Color Trends 2022: 10 Hair Colors For Spring-Summer

April 25, 2022
Color Trends 2022, 10 Hair Colors For Spring-Summer

Time is running out, and we will be in 2022 very soon. So it’s time to get up to date with the hair color trends that will punctuate the coming year. Zoom on the colors soon to be fashionable!

The new year will be here soon. It’s finally time to look at the trends that will punctuate 2022. Get ready to try all new hairstyles, cuts, but also colorings. Several hair colors will be trendy. We have selected the 5 prettiest ones for you. 

Among these, we count the chocolate brown – a dark shade that still keeps beautiful warm reflections -, the mocha caramel – we have seen it a lot in ombre hair or balayage, but next year we will dare wear it on all of our hair.

Also on-trend: honey blonde – which has the particularity of adapting to all-natural hair colors -, raven black – yes, this very dark color is back, but beware of beauty faux pas! -, and eventually the vivid red – for ladies who like ingenuity, intensity, and cheerfulness!

1. Chocolate Brown

Chocolat Brown

Most of us enjoy wearing dark shades of color during the winter season. For the start of 2022, let yourself be tempted by a luminous and warm brown. We advise you to turn to chocolate brown, which will be one of the big beauty trends in the coming months. 

Spotted backstage at the Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show on model Adele Aldighieri, the chocolate brown is very easy to wear. More cheerful, but above all much less bland than a classic brown, a hairstyle on chocolate brown hair has warm reflections that will embellish our winter 2022.

2. Mocha Caramel

Mocha Caramel

If you have fairly fair skin, perhaps this color will enhance your hairstyle more than a dark brown. Caramel mocha has long been trendy in balayage, highlights, or ombré hair. 

In 2022, we will dare to adopt this color in complete coloring to cover all of our hair. Caramel mocha is a friendly shadiness between chestnut and red. Bright and warm, it is the color with the perfect shades that adapt to all seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn, or winter).

3. Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde

Even lighter than the trendy caramel mocha color, honey blonde will also be in fashion throughout 2022. Ideal for brightening up our fall and winter hairstyles, we also love to wear them during spring and summer. ‘summer. 

The honey blonde is luminous, but far from being too light. It’s a warm blond with reflections pulling towards golden chestnut. Its biggest advantage? It can be easily adopted by both a brunette and a blonde; choice of coloring on all the hair, sweeping or shaded hair.

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4. Raven Black

Raven Black

We thought this color was dead forever, and yet! The raven black hair color will indeed be back and again on-trend in hairstyles in 2022. It is preferably appropriate for the fall and winter seasons.

Also, although any woman can adopt it, we recommend the trend of raven black coloring, especially to those who do not have too light skin; at the risk of creating too much difference between the hue and the coloring of the hair. This big color difference would give a bad look…!

5. The Flamboyant Red

The Flamboyant Red

Red has always tempted us. It must be declared that multiple celebs comprehend how to emphasize it. We are thinking in particular of Emma Stone, Caroline Receveur, and Audrey Fleurot; but also of lots of women on social photo networks like Instagram or Pinterest for example. And why not us? 2022 will be the perfect year to embark on the bold color adventure. 

Flamboyant red is one of the big hair trends to come. Warm, intense, elegant, and above all trendy, the flamboyant red will be on everyone’s head in summer and winter, and, regardless of skin tone. Red enhances the beauty and cuts of all women!

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6. The Vintage Blond or “Baby Light”

The Vintage Blond or Baby Light

Vintage blond, also called “Baby Light” is a color that allows you to have a blond effect. This color is not uniform, it is monochrome with different shades of blond that come to dress the hair. 

“The Baby Light conveys a luminous result and makes it feasible to globally alter the tint of the hair. The desired effect is a golden blond effect, luminous, but very soft” specifies Gianni Coppa of R’Factory.

How to sublimate this coloring?

For care, Gianni Coppa suggests using, ideally, a highlighted/lightened hair routine. Also, once a month, don’t hesitate to use a chamomile-based shampoo that enhances blonde highlights.

​7. The Roots

The Roots

At first glance, this trend would be scary. And yet! ​Let us tell you more and convince you. Roots don’t necessarily make a hairstyle look slovenly. In spring-summer 2022, darker and more marked roots will be in vogue. “We can even play with colored roots,” indicates Gianni Coppa.​

How to sublimate this trend?

For care, we will select a practice for colored hair. And the good trick to maintain its coloring is of course to use pigmented masks to bring ​reflect​s in the boldest colors.

​8. The Blonde Surfer

The Blonde Surfer

​For the surfer blond trend, “we start from the natural root and then we make by placements (not on the whole head, but in certain places) a rather golden light blond which degrades towards blond a lot lighter on the tips, polar blonde” explains Gianni Coppa. 

The “surfer” effect is, therefore, a gradient from the natural root to a very light blonde at the tips. The advantage? The surfer blond allows you to keep your natural color at the roots. ​The naturalistic coloring is ​yet ​cleaned by this procedure​. It’s perfect in the summer!

How to sublimate this trend?

To best enhance the surfer effect, Gianni Coppa advises us to use a seawater spray that ​brings structure to the hair​, as if we let’s get out of the beach.

​9. ​The Scan

The Scan 1

We no longer present it: the balayage is very well known but had almost disappeared. On the occasion of spring-summer 2022, it returns and is always just as subtle. 

Gianni Coppa advises us to adopt it tone on tone for a rather natural effect and “back from 6 months of vacation”. For a rather 90s effect, we prefer it very marked and rather contrasting.

How to sublimate your scan?

Use pigmented masks or reflective correctors for always impeccable sweeping. Also, before lunch on the terrace or a weekend in the countryside, protect your hair with oil or a sunscreen spray.​ “A hat or a scarf will also do the trick,” says Gianni Coppa.

​10. The Two-Tone

The Two Tone

The two-tone will be one of the major color trends for this spring-summer 2022. Whether it’s r​u​gue hair, ​contouring, ​or even the ​money piece​… dare to fall for two-tone hair. With this fashion, we don’t change everything, we sublimate the existing!

“This summer, we will bring contrast, especially to the contour of the face. The goal is to bring contrasting light of at least 4 tones ​” as Gianni Coppa points out.​ The advantage ​?​ The two-tone trend brings an immediate wow and good-looking effect. 

Also perfect for not taking out a change all over the hair. Gianni Coppa informs us to “Select golden or beige tints rather for aN excellent summer impact”.

How to sublimate two-tone hair?

“​To enrich all of these techniques of blazing the facade​,​ I predict consistently styling the hair with frames that compose the look ​externally​. ​This will bring openness ​to the face, dig in more into the cheekbone, and will highlight your look” explains Gianni Coppa.

Photo: Pexels/Ion Ceban

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