Blonde Balayage Hair: Californian, Ash, Honey, Which One to Pick

April 30, 2022
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What do Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift, and Blake Lively have in familiar? Blonde sweep! A hairstyle that consists in lighting your mane, the blonde sweep is the modern hairstyle. 

Ash, honey, or Californian, which blond to adopt for a scan? How to maintain it? La Rédac tells you all about the balayage that gives your hair a holiday look.

What is a blonde balayage?

Blonde balayage is a partially blonde hair color. This technique consists of bringing light to the hair. For this, we dye very fine locks to make them lighter than your natural color, with honey locks for example. 

The goal is to ensure that they blend perfectly with the hair, not to change hair color radically but rather to awaken your natural blondeness.

This endless coloring produced with or without ammonia gets vitality and glow to the hair. So, ready to change color smoothly? Here are the best tips for choosing the color that will bring a natural look to your hair without damaging your hair fiber.

Blondes, how to choose between balayage, highlights, and sunlight?

  • The strands are meant to be visible and pronounced, which gives more character to the hairstyle. Highlights are for women wishing to lighten their hair and obtain a visible result without going through the total color box. The lightening of the locks will be marked because the blond locks will be of one and the same color. If you are a brunette, bet on the bronde color, a trend that mixes brown and blonde colors.
  • Balayage hair, unlike highlights, is much more discreet. The scan brings a light effect to the hair while remaining very subtle thanks to the different shades of blond which blend into the hair, in a much more natural way than the highlights.
  • The sunlight is a variant of the blonde sweep. The coloring technique is the same, as the hair care used. However, sunlight is more suitable for dark hair wishing to lighten, to gain lighter shades but pulling more towards auburn or chocolate color.

blonde balayage
A blonde balayage gives a more natural effect to the hair than blonde highlights

Which blond sweep for which type of skin?

Scanning is for everyone. However, it is important to choose the color of your scan according to your complexion. Indeed, some blonde shades are much more flattering to the complexion than others.

Fair or rosy skin will prefer:

  • The ash blonde balayage
  • Platinum blonde balayage

Matte skin or dark skin will prefer:

  • Golden blonde balayage
  • Caramel blonde balayage
  • Honey blonde balayage

Which blond sweep to choose?

The ash-blond sweep to sublimate graying hair

Blonde with cold highlights and gray undertones, ash sweeping is an ultra-trendy blonde color. You could admire it on Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, or Gigi Hadid. Although very pretty, the ash blonde color is nevertheless quite difficult to wear. 

Indeed, the ash-blonde tends to dull the complexion. It is a hair color that can unfortunately make you look more mature than you actually are. Difficult to adopt this Hollywood hairstyle trend, therefore!

The sublime ash-blonde sweep:

  • Fair complexions
  • Rosy complexions
  • People with graying hair.

As a general rule, it is better to have blond hair (from platinum to the darkest blond) to adopt this coloring. The ash scan is made with gray pigments. 

It’s up to you to choose if you want this gray shade to be accentuated or if you just opt ​​for a few hints of ash. Just know that the more pronounced this shadow, the more it will tend to dull the face.

The Californian blonde balayage: all about the American balayage

The California sweep is the summer sweep par excellence! This scan illuminates and sublimates any hair by giving it a real boost of light. To change your hair look, Californian blond is a safe bet. And good news, this sweep is suitable for all skin tones!

To obtain the Californian blonde sweep, apply a lightning product to the lengths to bring a luminous effect and “return from vacation”. 

Your hair will look like it has simply been bleached by the summer sun. These golden shades will illuminate the beauty of your face and flatter your features!

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The honey blonde balayage, light in your hair

The honey blonde balayage warms and illuminates the natural hair color. Lighter than caramel, this shade is perfect for:

  • Brown-haired
  • With brown hair

Brunettes can sometimes have a bit of a dull complexion. To restore radiance to brunettes and chestnuts, honey sweeping is ideal! 

The idea behind this technique, which is very popular with professional hairdressers, is not to lighten the hair too much, and thus to nuance the coloring, to keep a natural look. And again, these honey shadows are suitable for all skin colors!

How to maintain your blonde sweep?

A nice sweep is a maintained sweep! It is important to take care of your hair, especially if it is long or even mid-length. To do this, you can use styling or hair care products to maintain your hairstyle at home, or make an appointment with your hairdresser regularly. Here are some tips to adopt to have beautiful hair, and preserve and enhance your blond highlights.

  • Make two or three sweeps a year maximum so as not to sensitize your hair.
  • Make hair masks and other moisturizing treatments regularly, respecting the exposure time, to avoid brittle hair.
  • Use shampoos suitable for colored or highlighted hair.
  • To prevent your color from yellowing, do not hesitate to use shampoo for gray hair to neutralize the yellow reflections of your color.
  • Use a suitable hairdryer.

DIY: make your California sweep yourself

If going to the hairdresser and asking the help of a colorist will allow you to obtain the right shades for a perfect result without unsightly demarcation, know that it is possible to carry out your Californian scan yourself if you do not wish to go through the hair salon box. 

Provided you do not skip the different steps, home coloring is within your reach!

And you, are you seduced by shades of blond sweeping?

Photo: Pexels/Elina Sazonova

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