5 Reasons Why You Need to Adopt Lash Enhancement!

April 15, 2022
5 Reasons Why You Need to Adopt Lash Enhancement

You would like to have a nice curve of eyelashes, but do not have the will nor the time to use an eyelash curler every day? 

We share with you an effective technique for an even better result: eyelash enhancement! Learn 5 reasons to embrace it to construct a daily life more comfortable!

Eyelash lifting is a technique that consists of curling the eyelashes using a small domed silicone patch placed on your eyelid. The eyelashes are glued with a special product to the patch to mark the curve, then with a fixer. After a break, the eyelashes are lifted off using saline and keep a nice curve!

If you are interested, but not yet convinced, we give you 5 reasons to take the step of eyelash enhancement!

Eyelash lift: 5 reasons to adopt it

Adopt Lash Enhancement

Thanks to lash lift, you no longer need to wear makeup!

Having a beautiful look with doe eyes as soon as you wake up, we’ve all dreamed of it. One of the big advantages of eyelash enhancement is that you no longer need to wear makeup to look awake! Imagine: you get up in the morning and all you have to think about is your breakfast before going to work! You can still make up your complexion and your lips, but it’s already time saved!

Treat yourself to a sublimated natural look

Unlike some other beauty techniques to beautify your looks, such as eyelash extensions and false eyelashes, eyelash enhancement has a guaranteed natural effect. You could easily believe that you were born with the perfect lash curve! If asked, you don’t have to reveal all your secrets… except to your girlfriends of course.

Eyelash lift lasts a long time

You’re still hesitating about getting semi-permanent nail polish because you know that in three weeks, you won’t have the desire or the budget to go back. Good news: you won’t have these constraints with eyelash enhancement: the effect lasts at least a month, then your eyelashes will gradually return to their natural shape, and that’s it. If you want to try again, you can always use this good old eyelash curler while waiting for your next appointment.

Easier and faster makeup

Your lashes are already curled thanks to the lash lift, but that’s not enough for you. Good news: applying your mascara will be much easier! The product will have more of an effect of coloring your eyelashes than really curling them since it will already be done.

Your eyes protected from the irritation of mascara

You are sensitive, and as soon as you shed a small tear, your mascara spreads everywhere and burns your eyes? With eyelash enhancement, you will no longer have this problem! You can even gently rub your eyes without risking the panda look. If you still want to have darker lashes to define your look, you can also tint your eyelashes or apply semi-permanent mascara.

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Eyelash enhancement: a training within everyone’s reach?

You can have your eyelash lift done by a beautician or by someone who has undergone special training to master the technique.

If you work in an aesthetic salon that does not yet offer this service, there are training courses to quickly learn how to perform perfect eyelash enhancement to satisfy your customers!

This effective service takes just a few minutes:

  • The eyelashes are first wrapped around a silicone support
  • A special product is applied to them which fixes them so that they are perfectly curved after the performance.
  • Once the pause time is over, the eye is enlarged and the eyelashes are curled! They also look longer.

The training will teach you how to lift eyelashes, tint them and nourish them at the same time. You will learn all the products to use to perfect your technique, which cannot be improvised. It is indeed necessary to offer a quality service to your customers, which can only be learned in the hands of qualified experts.

Can an eyelash enhancement be dangerous?

Practiced obligatorily in an institute, the enhancement of eyelashes can be scary. The eyes are indeed a part of the face with which you have to be very careful. 

Despite chemical products with sometimes unpleasant odors, this technique does not damage the eyelashes, provided you do not abuse it. It is, therefore, necessary to remain vigilant and space out the sessions. Because like hair color, an enhancement weakens the eyelash.

Enhancement, permanent, or extension: what to choose for your eyelashes?

Eyelash care is on the rise. Countless institutes exclusively offer eyelash extensions or tinting. But confronted with this growing market, it is not effortless to realize which one to pick. To have Betty Boop version dream eyelashes, the enhancement allows a very natural look. 

It is especially recommended for short lashes to open up the eyes. But to perform care at home, the perm is more appropriate. There are even dedicated easy kits that are easy to use.

However, the enhancement and the perm do not affect the density. For those who have sparse eyelashes, it is better to opt for an extension. The latter allows giving the illusion of having eyelashes provided for several weeks. 

Practiced in an institute, silk eyelashes are glued 1 millimeter from the eyelid. The result is very natural and discreet: the eyelashes are long and the gaze is intense…

Finally, note that for this type of treatment, prices vary between 70 and 100 euros.

Image by Cottonbro via Pexels

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