7 Light and Fresh Fragrances to Shop!

May 8, 2022
7 Light and Fresh Fragrances to Shop!

The sun is pointing the tip of its nose, aperitifs on the balcony with friends are looming and the long evenings strolling or walking along the water’s edge are fast approaching. 

To do this, escort these precious moments with a fresh fragrance, whether tangy, floral, or fruity! La Rédac has selected for you 7 light perfumes to wear all summer long, without moderation!

The sunny days have finally arrived and summer is not far away. Whether you are going on vacation by the sea, in the mountains or the countryside, or whether you are staying in town to work, you want freshness and lightness! 

It is therefore the perfect time to swap your usual perfume for an eau de toilette, full of pep, but all in subtlety, or even for a fresh Eau, for a splash of fragrant freshness!

What is the difference between a perfume and an eau de toilette?

In the complex world of perfumery, we can quickly get lost between the different technical terms and the different products that are offered. So what is the difference between perfume, an eau de toilette, or an Eau de parfum?

The difference lies in the concentration of the “juice”. Indeed, a perfume is much more concentrated than an eau de cologne for example.

  • The perfume

The perfume is the most concentrated of all, the concentration starts from 20% and can reach 40%! Its hold on the skin lasts a long time, given its high concentration. It is therefore recommended for a special occasion.

  • Perfume water

The Eau de parfum is less concentrated than the perfume, but its juice remains concentrated between 12 and 20%. It is therefore perfect as an everyday perfume!

  • Perfume

The eau de toilette is not very concentrated and rather light. With a concentration between 7 and 12%, it is perfect for people who want to lightly perfume themselves or for the summer season. The hold of an eau de toilette will be light and won’t last very long, but you can easily re-perfume yourself during the day!

  • Cologne

Finally, eau de cologne is the least concentrated of all: 4 to 6%. It is used to refresh oneself or to lightly perfume the skin.

The advantages of eau de toilette

The eau de toilette is the best alternative for sunny days and long days at the beach. Its fresh and invigorating scent provides the skin with a perfumed veil while remaining very light. 

But be careful not to expose yourself too much to the sun with an eau de toilette: the alcohol contained in the fragrance could cause spots to appear on your skin!

If you want to perfume yourself and expose yourself to the sun at the same time, prefer fresh waters, which are water-based. These are weakly concentrated perfumes (1 to 3%), which have very little alcohol and will avoid the famous pigment spots linked to exposure to the sun.

Our selection of 7 fresh and light fragrances:

O de l’Orangerie – Lancome

This perfume immediately transports you to a French orangery, full of tangy citrus fruits! This energizing fragrance blends bergamot with the zest of a very fresh and juicy orange. 

The neroli is softened by the notes of jasmine, which rounds off this eau de toilette full of vitality and pep. This juice is a real boost of freshness!

Daisy Eau So Fresh – Marc Jacobs

The ultra-floral bottle of this perfume contains floral and fruity juice. Grapefruit, raspberry, and pear mingle with subtle heart notes of violet, rose, and jasmine, for a mix that is both sweet and tangy. 

Perfect for spring, this juice is suitable for all sparkling and lively women!

Life is Beautiful l’Eclat – Lancôme

This eau de toilette is an ode to freedom and happiness. This fresh and sparkling juice, while full of modernity, has notes of orange blossom and iris mixed with patchouli to add an oriental side to this floral ensemble. 

La Vie est Belle L’Eclat is a perfume intended for women of character.

Chance Eau Fraiche – Chanel

The sparkling green juice contained in this round bottle reveals tangy notes of a citron which are mixed with the flowery notes of water hyacinth and the woody and chypre notes brought by teak and white musks. 

This fresh Eau is perfect for young women who are sparkling and full of freshness, and who enjoy life to the fullest.

Eau de Rochas Fresh – Rochas

L’Eau De Rochas Fraîche is a resolutely retro perfume, mixing the marine side, full of freshness, with the flowery smell of a garden in bloom. 

Bergamot and lemon full of pep come together with iris, lavender, and orange blossom, but also a soapy note that makes this eau de toilette so special. More discreet than Eau de Rochas, it goes wonderfully with a walk by the sea.

Delicious Fragrant Water – Nuxe Sun

This water transports you straight to the tropical sun! Its notes of orange and petitgrain give way to exotic heart notes of coconut and Tiare flower. 

This fragrance, reminiscent of the holidays and its delicious smells, gives your skin a sweet and sunny touch. Non-photosensitizing, this eau de toilette, with a resolutely solar scent, can be worn all day and even on the beach!

Verbena Eau de Toilette – L’Occitane en Provence

Head to the heart of Provence with this energizing verbena scent! Citrus zest (lemon, tangerine, and other tangy citrus fruits) mingle with lemon verbena, which gives off a delicious fragrance that perfumes the markets of Provence. 

The smell of this eau de toilette is totally energizing and awakens your senses. Perfume yourself with this eau de toilette to instantly find yourself in the southeast of France!

Photo: Pexels/ Dids

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