All You Want to Know About Hair Extensions

May 2, 2022
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Want to wear mermaid hair despite your thin and dull hair? Clip-in hair extensions are absolutely the key to adopting if you like to acquire sublime hair without harming your natural hair.

In this article, clip-on hair extensions will no longer hold any mysteries for you!

Why opt for clip-in hair extensions?

Hair extensions are very prevalent, whether among beauty influencers or celebs. They make it feasible to obtain mid-length, long, or very long hair in no time and are thus excellent for changing your look for an evening or catching up on a failed haircut.

Nowadays, there are various types of hair extensions, to suit all needs. Thus, you can pick between several extensions according to the desired use and according to your budget.

  • The application of hot hair extensions consists of sticking strands to your natural hair, using keratin previously heated with pliers provided for this purpose. This type of extension is the most popular.
  • Cold hair extensions are applied using a ring and are known to be more respectful of your hair fiber than hot hair extensions.
  • The Brazilian weave offers a very natural result and is the ideal type of extension for small budgets wishing to wear extensions in the short term. Indeed, the Brazilian weaving must generally be renewed several times a year. High-end Brazilian weaves, however, can last up to 2 years but are less affordable than readily available commercial weaves.
  • Adhesive extensions are reusable and allow you to have long, voluminous hair quickly, for an evening or a particular event.
  • Clip-in extensions, finally, are ideal for people wishing to install their hair extensions at home because the installation is done quickly and easily.

All You Want to Know About Hair Extensions
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Clip-in hair extensions have very few drawbacks: in fact, these hair extensions do not damage your hair, whether it is because of a heating device or because of chemicals. 

Putting them on and taking them off takes just a few minutes, so it’s quite easy to take them off in the evening before going to bed and put them back on in the morning despite the short time you have to prepare. 

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Unlike some types of hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions are very respectful of your natural hair because they only need to be attached as close as possible to your roots thanks to the clips included in your extensions.

There is a wide selection of clip-in hair extensions of varying length, color, and thickness. It is also possible to opt for natural hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions, depending on your budget and preference. 

Finally, you will be able, depending on the type of clip-in extensions you choose, to use your heated appliances on your extensions and thus give them magnificent waves, or on the contrary to discipline these extensions by smoothing them.

Clip-in hair extensions are therefore a great option for people with short or long fine hair who want to gain length and volume in just a few minutes, and without damaging their real hair.

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Clip-in extensions in natural hair or synthetic hair?

Have you chosen to wear clip-in extensions? You still have to decide which hair type you prefer… Natural hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions have both advantages and disadvantages.

Synthetic hair strands are much less expensive than natural hair strands, however, the final result can sometimes be too artificial.

Synthetic hair locks are therefore perfect for changing hairstyles in the short term, on special occasions. 

Strands of synthetic hair are generally not very tolerant of heating devices, however, there have recently been heat-resistant strands of hair, in order to remedy this drawback.

Natural hair extensions offer a very uniform finish: the closer the shade of your extensions is to your natural hair color, the more imperceptible the difference will be. 

This type of clip-in extension is therefore recommended if you want to wear hair extensions permanently, without however damaging your hair fiber. 

While repeated bleaching and straightening will damage your natural hair extensions, you can still preserve and maintain them with the shampoo and hair care you use on your natural hair.

Clip-in hair extensions: how it works?

Clip-in hair extensions look like classic hair extensions (i.e. bands of natural or synthetic hair), except that they have metal clips at the end of the bands. It is these clamps (or “clips”) that allow easy application of the strips during the installation of these hair extensions. 

These extensions, because of their practicality, are intended to be applied every morning and to be removed every evening. It is therefore not recommended to sleep with it.

In order to choose the right clip-in hair extensions, you are recommended to rely on the color chart offered by the brand you have chosen and to opt for a shade that is closest to yours.

If you want to have a lightening effect, or on the contrary, slightly darken your hair, you will have to choose natural hair extensions and apply a color afterwards. 

In the same way, for your extensions to blend well with your hair, it is best to pay particular attention to the weight of your hair extensions: 100g clip-in extensions will be suitable for flat hair and fine hair, while 200g clip-in extensions will perfectly satisfy thick hair.

Good quality clip-in extensions can be stored for 6 months to 1 year, with regular care.

Did you know clip-in hair extensions? If so, have you ever had the opportunity to wear it?

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