All You Need to Know About Nail Brushes

September 3, 2022
All You Need to Know About Nail Brushes

For whom and for what? Well for YOU and particularly to clean your nails! Yes, you adore having beautiful, perfectly manicured nails, but are they completely healthy under that coat of varnish? No soil, bacteria, or other unidentified things? No matter your case, you absolutely need a nail brush in your bathroom!

What is a nail brush and what is it used for?

Nail Brush

It may sound strange to you, but a nail brush is for BRUSHING NAILS! So far, it’s not a great find. It comes in different shapes: curved, straight, wooden, plastic, with or without a handle, in natural or synthetic hair and sometimes it takes the form of an adorable little animal.

This small object that we often found at the edge of kitchen sinks in our parents’ or grandparents’ homes is now essential in our bathroom. Indeed, you would not want your beautiful well-manicured nails to end up with a layer of grime underneath? Well, that’s where the nail brush comes in. It will help you get rid of all the dirt, bacteria, leftover food (yes, yes, it’s possible), etc. that you have accumulated during the day.

The nail brush is nothing revolutionary, all you had to do was take this little object out of your kitchen sink to discover that it could be the essential tool for all nail addicts!

By the way, in case you want to use your nail brush for anything other than brushing your nails, that’s a bad idea! It is not used to scour your toilets or to wash your dishes, and even less to rap your calluses!

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How to choose your nail brush?

You understood it in the previous paragraph, there are many nail brushes and they each have their benefits, their disadvantages, and their particularities. Having beautiful hands has to be earned (unless you are extremely lucky, and in this case, know that we are really jealous…). In short, here are the different criteria you must take into account when selecting your future nail brush:

Natural or synthetic?

First, you have the choice between two types of fibers: natural or synthetic. Each has advantages and disadvantages:

  • If you opt for natural fiber (agave, Tampico, or pig bristle fibers), know that it is the most respectful option on the planet. Whether in their design or their recycling, because they are 100% biodegradable (if the hard part is wood). In addition, the aesthetics of this brush goes perfectly with Zen bathroom decor and with your eco-responsible convictions;
  • If you opt for nail brushes with synthetic bristles, keep in mind that they are more resistant and easier to clean. In addition, they come in all colors and many shapes. Not to mention the price, which is much lower.

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One or two sides?

Another characteristic is the number of sides. In the majority of cases, nail brushes are single-sided, but there are also two-sided brushes. The first side is made up of long hair and the second side offers you several possibilities:

  • Short bristles for deep cleaning;
  • A single row of bristles for more precise cleaning;
  • A pumice stone to remove calluses or other impurities.

You must therefore choose this second face according to your needs.

With or without a sleeve?

Again, this is going to rely on your choices. Opt for the handleless brush for adequate brushing, because with your whole hand, you will have a better grip. On the other hand, for a softer brushing, the handle nail brush is recommended.

What type of hair?

Depending on the length and hardness of your nail brush bristles, your cleaning will be different. You have the choice between short, long, soft, or hard bristles.

Short, hard bristles are ideal for effective deep cleaning. For example, if you do manual work like gardening, mechanics, or even modeling clay!

As for them, long and/or soft bristles are recommended for a softer and therefore more pleasant cleaning, for a moment of relaxation for example.

And if you need both, feel free to choose a double-sided nail brush.

How to maintain your nails?

And of course, a simple nail brush is not always enough, so here are our last tips for having beautiful, healthy nails:

  • Cut them regularly;
  • File your nails properly;
  • Wear gloves when doing manual work;
  • Let your nails breathe between each manicure;
  • Opt for a varied and balanced diet.

In summary

  • The nail brush is an essential accessory to have beautiful nails.
  • It is used on natural nails but also to prepare a nail polish, a pedicure, a semi-permanent nail polish or for nail art.
  • It does not replace the usual nail care: filing, polishing, sanding, nail cutting, etc. The objective is simple: clean your nails thoroughly!

Photo: Pexels/ Rodnae Productions

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