7 Tips to Afford a Perfect Homemade Manicure

March 12, 2022
7 Tips to Finally Afford a Perfect Homemade Manicure e1656896711328

Excellent and neat nails, we all dream of it. But getting it is not always easy. When the time comes to apply your nail polish, a small problem always arises, as if on purpose: broken nail, damaged or chipped nail polish…! 

Here are 7 easy tips that will finally allow you to achieve a beautiful, absolutely impeccable home manicure

1. Point your nails correctly

Before starting your home manicure, whether it’s a simple French manicure or more complex nail art, you have to take care of the shape of your nails for an ultra-clean result. We then start by filling them. 

But be careful, to get a perfect shape, do not do this anyhow otherwise you risk damaging your nails. Our advice? Pass the file only in one direction. We forget the comings and goings that weaken them. 

And for those who would like to have longer nails, the trick is to favor a rounded shape rather than a square one. Optical illusion guaranteed!

Good to know: it is better to use a cardboard file, the metal heating the nail.

2. Repair damaged nails

The horror when one of our nails breaks, will we have to cut everything? Oh no! We have the benefit solution to save you the drama and take care of that broken nail.

We simply arm ourselves with a teabag, a pair of scissors, a small wooden stick, and then a transparent varnish. Cut a small yard of fabric from the teabag, put a touch of transparent varnish on the break and affix the small bandage over it, simply using the small stick. 

The second coat of varnish to fix everything, and voila, the trick is done and the worst has been avoided!

3. Move back cuticles

This step is not negligible to obtain a nice neat manicure and take care of your nails in general. Push back your cuticles to clear the nail as much as possible and obtain a perfect shape, but also to ensure a clean and neat nail polish afterward.

To make it more comfortable, you can do it right out of the shower or use products specially designed for this goal, such as an emollient product for cuticles.

We also do not forget the polishing step to obtain a uniform surface when applying the varnish. In addition to removing roughness and obtaining a shiny finish, the polisher also stimulates the nail matrix and its growth.

4. Employ a base

Your nails are prepared. We can therefore start the home manicure with the application of a base of varnish which will have the advantage of reducing any unsightly little streaks and, at the same time, protecting the nail. 

If you have brittle, soft, ridged, or even yellowed nails, do not hesitate to opt for a specific base adapted to your problem. For application, a single thin layer is sufficient.

5. Involve nail polish

Let’s get down to interaction with the varnish! You have chosen your favorite nail polish. All that remains is to apply it correctly and precisely, in two layers. 

The first makes it possible to delimit the area of ​​the varnish. It does not matter if this one is a little transparencys; It should be very thin so that the drying is faster. The second layer will make the color of your nail polish intense and opaque.

A little tip if you have selected a glittery topcoat for the third layer: tap the varnish brush on your nail to let a better allocation of the glitter.

If you are not very satisfied with the application of your nail polish, know that there is now a little benefit product to bypass ending up with totally painted fingers. 

Introduced as a varnish, the “Gel” is used near the nail to act as a deterrent. The product is cleared after the application of the color.

6. Use a “Topcoat”

This is the last phase for a flawless nail manicure: apply a top coat on your fully dry nails. This will provide a nice shine but also a longer hold of the varnish. 

Moreover, do not waver to apply this protecting varnish regularly. 

You will see that you will save time between two manicures. An even more precious gesture for your feet to prevent dull nails on your toes!

7. Leave to dry

It is necessary to be stoic when launching a homemade manicure.

For a separate layer of varnish involved, there is a drying time to respect, which can last several minutes. 

Again, after the topcoat, you have to stay before doing anything.

For the intolerant, there is still a key to speed up the procedure: dip your nails into cold water.

But we have discovered more useful, and faster: the varnish drying oil which ensures a dry finish in a few seconds.

Most perfectionists can also obtain a unique manicure light (or UV lamp for nails, especially if you have opted for a semi-permanent varnish for your manicure) which permits you to skillfully restore your varnish and rev drying.

Post-manicure: tips for quick drying

Ideally, wait as long as possible between coats. But there are quick-drying varnishes and topcoats.

  1. Some use the jet of cold air from the dryer.
  2. You can also soak your fingers in a bowl of cold water for about 5 minutes.
  3. There are also “sprays” to be applied a few minutes after the last coat for faster drying.

5 tips for properly removing your nail polish:

  1. We don’t scratch our nails and we don’t tear off the varnish!
  2. We use a solvent with a moisturizing formula (vitamin E, wheat proteins, or others).
  3. It is preferable to use makeup remover pads rather than tissues that are more fragile and leave a residue.
  4. You may also need Q-tips to remove polish close to the skin or even under the nail.
  5. Finally, we finish both the manicure and the removal of the nail polish by applying a moisturizer… for beautiful hands!

Now you just have to taunt your girlfriends with your perfect nails!

Image by Brigitte Tohm via Pixabay

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