6 Highly Useful Stress Relievers

April 20, 2022
6 Highly Useful Stress Relievers

Subway, work, sleep… This infernal cycle exhausts you daily and ends up making you much less tolerant in stressful situations. 

Difficult to access the yoga and meditation class with your schedules and your minister’s schedule, but do not panic. Simplify your life, relax and stay zen… it’s possible. La Rédac’ reveals 5 anti-stress tips!

It’s always more pleasant when you’re in a good mood, that’s not the first news! Maintaining it on a daily basis is not always easy, especially when you open your inbox on a Monday morning with 87 unread emails (and all that in the space of a weekend). 

Add to that your “sick” children, which is why you’re late this morning, a little longer and you’re on the verge of burnout! Two solutions are then available to you: lament your fate, or decide to evacuate the negative energy caused by this sudden rise in stress.

Simple solutions exist so as not to let your anxieties poison your days.

1. Anti-stress tip: breathing is won

The first step, start by taking the time to breathe. Of course, you say to yourself “easier said than done”, but know that slowing down your breathing and inhaling deeply is an excellent relaxation exercise, easy to do as soon as the stress rises.

Do not hesitate to perform this exercise while sitting at your desk, or isolated in a quiet room, for 1 to 2 minutes.

Applications related to mental meditation or abdominal breathing exist, let yourself be tempted: they can be used at any time of the day to soothe you.

2. The art of meditating to stay zen

Then, body meditation is also highly recommended, it precisely allows you to work on breathing exercises and postures that will allow your body to relax and unwind. 

Attending yoga classes is certainly too complicated for you, but know that there are very simple online tutorials, without the risk of false movement.

 Ideal for refocusing and overcoming a lack of self-confidence. You are ready to face even the most abominable of days!

Also think, to start the day on the right foot, in the morning when you wake up, stretch your body with the posture of the stork.

3. A deep sleep, is the essential anti-stress tip

During a particularly stressful period, sleep disturbances are not uncommon. It is even in these moments that sleep disorders go hand in hand with your best friend: anxiety. Result? 

In addition to biting your nails from worries, your skin has also taken a hit, and your body is following suit. However, sleeping well allows you to fight against stress. So how can we quickly fall asleep despite our worries?

  • A cure of magnesium or Rhodiola can be the first solution. Magnesium will quickly help you get back to healthy sleep at night, while Rhodiola is known for its natural anti-stress and anti-depression properties. These two supplements will come to boost your balance and your morale, after 15 days of use. Perfect for concentrating on your serenity, adopting beautiful self-esteem, and above all better managing your negative thoughts on a daily basis. To be taken in the morning only, to avoid coming close to insomnia, respecting the doses indicated.
  • Drink special sleep infusions: then it is true that the taste is not quite worthy of a 3-star chef, but their properties are effective. Prefer those based on chamomile, verbena, passionflower, or even lavender. And if you really find them too bland, a spoon of honey will sweeten the preparation!

Finally, public enemy number 1 of fragile sleep: screens.

  • During the hour before bedtime, try to keep screens away from your eyes – in addition, blue light accentuates dark circles when you wake up!

Say goodbye to TV, you’ll be watching the SVU replay at lunch the next day, so close that Instagram account: after midnight, there’s not much going on there (even if the fashionable beauty accounts are very tempting ). 

Let go, take the time to open a book, and let the lines rock you. Your face the next morning will thank you.

4. The anti-stress tip on the plate

It’s well known: that the body needs to oxygenate itself and eliminate toxins and endorphins. To help it, good hydration is essential:

  • Drink without counting liters of mineral water of course, but also consume foods rich in water such as certain fruits and vegetables (cucumber, zucchini, tomato, citrus fruit, peach, etc.). 

In addition to bringing you vitality, they will give you better resistance to external aggressions, and therefore, your mind will be more relaxed. An excellent way to meditate and learn to put things into perspective.

5. Tip to stay zen: exert yourself to free your body from stress!

Dry your tears, sport doesn’t have to be torture, just find the one you like. It is also not mandatory to take private lessons to move daily. 

  • Whether it’s swimming, tennis, walking, or simply letting off steam in your living room on a frenzied choreography, all these activities allow your body to eliminate tension, and above all, to clear your mind, take a step back and you alter your train of thought.

6. Instead of Coffee, a Tea That Boosts

As stress tires, we multiply the cups of coffee to keep some energy. Sometimes too much. According to the National Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health Safety, 30% of adults exceed their anxiety-generating threshold (three to five cups, depending on the person). 

Before getting there, we switch to infusions that energize without stressing.

The right ingredients? “Ginger, cloves, or cinnamon: spices whose anti-fatigue action is excellent”, answers Florence Raynaud, doctor of pharmacy and naturopath. 

Cardamom also balances the nervous system by toning the digestive tract. You can prepare your own spice mix or buy ready-made infusions (Clos des Indes herbal teas or Chaï Massaï, Le Carré des Simples).

Photo: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

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