5 Must-try High Tech Beauty Products to Try Urgently

April 26, 2022
5 Must-try High Tech Beauty Products to Try Urgently

New technologies fascinate us, and for good reason: they make our lives easier and revolutionize our world. In an era where everything is going digital, brands are imagining new products that will improve our daily lives. Discover 5 high-tech accessories that will change your life!

BeautyMix, the robot that makes your beauty products

If you’re tired of animal-tested and environmentally harmful cosmetics, you can be part of the solution with BeautyMix. The principle is simple: easily make your cosmetics! 

You can simply create the products that will be good for you but also for the planet, and of which you will be sure of the manufacturing method.

In a few minutes, this robot helps to prepare its care and becomes an all-in-one tool for making homemade cosmetics. You just have to decide what you need in terms of care and let yourself be guided by the recipes specially developed by a cosmetologist and tested in the laboratory. 

Simple and quick, whether you need cream, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, or make-up, you can create all the bathroom products and customize them according to your preferences.

The machine heats and prepares your treatments according to 3 programs: cleaning, cold preparation, and hot preparation. All you have to do is weigh the ingredients with the precision scale provided.

Finally, to be a professional in homemade cosmetics, all you have to do is download the associated application which includes all the recipes and which will guide you throughout the preparation of your product. 

It also allows you to carry out a skin diagnosis and customize the formulas according to your needs! What more could you ask for than adapted, healthy and homemade cosmetics?

Artiris: Create your perfume with ease

Aromachology, the science that studies aromas, shows that the smells around us have an immediate impact on our moods. It is based on this observation that Artiris invented COMPOZ, the first composer of home fragrances. 

A fragrance that is natural, intelligent, and 100% tailor-made to improve the atmosphere around you and maintain your well-being.

The concept is simple: create a home fragrance that matches both your desires and your needs. To do this, you can choose up to 5 cartridges of natural essential oils, compose and adjust the intensity to improve your environment, and feel relaxed every day.

With COMPOZ, it is even possible to save your creations and schedule broadcasts. Everything has been thought out so that you live the most total sensory experience at home!

This genius innovation which combines the best of high perfumery, technological excellence, and French luxury should be available very soon.

Moona: The Sandman 2.0

Who has never turned their pillow in search of freshness? Let no one hide their face, absolutely no one! It’s normal: it is scientifically proven that having a cool head and a warm body is the best way to get a good night’s sleep. 

Sleeping well is essential and allows you to be happier, healthier, less stressed, and more productive! Conversely, poor sleep can be the cause of disorders such as night sweats, hot flashes, migraines, or intrusive thoughts. Once again, sleep is a far too underestimated daily well-being factor.

To fall asleep and above all sleep well, we must not be on a stove or in a fridge, but our temperature must decrease and remain cool. 

It is for this reason that Moona has developed the first intelligent system capable of continuously regulating the temperature of your pillow in order to follow your needs and get a good night’s restful sleep! 

With the supplied app, you can also adjust the temperature and get valuable insights into your sleep.

With Moona, you can sleep soundly!

Wired Beauty MAPO Hydra Mask

Hydration is essential to your good health but also to that of your skin. With all the aggressions that your epidermis undergoes on a daily basis, it becomes fragile and dries out. MAPO Hydra has been specially designed to fight against skin dryness and contribute to good hydration of your skin.

This mask makes it possible to precisely measure the characteristics of your skin and its level of hydration thanks to sensors positioned on the key areas of your face. In less than a minute, you will know everything about your skin and its evolution.

After applying your favorite moisturizer, you can also improve its effectiveness with the mask’s MAPO Boost option, to deeply hydrate your skin in just 10 minutes.

If MAPO already offers another of its products, the Solar mask, on its official website, it will take a little more patience to see the Hydra mask arrive!

L’Oréal’s smart hairbrush

Your hair is important to you and your good health is essential? L’Oréal and Withings, the designer of connected objects, have joined forces to create the Kérastase Hair Coach smart hairbrush, which supports the quality of your brushing and the health of your hair.

With four integrated sensors and a microphone that records the sound generated by brushing, this connected brush calculates the flexibility of your hair and measures the power of the brush using a force sensor. It also studies its environment and determines whether the hair is dry or wet.

Connected to Wifi or Bluetooth, the algorithms that have been interpreted will be displayed in the form of scores directly on the dedicated mobile application. 

Styling advice and tutorials will then be offered according to the needs of your hair and your results will improve as you use the brush!

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer to see this brush available for purchase.

And you, which high-tech accessory would you like to test?

Photo: Pexels/Elle Hughes

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