Bags Under Eyes: Causes & Home Remedies

July 9, 2022
Bags Under Eyes: Causes & Home Remedies

Unlike dark circles, bags under eyes are only rarely due to certain fatigue. If they can be removed surgically, there are natural remedies to reduce them…

Puffiness or dark circles: what’s the difference?

If both can be annoying and make you look bad, dark circles and bags under the eyes do not have the same causes or remedies. Dark circles occur when the area below the eye becomes hollow and pigmented while eye bags are marked by a bulge below the eye. The skin around the eyes is thin and particularly fragile, it tends to become thinner with age and sag, which makes it even more vulnerable. A simple way to tell if you have dark circles or bags under your eyes is to look at the color of your skin there. 

Indeed, whether they are blue or greyish, dark circles are colored, unlike puffiness. A pocket is similar to edema under the lower eyelid. This bulge is the result of a downward shift of the fatty tissues that protect the eyeball. Bags under the eyes also contain a variable amount of water in addition to fatty tissue.

What are the causes of the appearance of bags under the eyes?

There are various causes for the appearance of bags under the eyes. Unlike dark circles, they are not only the result of a certain fatigue. The composition of your puffiness can determine the origin of its appearance, if your puffiness is loaded with fat, it is often a slackening of the skin around the eye due to aging or even a hereditary predisposition, while watery pockets usually result from poor venous and lymphatic circulation. Here are the main factors responsible for the appearance and accentuation of bags under the eyes:

  • Poor blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • A hereditary predisposition;
  • Tiredness ;
  • Poor lifestyle: lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking…;
  • Water retention;
  • Sagging skin.

Bags under eyes: our natural solutions

If bags, unlike dark circles, are difficult to dislodge completely without going through surgery, there are still some natural tricks to reduce their appearance.

Cold to decongest

As soon as you wake up, do not hesitate to apply cotton pads soaked in cold water to your eyes. The cold is, in fact, well known for decongesting the eyelids and will thus reduce the swelling of your eyelids. You can also use cucumber slices previously placed in the fridge or an eye mask to place in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes.

Avoid the accumulation of lymph

Be sure to sleep with your head elevated by a pillow. This allows the lymph to circulate better, especially in the eyelids, and thus prevents it from accumulating there. Some massage techniques are also particularly effective in reviving the lymphatic system in the face, such as the Kobido massage. Indeed, this ancestral Japanese massage helps fight against sagging skin and stimulates the lymphatic and blood microcirculation of the face.

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Take care of the fragile eye contour area

A careful beauty routine can help you improve the appearance of your skin and its elasticity, especially around the eyes. Remember to remove your make-up carefully every evening and to apply a treatment dedicated to the eye contour every morning and every evening. There are many green and natural products to take care of this area and reduce your bags under the eyes:

  • Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream – Antipodes;
  • Ba+S Eye Contour Roll-On Baobab + Smilax – Odacité;
  • Holi(Glow) Anti-Aging Eye Serum – Natural Agent.

Reduce your salt intake

Excessive salt intake in the diet promotes water retention. If your bags under the eyes have a significant proportion of water, reducing your consumption of salt and salty foods can help you reduce the appearance of these. Replace salt with spices when cooking and avoid industrial-ready meals and processed foods, which are often very high in salt.

An egg white mask

Egg white has many benefits for your skin. Tightening and astringent, it refreshes weakened areas, such as the eye contour. Apply egg white to your pockets, taking care not to get any in your eyes, and leave on for about 20 minutes, until a thin white film appears on your pockets. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water for a healthy glow effect and an immediate boost of radiance!

Tea bags for a zero waste tip

Purifying, antioxidant, and collagen booster, green tea is an incomparable beauty ally. Save your green tea bags after consuming them and apply them on your eyelids for 15 minutes. You can also multiply the effects of this natural remedy by placing them in the refrigerator beforehand. Soothing and cleansing, green tea acts directly on the radiance of the complexion and will help your skin to fight against free radicals, responsible for aging, and therefore sagging skin.

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