7 Incredible Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

September 8, 2022
7 Incredible Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

Are you looking for effective products to limit the impact of time on your skin? Do you want to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles or plump up your skin? Products containing hyaluronic acid (HA) are known to regenerate skin cells and provide deep hydration. However, the benefits of this substance extend far beyond hydration. Discover the unsuspected virtues of this key molecule in the cosmetics world.

Hyaluronic acid is an excellent anti-aging

Discovered in 1934 by German researchers John Palmer and Karl Meyer in the vitreous humor of beef, it plays an essential role in the biology of living organisms. Also called Sodium Hyaluronate or Hyaluronane, hyaluronic acid is a viscous substance naturally present in the body. However, its quantity and quality decrease with age so that by age 50 only half of it remains in the body. The consequences can be seen directly on the skin through wrinkles and sagging skin, pigment spots, and several other imperfections.

To pamper your skin and give it a second youth, use an HA product after applying a facial cleanser, for an effective anti-wrinkle beauty routine. The latter can be a washing cream or a foaming gel. HA aims to stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration and replenish cells. In addition, it contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals responsible for skin aging. Its anti-aging action also includes the stimulation of the production of collagen, an essential protein for ensuring the cohesion of skin tissue.

A product with HA is a true elixir of youth that fights against tissue degradation. Thanks to its volumizing effect, it fills in fine lines and wrinkles by filling the intercellular space in the connective tissue. To obtain better results, one takes advantage of the activation of the blood circulation in the microvessels taking place at night to apply the product. Do not neglect the facial cleanser during the treatment. It is essential to cleanse and purify the skin by eliminating all impurities in order to promote better penetration of hyaluronic acid. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, a cleansing cream or foaming gel is ideal. A makeup remover and cleansing milk enriched with thermal water is perfect for reactive, allergic-prone skin.

In addition, it is necessary to select an anti-aging product containing a mixture of molecules of different sizes. This permits the product to act both on the surface and in the layers of the epidermis. The general structure of the skin is thus densified and the furrows of expressions erased.

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisturizer

Hyaluronic Acid
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Recognized for its moisturizing properties, hyaluronic acid can retain more than 1000 times its weight in water. Considered nature’s moisturizer and skin’s cement, this highly hydrophilic molecule acts like a sponge. It offers you deep and long-lasting hydration, with a feeling of comfort all day long.

Thanks to this effective moisturizer, the loss of volume on the skin is effectively filled. Water is retained in the dermis and gives the skin its plump, velvety, and plumped appearance. The revitalized skin regains its radiance and freshness. Thanks to the sufficient supply of water, the features are tense and the skin is smooth. The complexion evolves luminously and unified, offering a healthy glow that reflects the good health of the skin. HA is thus effective in treating dull and tired skin whose crumpled appearance reveals a lack of tone.

Hyaluronic acid makes the skin supple and elastic

A supple and elastic skin translates to a dermis of good quality, endowed with elastin fibers in sufficient quantity. These specific fibers are highly synthesized proteins until puberty, but they decrease with age.

By continually shedding elastin fibers, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes more susceptible to the effects of tissue stretching. After variations in volume caused by weight gain, for example, the skin stretches without really regaining its volume. It then runs the risk of skeletonization or excess skin.

Lack of elasticity can also be caused by internal factors such as hormonal secretions or sleep. A person exposed to factors responsible for oxidative stress also exposes his skin to a lack of elasticity. These are mainly external factors such as pollution and tobacco. Hyaluronic acid slows down the loss of elasticity by combining the benefits of collagen with the production of elastin. It activates the synthesis of this protein and serves as a support for it by creating favorable conditions for synthesis over time. Perfectly hydrated and nourished skin quickly regains its elasticity and suppleness.

