less natural than with the gel or the capsules because the resin is a material that remains quite thick and it can take on a yellowish color when exposed to the sun…

Manicure Using Stencils

The stencil manicure, or gel manicure with stencils, consists of creating an extension of your nail using a plastic or metal support, a stencil. This support allows your manicure to lengthen your nails without going through the use of capsules since the false nail will be created directly in the gel. A stencil, therefore, serves as a guide for building a long nail with a very natural look. Very solid and lighter than capsules, it does not need glue. Once applied, the gel is dried under a UV lamp and then shaped before applying a classic or semi-permanent varnish. Count between £40 and £60 for a manicure that lasts between 3 and 4 weeks depending on how fast your nails grow back.

Namely: if these techniques are often publicized in the form of long nails with or without design, it is quite possible to put them very short as well. A good way to wear neat and neat nails without opting for a style that does not suit you.

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