All About Bandeau Swimsuit

August 5, 2022
All About Bandeau Swimsuits

It is practical, sexy, elegant, and particularly versatile. A real trend for this summer, the bandeau swimsuit is ideal for highlighting your chest, reducing tan lines as much as possible, and spending a delicious moment of idleness, whether at the beach or by the pool. If it adapts wonderfully to all morphologies and all types of breasts, it should however be chosen with care, so that it sublimates your curves. 

Similarly, some activities are not particularly compatible with the bandeau top. So, to avoid any mistakes here is why to choose the bandeau swimsuit, but also how to wear it. Bandeau swimsuit: for whom? How? We tell you everything about the trendy summer swimsuit.

The bandeau swimsuit: for whom, for what?

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One of the great benefits of the bandeau swimsuit is that it can highlight all the silhouettes, or almost. Straight, twisted, with or without underwire(s), padded, frilly, with or without a strap(s), or beaded, the bandeau adapts to all types of breasts. In addition, it allows you to tan while limiting the unsightly marks left by the strings and other straps of classic swimsuits, such as the triangle bikini.

On the other hand, the bandeau swimsuit remains reserved for calmer activities, such as a day at the beach, an afternoon of tanning by the pool, a sunbathing session in a park, …. Depending on the situation and the activity you want to practice, it is not always the most practical swimsuit to wear since it only provides minimal support to the chest. 

Also, if you decide to wear it for a surf session, a day at the water park (diving included), or a game of beach volleyball, you may quickly find yourself in one – or more – embarrassing situation(s). s). To make the most of your moment, avoid the bandeau swimsuit for your most hectic activities.

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How to wear the bandeau swimsuit according to your morphology?

Wearing Bandeau Swimsuits

Elegant, sensual, and resolutely feminine, the bandeau swimsuit is suitable for all body types (check which is yours via our online calculator!). Also, whether you have a small chest, or, conversely, very generous shapes, you can afford to strut your stuff in a bandeau swimsuit. It is, however, necessary to make certain adjustments according to your silhouette, in order to sublimate your curves.

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You have a morphology in A or X

If you have a morphology in A (narrow shoulders and generous hips) or in X (shoulders and hips of the same width), you have a very thin waist and little chest. The bandeau swimsuit is an ideal ally to give volume to your chest and highlight the upper part of your body. It is important to bet on fancy headbands, fringed or pleated and adorned with many details (beads, fringes, ruffles, etc.). Large prints, polka dots, horizontal stripes, or even bright colors are also particularly recommended to bring volume and size to your small breasts. You can also opt for padded or shell models, which allow you to gain one or two sizes and enhance your natural curves.

You have an H or O body type

H-bodies (shoulders, waist, and hips of the same width) or O-bodies (pulpy, round silhouette) are characterized by significant natural curves, a plump belly, and a generous chest. Contrary to popular belief, the bandeau swimsuit is not reserved for small breasts and remains an interesting option for the most imposing necklines. Provided, of course, to choose it well. Indeed, it is well known that headbands offer relatively limited support. So, if you’re more Precious Lee than Vanessa Paradis, opt for an underwired headband to ensure good support and unfailing comfort.

You Are Athletic

If you are sporty and rather square, with broad and muscular shoulders, the bandeau swimsuit is not the best option for showing off on the beach this summer. Because of its shape, the headband helps to accentuate the upper part of your body, creating an imbalance with the rest of your figure. In this very specific case, it is, therefore, more advisable to turn to a triangle or balconette swimsuit.

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