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Hyaluronic acid strengthens the skin barrier

The skin barrier is an impermeable protection made up of vital substances such as ceramides and essential fatty acids. When it deteriorates, the skin becomes rough, and vulnerable to attacks and the signs of aging are difficult to fade. If the epidermis becomes fragile, bacteria and free radicals can penetrate the skin and damage it. If you have frequent irritations or tight skin, you can count on hyaluronic acid to:

  • Restore skin tone,
  • Maintain the structure of the layers of the skin,
  • Strengthen the hydrolipidic film.

Integrated into gentle, fragrance-free, and antioxidant-rich formulations, HA intervenes in the reconstitution of a healthy skin barrier. The epidermis then gains in firmness, becomes more resistant, and can offer an optimal defense against external aggressions. Sodium hyaluronate thus promotes protection against temperature changes, and ultraviolet rays and is highly effective when integrated into sunscreen.

Hyaluronic acid is an effective healing

Hyaluronic acid can be considered the molecule at the heart of the healing process. Thanks to its ability to reconstitute tissues, it promotes healing in the event of a skin lesion. Damaged skin tissue after injury, burn or irritation is repaired. Re-epithelialization, this wound resurfacing process is indeed accelerated with HA. Thanks to the hydration provided by the miracle molecule, the affected part benefits from a humid environment which promotes the speed of the process. If hyaluronan treats superficial lesions very quickly, its medical application can boost the healing of open wounds or post-surgical operations.

HA also prevents scab formation, which is mistakenly considered a sign of scarring. In reality, the scabs only cover the wound which heals badly and slowly underneath. After regeneration, a HA product can also erase scars and restore the skin to its original appearance. In addition, HA also has anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to soothe inflammation of the skin. Itching or stinging sensations during healing disappear with the action of HA. This is also why it is perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

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Hyaluronic acid reduces joint pain

Apart from the skin, HA is found in the fluids of the body, the muscles, the eyes, and the synovial fluid of the joints. A reduction in the quantity and quality of HA in synovial fluid can cause difficulty walking, sitting down, or standing up. In the biomedical field, HA is used to treat osteoarticular pathologies. It restores synovial fluid functions by reactivating lubrication and shock absorption. It makes the cartilage more elastic and promotes easy sliding of the joints to reduce the discomfort felt. Combined with treatments such as taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, treatment with HA very quickly demonstrates its effectiveness.

A molecule used for the treatment of certain diseases

Hyaluronic acid can also be used in the treatment of oral diseases. The molecule contributes to reducing the development of painful ulcerations, stomatitis, and cold sores. It is also involved in healing gum disease and relieving dental care. Hyaluronic acid is also used for the treatment of dry eyes. Healthy eyes contain a large amount of hyaluronic acid which keeps them permanently hydrated. Whether the dryness is caused by environmental, biological, or hygienic factors, an eye product rich in HA can solve it easily.

For the treatment of acid reflux, hyaluronic acid can also be useful. The protective and healing properties of HA have proven their effectiveness in reducing the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux. The action is fast but generally does not last more than 4 hours. It is therefore recommended to consume a product with HA after meals. In addition to masking blemishes and rejuvenating the skin, HA also relieves the symptoms of dermatitis. This is the case of eczema which induces redness, edema, oozing, or even the formation of a crust. HA fully demonstrates its benefits when the manifestations of eczema are mild. HA can also help eliminate bladder pain and vaginal dryness.

In what form should hyaluronic acid be used?

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule adored in cosmetics for its ability to transform the appearance of the skin. It is found in the form of a cream to be applied to the fingertips by making circular movements to penetrate the product into the skin tissues. The cream is perfect for having a good base before makeup. If you prefer a more concentrated product, you can choose a serum to apply before the cream. It offers a mix of HA molecules with other equally beneficial ingredients for the skin. It is also possible to carry out a targeted action on more sensitive parts such as the eye contour with a specific product.

HA can also be injected directly into the dermis to recreate the skin’s original firmness. However, injections are contraindicated for some people. In addition, side effects such as bruising, itching, and allergic reactions are common. There are also food supplements based on hyaluronic acid designed to replenish the natural stock of HA in the body. However, they do not act on existing wrinkles but prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

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