9 Easy Ways To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

April 7, 2022
9 Easy Ways To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

We’ve all been there: we proudly apply nail polish, and then… it’s a tragedy. After spending a ridiculously crazy time polishing her nails with precision, after only a few days it starts to chip. 

Sometimes 1 or 2 days later, and in the worst case, a few hours are enough, but either way, it’s extremely frustrating, isn’t it? To prolong its hold and have perfect nails, we give you our 5 little secrets. Let’s go!

Start with cleaning with solvent

Whether you’re removing your chipped polish for a prettier manicure, or your nails are bare, start by wiping a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to remove all traces of your old polish, but also to remove any excess oil that may be present. on the skin and on the nails and reduce the hold (cream, body oil, etc.).

Use a transparent base

Using a clear base coat not only gives a smooth surface on which to apply color more evenly, but also helps protect your nails from staining caused by polish pigments.

Some nail polishes can be “harsh” on your nails and can discolor them a little after you remove them, especially the darker ones (hello our favorite blood red polish!). 

The base coat prevents the polish from coming into contact with your nail directly, thus avoiding a possible chemical reaction.

You will notice a real difference when you polish over a base coat instead of the nail itself. The end result is much smoother because the base coat has already covered any cracks or bumps in the nail that could be causing the chipping.

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A fine application

When you go to the varnishing stage, the best way to have a good result is to be at the top of your concentration and hyper meticulous to try not to spread it everywhere and to be as precise as possible. 

So no sudden movement! And, exit the thick varnishes: before applying the color, check the texture of the nail varnish; it must be liquid enough to spread easily.

It is also always recommended to varnish two coats on the nails to bring out the color. Put on a first layer that’s not too thick and don’t worry if it’s a little uneven, since it will be covered by the second. 

Once the first layer is dry, move on to the second, which is thinner so as not to form microbubbles.

Why thin layers? Thin coats tend to crack and peel much less than thick coats.

Sufficient drying time

To avoid any stupidity and having to start all over again, be patient. If the polish isn’t dry and it comes in contact with a sweater, a table, or you suddenly decide to do the dishes… you’ll only get a failed manicure. 

Little tip? Sit down for an hour or two (to make sure the polish has time to dry) and watch that famous Netflix episode that you haven’t had a chance to watch yet.

After that, go soak your pretty nails in cold water and let them dry.

Don’t forget to put on the topcoat

The topcoat is a step not to be neglected because it has a real protective effect, just like the nail polish base, and will guarantee a longer hold. In a thin layer, it will bring pep to your manicure with a little shiny touch. 

If you have time, apply the topcoat approximately every two or three days, depending on the condition of your nails, to keep your appearance longer! 

Don’t forget to also put some on the edge and at the end of the nails, since they tend to be in contact with everything and therefore, inevitably, get damaged much more quickly.

Use apple cider vinegar

If you don’t have alcohol or hand sanitizer, apple cider vinegar is a great alternative. To use it best, all you have to do is dip a cotton ball in a few drops of cider vinegar, before running it over your nails and waiting for it to dry. 

In a 100% natural way, you will then have eliminated all the impurities, thus leaving your nails ready to be varnished.

Use gloves for protection

Even if the idea of living without the shadow of a household chore so as not to have to damage your pretty freshly varnished nails would not displease you, it, unfortunately, turns out to be impossible. 

If, however, you still want to preserve your varnish as much as possible, you always have the option of wearing gloves when rubbing, cleaning, or using any chemical product. This way, nothing harmful to your manicure will come into contact with your nails and it will therefore inevitably last longer.

Do not use expired varnishes!

You should know that, like any cosmetic product whatsoever, varnishes also have an expiry date. When stale or old, they inevitably lose their properties – their consistency becomes more dense and thick, which significantly reduces their life on the nail. 

So don’t let your varnishes pile up in your cupboards, throw away those that seem to you in poor condition, and only use the others.

Always clean your nails before painting them

Impurities and product residue, such as leftover moisturizers or oil, cause the material to not fully adhere to the nail and come off easily. In order to avoid this, taking the time to clean your nails thoroughly with alcohol or disinfectant before applying varnish is absolutely essential. 

The latter will thus be perfectly prepared to welcome and keep the color that you want to give them.

A little bonus tip: since a nice manicure that lasts is good, we also recommend that you moisturize your hands, nails, and cuticles well with nourishing oil, to have beautiful soft hands. Dry cuticles and skin will irritate your nail polish and eventually chip it off.

You now have all the keys to achieving a totally “on fleek” manicure that lasts a long time! So, are you ready to proudly display the color of your favorite polish on your nails?

Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

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