6 Best Eye Makeup Tricks

June 19, 2022
6 Best Eye Makeup Tricks

Do you dream of sophisticated makeup for doe eyes and a highlighted look? Discover our tips for successful eye makeup every time!

Trick n°1: We do not ignore the foundation

As with makeup for the complexion, makeup for the eyes and eyelids requires a minimum of preparation. Indeed, there is no point in knowing how to draw a line of perfect eyeliner if your eye shadow has the annoying tendency to slip into the creases as soon as you step outside… Fortunately, there are makeup bases developed for the eye and eyelid makeup! Employ it after your foundation and follow with makeup. Here is our selection of eye makeup bases:

  • Eye Base fixing primer – Mavala;
  • Primer Potion Eyeshadow Base – Urban Decay;
  • Fixing primer for concealer and eye shadow Stay Don’t Stray – Benefit Cosmetics;
  • Eyeshadow primer – Ilia.

Trick n°2: The dotted line technique to apply your eyeliner

This approach will delight those who dream of a nice line of eyeliner, but still can’t master it! Indeed, the cat’s eye offered by a nice line of eyeliner is not within everyone’s reach since its application is one of the most difficult in the makeup sphere. It is merely a matter of applying a drawing method based on geometry! Yes, eventually, makeup is quite close to drawing, so do not hesitate to use a little mathematics to achieve your eye makeup.

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  • Draw a dot along the eyelashes, just in the middle of your eyelid;
  • Draw 3 dots, dotted, from the outer corner of your eye to the desired end of your eyeliner line;
  • Draw a point a few millimeters above the lash line at the outer corner of the eye;
  • Then connect the dots together so that you have a line that starts from the outer corner of the eye to the desired end of your eyeliner line, then from the center of the eyelid to this same point, passing through the point drawn above the outer corner of your eye;
  • All you have to do is fill in your outline!

Trick n°3: An express application thanks to the beauty blender

If you have a little trouble applying your eyeshadows separately correctly, this trick is for you! For a quick and worked makeup, dab your beauty blender in two different eye shadows. This trick is even faster if you use two shadows that are side by side on your palette. We dip in the two shadows and dab the eyelid. Results? You have a pretty two-tone makeup that only required less effort and only a few seconds!

Trick n°4: A shaded shade for easier makeup

Because not everyone has the same dexterity when it comes to applying their eye makeup, know that there is an infallible method for successful eye makeup every time, even when you are shaky. ! The shaded, also called “smoky eye”, allows you to cheat nicely without needing to know how to draw a perfect line. Coarsely apply a pencil of the color of your choice at the base of your lashes or on the entire surface of your eyelid and blend with your finger or a blending brush until you obtain a blurred result that will highlight your eyes. You can even use this method in two steps, with a light or gold pencil on the entire lid, then a darker pencil at the base of the eyelashes. All you have to do is blend it all in for perfect makeup every time!

Trick n°5: An all-in-one palette!

Successful makeup usually involves a lot of time and the use of many products. What if you had everything you need in a single container? Primer, matching eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyebrow makeup… Everything is in one palette! Did you know that all you have to do is dampen a small brush and run it through eye shadow to turn it into an easy-to-apply eyeliner? Or that you could completely proceed in the same way to make up your eyebrows? This is what makes your eye makeup easier every day and succeeds every time! Find our selection of eye palettes:

  • Easy Smokin’Eyes Palette – Benefit;
  • Naked Palette – Urban Decay;
  • Tartelette in Bloom Palette – Tarte Cosmetics;
  • The Necessary Eyeshadow Palette – Ilia.

Trick n°6: Loose powder to avoid overflows

The use of eyeshadow and other eye powders can quickly degenerate and you end up with powder all over your face… Don’t panic, we have the perfect tip for you! Before applying your eye makeup, place a good amount of loose powder under the eye. Thus, the particles of eye shadow or others will settle on it during the meticulous stage of makeup for your eyes. All you have to do is dust it with a soft brush once you’ve finished applying your eyeshadow!

Photo: Pexels/ Artem Podrez

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