How Chlöe Bailey Turned Her Eyebrows into a Masterpiece

April 13, 2023
How Chlöe Bailey Turned Her Eyebrows into a Masterpiece

If you’re seeking a star who blends high-fashion aesthetics with trends approved by Gen Z, look no further than Chlöe Bailey. The “In Pieces” vocalist consistently showcases editorial beauty and fashion looks, making her Instagram page resemble a mood board for her followers. Not long ago, she dazzled us with her gold dust French manicure, and now she’s done it once again with her silver ring-adorned graphic brows, providing us with some eyebrow inspiration.

The singer shared a behind-the-scenes snapshot of her stunning glam on April 4th. In the photo, she rocks cornrows and a dusty blue stormy eye makeup look. Her lashes are subtly enhanced with smoked-out liner on the upper lid, while her ultra-glossy nude lips stand out against her satin-smooth complexion. For her attire, she opts for a lowkey fluffy white robe.

Chlöe Bailey’s Metallic Eyebrows

Chlöe Bailey's Metallic Eyebrows

Regarding her brows, Bailey’s natural brow hairs were removed for this particular look and replaced with small silver rings of varying sizes. The rings do not follow the traditional brow shape, which consists of two straight lines connected by an arch, but instead have a flowing shape resembling a floating graphic liner. It’s likely that Bailey’s photo was filtered, as there isn’t a discernible brow shape visible beneath the rings. However, she later uploaded pictures of herself with her typical feathery brows.

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The eyebrow trends keep swinging between the feathery soap brows and the skinny Pamela Anderson brows, and now graphic brows have joined the mix. Glitter brows were the standout feature for models strutting down the runway at the Peter Do SS23 show, and it’s a look that has remained on the catwalk for years. However, as TikTokers continue to don editorial looks, such as crying makeup, in their everyday lives, celebrities are also embracing the alternative brow trend. Doja Cat recently affixed false lashes to her brows, while Julia Fox matched her thin, vivid red brows to her fiery red hair.

If you’re interested in applying rings, stars, or other decals in the place of your natural brow hairs, your best option is to shave your brows first. As we’ve previously mentioned, the notion that brows won’t grow back after shaving is a myth. The only disadvantage of shaving your brow hairs is that they may grow back as stubble because a razor produces a blunt edge in the hair. After shaving your brows, you can cover any shadows with a red color corrector and then apply a high-coverage concealer or foundation, followed by a setting powder. After that, you can use clear lash glue to attach rings or rhinestones in a faux brow shape similar to Bailey’s.

If you’re not prepared to shave your brows yet, you can try the drag queen technique and flatten them down using a glue stick or eyebrow glue, followed by foundation to cover them up. Alternatively, for a simpler brow style, you can brush a colored mascara or glitter through your natural brow hairs to achieve a comparable look.


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