Biophilia: When Nature Arrives Into Your House

May 22, 2022
Biophilia: When Nature Arrives Into Your House

We very often spend our moments indoors, overlooking the benefits of going outdoors. This results in an expansion in stress levels, a reduction in our engagement, and a negative influence on our mood. 

How to find peace? By reconnecting with mother nature and allowing her to enter our living rooms! Some of you have surely already embraced this trend: it’s biophilia

Find out how to adjust the way you interact with the environment!

Biophilia: what is it?

The term “biophilia” may sound very scientific and foreign to you. However, you have surely already experienced it in your life. 

Generally linked to the field of building, biophilia describes an architectural design permitting reconnection to the natural environment. 

In other expressions, it’s about designing our homes by combining natural elements or evoking mother nature. Natural fabrics, light diffusion… 

There are various biophilic models, which are increasingly fashionable in construction and architecture.

Biophilia derives from the “innate human necessity to integrate with the natural world”, according to biologist Edward. O.Wilson. 

Indeed, multiple studies indicate the benefits of long contact with nature on human well-being, including health and productivity. 

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Don’t you feel revitalized, more relaxed, and comfortable after a good walk in nature, or after a picnic on the grass in the sun?

However, although there are considerable beneficial consequences associated with this long contact with mother nature, we spend most of our days inside buildings. 

We are moving away from nature, and this demand for reconnection is then more and more essential. The concept of biophilia could in the future hold an important place in new urban developments.

There are different ways to bring nature into a home: arranging vegetation or visual links with nature, favoring light sources, favoring colors evoking nature, or even changing the configurations of furniture to assimilate the space. to a natural outdoor environment.

Some peoples like the Japanese have a particular interest in biophilia. Knowing the restorative and positive effects of nature on their health for a long time, they have incorporated this concept into their daily practices. This construction model is called Shinrin-Yoku, translated as “forest bathing” or “walking in the forest”.

The materials used in biophilia are bio-sourced, that is to say, derived from plant and animal biomass such as wood, straw, hemp, cork, linen, and even sheep’s wool! Bamboo is also popular among the materials used in the context of a biophilic design!

These materials make it possible to combine environmental performance and comfort, the bases of biophilic design.

Biophilia Nature Into Your House
© Pexels

The benefits of Biophilia

Many scientific studies have been carried out around the world in buildings designed on this biophilic principle: homes, hospitals, work offices, and schools. Biophilia can indeed be adapted to any type of building.

Many positive impacts on human beings have been observed. Among these benefits, we can count:

  • Improved mood and sleep
  • The reduction of stress, and therefore the reduction of heart rate and blood pressure
  • A boost of the immune system and therefore the accelerated healing of certain diseases.

At the physical level, biophilia also allows the relaxation of muscles. Attention and productivity skills are restored following time spent in a biophilic interior. The capacities of adaptation, vigilance, and emotions are increased.

These same positive effects have been found in research on the benefits of prolonged contact with nature on human health. You will have understood: that nature is a vital need for maintaining a healthy and healthy life.

How to embrace biophilia in a simple way

In 2020, adding green touches to your home is a trend that cannot be ignored. In addition to the health benefits, the presence of plants in the house brings a bright and warm side.

But how to adopt biophilia in all simplicity?

Touches of greenery

What could be more natural than installing plants in your interior space and thus inviting Mother Nature there? You could have them in several rooms of your house or apartment, some of which fit perfectly into an interior space.

A bathroom is a place of relaxation par excellence, so why not make it a place of total well-being? You can add greenery on the shelves or your cupboards.

For more exoticism, you can decorate your Italian-style shower by installing a few ferns using ceiling suspensions. This can be all the more satisfying for apartment dwellers who don’t have the luxury of having a garden.

The use of natural and sustainable materials

In a biophilic approach, we favor the use of natural and raw materials, that are more ecological and have a character in their design.

Wood and stone are very fashionable materials. The rendering is pretty and recalls its place in nature. We can also mention linen and cork, increasingly popular materials. These materials make it possible to represent biodiversity when living in the city.

Biophilic home designs
© Pexels

Large windows and bay windows

Known for enlarging the living space and bringing light to a room, large windows or bay windows are very trendy. Imagine waking up and having your coffee and feeling the rays of sunlight streaming through the large window. What an incredible feeling!

They allow you to enjoy the view while feeling protected from the outside. In fact, the windows act as a protective but non-separating envelope. 

On the other hand, luminosity is an essential principle of biophilic design.

For the lucky ones with a veranda, you can combine this space of strong light with a green place through multiple green plants. Relaxing isn’t it?

So, ready to succumb to this well-being decoration trend?

Photo: Pexels/ George Milton

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