9 Instagram Feeds to Follow For Hair Inspiration

August 26, 2022
9 Instagram Feeds to Follow For Hair Inspiration

Do you always do your hair in the same manner and are you running out of ideas? Don’t panic, we have a tip for finding hair inspiration and achieving quick and trendy hairstyles…

Hairstyle tutorials: a trend to follow closely!

Beauty tutorials in the broad sense or more specifically hairstyles are certainly not new. But what has changed in recent years is to offer trendy hairstyles that are easy to do at home! You know that famous “bun” that you see regularly on social networks and that you never manage to reproduce? Well, it’s over! 

To you the trendy hairstyles to achieve in a few minutes before going to work! These Instagram accounts are a must-follow for simple and stylish hairstyles but also valuable tips and tricks. You don’t know what to do with your hair when it gets greasy too quickly between two shampoos? Learn how to tie a pretty scarf. Looking for a gentle way to wake up to wavy hair? Apply the bathrobe belt method…

9 Instagram Hair Inspiration
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Instagram Account #1 – @audreyannej

With her 512,000 subscribers, this Canadian shares her looks and hairstyle tips daily. A quick and chic bun, a special bun technique for fine hair, or even a romantic braid from a simple half-ponytail… There is no shortage of ideas!

Instagram Account #2 – @hairbybreanna_

This hairdresser based in California makes us dream with her mermaid hair and her tanned complexion all year round… She shares her sophisticated and bohemian hairstyle tips with her 365,000 subscribers, including us! Quickly dig into her real Instagram to find the hairstyle that will make a splash at the office or in the evening…

Instagram Account #3 – @laineymariebeauty

On her Instagram account, this American mother of three shares her tips for hairstyles that are easy, trendy, quick… and above all practical! Perfect for moms on the go, Lainey Marie’s tutorials have you looking primed in minutes or even seconds.

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Instagram Account #4 – @elenna.navarro

With more than 1.8 million subscribers on TikTok, this Spanish mother panics fans of simple and falsely neglected hairstyles. If you haven’t succumbed to the TikTok wave yet, don’t worry, Elena shares all her tutorials in the reals of her Instagram account. So, low and chic ponytail for the office or “messy bun” for a casual look at home, it’s up to you!

Instagram Account #5 – @justclassicallycassidy

When you see the ease with which Cassidy manages to tame her hair, there is reason to be jealous… And yet, in addition to being gifted, the beautiful American is smiling and sharing her tips with pleasure so that her entire community enjoy! Since American women tend to have voluminous hair, Cassidy’s tutorials are more suitable for thick hair, but you can also blow-dry just before. Little nugget, her hairstyles for dirty hair are perfect for spacing out shampoos!

Instagram Account #6 – @karlyporter1

Simple and bohemian hairstyles to do on long or mid-length hair, here is what Karly offers in addition to her beauty tips and a glimpse of her pretty family! For the office, a romantic weekend, a dinner with friends, or even a wedding, Karly gives us all her tips on her real Instagram.

Instagram Account #7 – @daphnenarcy

Finally, a hair account that caters to short hair finally squared and offers us natural tips to take care of our hair and style it on a daily basis. Daphné is a bit of the queen of the perfect hairstyle, and in addition, she gladly gives us her tips on her Instagram account!

Instagram Account #8 – @sarahangius

With more than 3.8 million subscribers, Sarah is our daily inspiration for original and easy-to-reproduce hairstyles for curly hair, too often forgotten on these kinds of accounts! From a “wet hair” look worthy of a major fashion magazine editorial to retro Farah Fawcett blow-drying and a turban in your hair, all you have to do is find the hairstyle you want. …

Instagram Account #9 – @showmemakeup

We go up a notch with the tips of this American makeup artist who clearly has a talent for taming her hair! Her robe belt curls tutorial is amazing, and you don’t need to speak English to understand it. Add to that simple and easy hairstyle, more sophisticated braids, and sharp makeup tips and you have an Instagram account to follow absolutely!

Photo: Pexels/ Elle Hughes

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