5 Methods to Plump, And Smooth Your Lips

July 7, 2022
5 Methods to Plump, And Smooth Your Lips

We all dream of having the great lips of Scarlett Johansson, glamor icon par excellence, but few have been so spoiled by nature! If it is challenging to radically change their appearance, there are fortunately easy solutions to make our lips a little fuller without mistreating them or going through the “botox” box. Here are our tips for maximum volume!

Do Not Neglect The Lip Scrub

You regularly practice face and body scrubs, and that’s a very good thing. But did you know that it is also advisable to erase your lips, in order to eliminate their dead skin, these residues that make them lose volume? To do this, it is possible to prepare a 100% natural mixture based on honey, vegetable oil, and sugar. Then just, twice a week, gently massage your lips with it before rinsing naturally.

Natural Products For Plump

Before thinking about plumping them, we must not forget to nourish our lips. Some natural products have this power, such as olive oil, chamomile, or honey. It is only when we know they are in good “health” that we can look into increasing their volume. By slightly irritating them, peppermint, caffeine, or even cinnamon oil mixed with our lip balm are effective in plumping them up. But beware, the effect is far from being lasting and it is important not to abuse it…

Do Some Gymnastics

Just as we do exercises to develop our abdominals, we can perform movements that will have the power to increase the volume of our lips, all things considered of course. Every day, for 5 minutes, strive to repeat the letters O and X several times, exaggerating the articulation. This facial gymnastics will have the effect of improving blood circulation in this area of ​​the face.

Brush Your Lips

To plump up the lips, one of the solutions consists in reactivating the blood circulation in this area by stimulating it regularly. Every morning, gently massage your lips with a soft, clean toothbrush, and you will see your mouth become softer and more prominent after a while. Be careful, as with everything, know that you are limited even if you are in a hurry to see your lips reveal themselves. The best is the enemy of good!

Bring Light

All makeup professionals will say it: for a “Maximum-volume” effect, it is required to bring light to the lips and therefore favor pink, beige, or nude colors. Another trick is to color the inside of the lips with a pale pencil or a vegetable concealer and to draw a thin line on the contour, before applying your gloss or your lipstick. This process makes it possible to catch the light better and therefore to create a flattering optical effect.

New In Cosmetics

If you are not very into “Home Recipes”, know that the cosmetic departments today are full of products with plumping effects. The “Lip Plumper”, and “Volumizing” lip balms, play on the phenomenon of irritation by mixing cinnamon, caffeine, and other menthol, associated with soothing active ingredients to limit aggression. Small gadgets are also all the rage, like the “Fullips”, a tool that allows us to suck our lips and give them the shape we want by the “Suction Cup Effect”. A practice that many doctors strongly advise against!

All of these methods should be used sparingly. If you don’t want to end up with blue or ultra-dry lips, don’t try to add them all together to make your mouth puff up faster! Your lips are precious, so be sure to take care of them by listening to them.


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