9 Common Shaving Mistakes You Must Avoid Making

June 21, 2022
9 Common Shaving Mistakes You Must Avoid Making

If epilation is the best method to get rid of our hair sustainably, shaving remains the easiest and fastest method to eliminate unwanted hair. But shaving involves basic rules, which we don’t always apply… 

Here are the 9 mistakes we all make when we shave!

Mistake #1: Shaving in the morning

As shaving does not last as long as waxing, we tend to shave our legs at the last minute, i.e. in the morning before going to work… However, at night, our legs tend to swell slightly, which will hide the part closest to the skin of our hair. As a result, once your legs have deflated, you will have the impression of already feeling a regrowth when in fact, it will be the part of your hair to which you did not have access a few hours earlier. So shave in the evening or wait at least 1 hour after waking up!

Mistake #2: Shaving without taking a shower

Hot water softens the skin. Softer skin makes shaving easier and less irritating, and you’re less likely to cut yourself. It is therefore advisable to shave at the end of a good hot shower, once your skin is relaxed.

Mistake #3: Not using shaving foam

A shaving cream or shaving foam is designed and studied to facilitate shaving. It hydrates your skin, softens it, and allows the razor to glide more efficiently, which limits the risk of irritation and dryness. If you don’t have shaving cream, think of using your conditioner, as it is also moisturizing and will help the razor glide smoothly.

Be careful, however, not to use shower gel, as the latter is not at all suitable!

Mistake #4: Wet Shaving in a hurry

As we cited above, your skin must be soft and relaxed for an effective and irritation-free shave. A quick shave, with your feet in the sink, just before putting on your little dress (yes, yes, we saw you!) is really not a good idea. This is the most satisfactory way to end up with many cuts and irritated legs for several days. In the same way, it is extremely recommended not to pass the razor on dry skin…

Mistake #5: Using the wrong razor

If you can completely steal your man’s razor for your legs or your armpits, the first-price disposable razors are to be avoided! These are not really equipped to protect your skin or help you in your movements. Choose an ergonomic razor, with a flexible tip, this way it will fit both your hand for better handling and the relief of your legs, especially at the knees, for an efficient shave and a minimum of micro-cuts. Some models are even equipped with a care bar, soaked in a moisturizing serum, which will make shaving easier and moisturize your skin in a single step!

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Mistake #6: Pressing too hard

The more you press, the more effective the shave? FAKE. With the right razor, you don’t need to press at all, it’s the quality of the blades that will do all the work. By pressing too hard you risk irritating your skin and you are more exposed to cuts, especially in more technical areas. If you have never experienced it, an irritating armpit is not really a cakewalk, and it will last several days!

Mistake #7: Leaving your razor lying around

A razor is made up of metal blades… which can rust if left on a damp surface. In addition, the constant humidity will damage your razor blades, not to mention the bacteria that could creep in. So store your razor in a jar or buy a model with a wall base to hang it in the shower.

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Mistake #8: Using the same razor too many times

A disposable razor, or the blades of a rechargeable razor, have a limited lifespan. Keep in mind that a dull blade is more likely to irritate your skin. Less effective, your worn razor will push you to increase the number of passes, which increases the risk of cuts and irritation. When you can no longer rinse the bristles on your razor by running it under the tap, it’s time to change it!

Mistake #9: Not using the right moisturizer after shaving

Once your legs are free of their hair, it is strongly recommended to moisturize them to have the prettiest and softest legs possible. But pay attention to the composition of your cream, milk, or body balm. If the latter contains alcohol, which is often the case, it may sting. Alcohol may even cause reactions on sensitive and/or reactive skin.

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