Buying Guide: Best Hair Straighteners

April 25, 2022
Buying Guide: Best Hair Straighteners

Do you want to get rid of your flyaways or reduce the volume of your mane? A straightener will probably fill you with satisfaction! However, there is a multitude of models, so which one to turn to? We take stock of the elements to take into account for this purchase, as well as a selection of devices to help you.

Things to consider before buying a hair straightener

First of all, how does a straightener work? You should know that it is the plates of the straightener that diffuse heat in order to smooth your hair, or even to make it shinier for certain models.

The very first devices had metal plates, hence the name straighteners. There are still brands offering straighteners with this type of plate at low prices, but they are not recommended if you want to keep your hair in perfect health!

The different types of plates available

The types of plates and their material make it possible to differentiate the models of straightening iron. They can be ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium. 

This material determines the intensity of the heat produced by the device and therefore its effectiveness depending on the type of hair.

The ceramic plates diffuse medium heat evenly. Ideal for fine hair, this material is the most popular among users of straighteners. 

It is also the material that is most often encountered, most models being made with ceramic plates (white, yellow, or black).

Tourmaline plates, a semi-precious stone, have characteristics similar to ceramic ones. Nevertheless, they eliminate static electricity and heat up in record time. 

This allows it to glide easily over the hair. Tourmaline plates are recommended for people with fragile or colored hair.

The titanium plates guarantee an impeccable result on thick and frizzy hair since they diffuse intense heat. The service life of these plates is longer. A titanium coating is also advised to maintain healthy hair.

The size of the plates to favor

To define which size of plates should be used for your hair, you must first define the use you want to make of your straightener.

If you want to use your device to straighten and curl your hair, we recommend a narrow plate straightener. Narrow plates are also ideal for people with short hair. In this case, opt for a plate width of about 2.5 cm.

If you have long or curly hair, look for a straightener with wider plates, around 4 cm. You will save time on smoothing by taking thicker locks.

Choose a straightener according to the length of your hair

If you regularly maintain a fair shortcut, small narrow plates, or even mini-straighteners, will satisfy you. These plates will allow the straightener to take short locks well and achieve a better result.

If you are often indecisive about your haircut, sometimes short, sometimes long, and if you have fine hair, choose a classic model with 3 cm plates.

If you have long, and/or curly, or even curly hair, your needs will be different. 5 cm plates will be perfect to save time and limit effort.

For people with frizzy hair, opt for models of straighteners with plates equipped with springs and guaranteeing good flexibility.

The heating temperature according to the type of hair

We recommend certain heating temperatures depending on the nature of your hair:

  • Around 150° C for those with fine and/or fragile hair.
  • Around 190°C for medium thick or curly hair.
  • Around 230°C for very thick or frizzy hair.

If you share your straightener with your sister or a girlfriend, we recommend a straightener with an adjustable temperature. Thus, you will adapt it according to your needs and your hair.

Choose a straightener with options and accessories

Some straighteners are sold with accessories to obtain professional straightening!

To avoid frizz during straightening, the integrated comb option allows for gentle detangling and straightening.

Some straighteners are equipped with ionic technology, guaranteeing straightening without static electricity. Indeed, the negative ions counter the positive charge contained in the hair and thus neutralize this static electricity. 

It also helps protect the hair by reducing the negative effects of heat. The hair is then smoother, without frizz, and the straightening is also beneficial in the long term for the health of your hair.

Know that he exists straightening irons with a looper option! Ideal for changing your look according to your desires by combining the two actions in a single device. Other classic straighteners, with rounded ends, allow you to create beautiful waves.

The steam straightener for optimal efficiency and protection

The steam straightener has the advantage of helping your hair to benefit from the care applied beforehand, in addition to moisturizing it and avoiding a sudden shock due to direct contact with intense heat.

Your hair will be smooth, shiny, and soft! We recommend this type of device for people with weakened and dry hair. It is also suitable for frizzy hair, allowing them effortless smoothing.

As you will have understood, there are a good number of factors to study before embarking on the search for the perfect straightener, such as the type of plates, the nature of your hair, or even specific options to maintain the health of your hair. Here is a short guide of our recommendations to help you in your quest for the perfect straightener!

Buying guide: the list of the best hair straighteners

The GHD Gold Classic Styler: the professional straightener

This hair straightener from GHD’s Stylers range features medium gold ceramic plates to add a luxurious touch to its ultra-sleek design.

Its 2.5 cm wide and 6 cm long floating plates allow even heat distribution and protection for the hair while having good flexibility. The rounded body of the straightener gives you the ability to create beautiful waves with minimal effort.

The iron adjusts to an optimal temperature of 185°C, suitable for all hair types, in less than 25 seconds. Its 2.7 cm rotating power cable gives you perfect maneuverability.

We love :

  • Sleep mode is built into the device for added security.
  • The speed of the iron to heat up.
  • The ease of creating beautiful waves.
  • The perfect glide over the hair.

We like less:

  • It is not suitable for people with very thick hair.

The perfect straightener for beginners and small budgets: the Calor elite

This elegantly designed Calor Elite hair straightener features tourmaline coated Keratin floating plates, 25mm wide and 90mm long.

This affordable yet effective straightener offers 5 temperature levels from 130°C up to 230°C.

Smoothing makes the hair shinier thanks to the composition of the plates and the diffusion of ions. The iron does not dry out the hair.

We love :

  • It’s easy to handle.
  • The floating plates adapt to any type of hair, even the thickest.
  • Fast heating time.
  • The tourmaline coating allows the diffusion of ions.
  • Good value for money.

We like less:

  • The lack of options.

Remington ProCeramic Extra: the straightener with the largest plates

The Remington ProCeramic Extra straightener allows you to reach 5 different temperature levels, from 150 to 230°C and heats up in 15 seconds. Its ceramic plates offer optimal protection for the hair and an even distribution of heat.

Its system of floating plates 110mm long and 45mm wide allows effective smoothing in a short time.

We love :

  • The dimension of the ceramic plates.
  • Very fast heating time.
  • The floating plate system.

We like less:

  • It gets very hot, watch out for burns!

Photo: Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch

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