8 Jean Trends & Styles To Invest In For 2022

March 14, 2022
8 Jean Trends & Styles To Invest In For 2022

Because jeans are now part of our fashion essentials, we have identified for you the most trendy models not to be missed in 2022!

Jeans, which were originally just work clothes, have for several generations become an essential part of a wardrobe worthy of the name. 

First raw then faded, even with holes, jeans are now available indefinitely. Rhinestone jeans, mom jeans, flared jeans…

Each year, new trends inspired by the looks of stars emerge and influence both ready-to-wear and luxury. Just look on social networks to see the fashion for jeans evolve from year to year. There is something for all preferences and all pocketbooks. 

Better still, the jeans are not only worn casually but also sophisticated. For this a keyword: accessorize. In no time, you can go from a casual and sportswear style to a chic and elegant look.

Zoom on these models that you will love to wear this year 2022!

Wide-leg jeans

In 2022, jeans are worn wide at the leg level! With their high waist and extra-wide legs called “ wide-leg ”, they have the advantage of flattering all body types. It goes with everything and its elegant and relaxed side allows it to adapt to many occasions and all styles! 

In their streetwear version, wide-leg jeans can be worn with a pair of sneakers, a sweatshirt, or a turtleneck. Want a glamorous look? You can combine it with a pair of heeled boots, a short belted coat to mark the waist.

Reverse paperbag jean

With their high waist gathered and tightened if necessary by a belt, paper bag jeans are one of those trendy pieces that have the gift of sublimating all morphologies. But in 2022, the paper bag jeans are reversed. 

Instead of tying it at the waist, the reverse paper bag jeans tie at the ankles with laces. It can be worn wide or skinny according to your desires of the moment and goes just as well with sneakers like a pair of heeled sandals. 

Authentic and luxurious, they are indeed the most actual jeans of the season but they have already triumphed over many fashionistas!

Blue jeans

While gray jeans were one of the jeans trends for fall-winter 2022, blue jeans are making a comeback! At the same time, nothing is better stylish and elegant than raw blue pants. Indeed in 2022, fashion is turning more to real blue denim. 

A true homecoming that demonstrates once again that jeans will never go out of fashion! Skinny, mom, paper bag, flare… All you have to do is choose the model that you like the most and in which you will feel comfortable.

Bootcut jeans

In 2022, bootcut jeans will make you look crazy! Slightly flared at the bottom, fitted at the thighs, and tight at the buttocks, these are THE jeans that highlight all body types. 

Thanks to its legs that are both flared at the bottom and fitted at the top, this model lengthens and refines the thighs, while enhancing the hips. If you are looking for jeans that enhance your curves, this is the one for you! 

In autumn-winter, we love to wear it with boots or heeled ankle boots. In summer, bet on heeled sandals with a platform to further lengthen the silhouette.

Mom jeans

This year too, mother jeans will be one of our favored jeans! Its strong point? It could not be more comfortable and highlights our shapes. Halfway between a high waist and a low waist, the mom is more tightened at the level of the calves, which immediately distinguishes it from the boyfriend. 

But be careful, we choose it at its size and not too loose. The advantage of mom jeans is that they go with all our outfits! Trainers, ankle boots, sandals… 

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to show it off. In short, it is a safe bet!

Jeans with rolled-up cuffs

Incredible but true! Rolled-up jeans are making a comeback. Arrived in force in the 2000s, jeans with rolled-up cuffs were the essential asset of the stars. 

Everyone from Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera wore it and it looks like today is its finest hour yet again. Opt for a 100% year 2000 look by choosing jeans with rhinestones and butterflies or try a more discreet look in faded or raw blue jeans. Loose, comfortable, and vintage, this is the trend not to be missed.

Patchwork jeans

Patchwork jeans are a forgotten trend that is making a comeback in 2022. The principle of patchwork jeans is simple, sticking “pieces” (small pieces of colored or patterned fabric). 

For a cool kid side, bet instead on patchwork jeans with different blues. For a flash, side dares patchwork jeans in pastel colors.

The split jeans

The split jeans to understand split jeans is quite practical to highlight your shoes. Explanations: you have invested in a magnificent pair of sneakers or pumps that you dream of showing off, with the split jeans, the balance is perfect. 

The jeans are fitted at the waist, Eph legs at the bottom, and as a bonus a slit on the side from the calf. The jeans are very present and your shoes are always the stars of the show.

Straight jeans

Shunned in recent years, straight jeans have not said their last word. Indeed, they may be classic, straight jeans are no less timeless! Just choose the right size and presto, your figure suddenly looks more slender. 

No matter the season, straight jeans will always be your best friend for a simple and effective look.

Image by Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels

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