Brow Tinting : Is It Really Worth It?

June 20, 2022
Brow Tinting : Is It Really Worth It??

Semi-permanent maquillage has reached a long way in contemporary years. It is experiencing a resurgence of interest from women around the world. Discreet, it makes everyday makeup more comfortable and saves us precious time every morning. Find out everything there is to learn about eyebrow tinting…

Tinting your eyebrows, for what?

A well-defined and worked eyebrow immediately brings a good-looking effect and an awake look. If we weren’t so concerned about it a few years ago, eyebrow makeup has become a particularly important focus for beauty professionals and cosmetics brands. If eyebrow tinting belongs to the big family of so-called “semi-permanent” makeup, it is not that definitive. Indeed, your eyebrows are made up of hairs that fall and grow, like your hair. It is therefore really a more durable but not definitive makeup technique.

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Natural or not, eyebrow tinting saves you time every day. It saves you the application of an eyebrow pencil or mascara during your daily makeup routine. Intense and worked gaze, all you have to do is apply a coat of mascara to your lashes and take care of your complexion for perfect and effortless makeup. Another advantage of eyebrow tinting, it allows you to have eyebrows the same color as your hair! If you are used to coloring, for example, you will no longer have any color differences between your hair and your eyebrows. This brings a much more natural look to each of your hair changes.

Eyebrow tinting: how does it work?

You have several options at your disposal for tinting your eyebrows. You can decide to do it yourself, at home, or at an institute. It is necessary to do a skin test to make sure that you are not allergic to the products used. The beautician will then sculpt your eyebrows with tweezers or thread if necessary, before tackling the coloring of your eyebrows. Using a suitable brush, she will apply the dye, taking care to protect the contour of your eyebrow with cream or petroleum jelly. The tint is then applied from the root to the tips of your eyebrows, using an angled brush or a bottle brush. The product then sets for a few minutes, usually between 30 seconds and 7 minutes. All that remains is to rinse the eyebrows thoroughly to stop the action of the coloring.

Eyebrow tinting: how much does it cost?

A salon eyebrow tint costs between £20 and £40 and lasts about 4 weeks. If you prefer to do it yourself, count between 10 £ and 15 £.

Long-lasting makeup: what is the difference between eyebrow tinting and microblading?

Working on the eyebrows every morning takes time and dexterity… This is why permanent or semi-permanent makeup techniques have met with such success in recent years! Saving time and eyebrows “on fleek”, that is to say impeccable, in all circumstances. This is the promise made by beauty professionals. 

But between tinting, restructuring, microblading and so many others, it’s not always easy to navigate… In the case of eyebrow tinting, it is the hairs of your eyebrows that will be colored. If you opt for a microblading, it is the skin located under your eyebrows that will be tinted. It resembles the technique of a more or less permanent tattoo. It has the benefit of creating an optical effect, especially in places where your eyebrows would not be thick enough, for example. Pigments are then introduced into the upper layers of the epidermis using a machine equipped with a micro-needle.

If eyebrow tattooing had a bad reputation until recently, the method has improved significantly over the years. This gives a natural and much less permanent result, which will therefore fade over time. In resume, the selection between the two techniques is essentially made according to the nature and condition of your existing eyebrows. If you are looking to highlight your look and save time every morning, eyebrow tinting is the right solution for you. On the other hand, if you like to flesh out your sparse eyebrows, micro-blading could be a more suitable solution!

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