Discover the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

May 28, 2022
Discover the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

With the coming of sunny daytimes, sunglasses evolve essentially. 

To glow during the summer season, we offer you a little support to select the perfect pair that will go absolutely with your face.

In the search for an excellent pair of glasses, preferences, and colorings are no more debatable than the figure. A few recommendations for finding your ideal pair of sunglasses for sunny days.

Which sunglasses for a round face?

Chrissy Teigen Cateye Sunglasses

Its characteristics: As its shape points, the round face has rounded lines and displays identical proportions in width and length.

The recommended glasses: the rounded face has no angles, so it requires an angular or slightly rounded frame, to structure and refine its features. XXL or narrow version, it’s up to you to choose the effect you want to give to your look.

To avoid: Too rounded shapes that will push your type.

How do round-faced stars wear their sunglasses? Model Chrissy Teigen prefers to bet on a frame with a graphic shape to structure her face. His glasses are not quite rectangular, the frame is longer than the circle. A stylish and harmonious choice.

Which sunglasses for an oval face?

Rihanna Glasses

Its characteristics: It is assumed the ideal face form and it is likewise the most familiar. Correctly proportioned, it easily fits all eyeglass frames.

The recommended glasses: The oval face is the easiest to merge, all sorts of frames suit it. 

His sole concern is to find sunglasses that match his style and personality.

To avoid: There is no real prohibition, you should know that round glasses will provide you a bohemian, youthful, or academic look, and rectangular and square glasses will show you character or harden your features!

How do oval-faced stars wear their sunglasses? 

Rihanna opted for a favorably stylish pair of sunglasses. 

His visor-style sunglasses with tinted lenses are absolutely modern. 

In this manner, she structures her face while reflecting her character. A perfect frame that runs hand in hand with the character of “Badgalriri”.

What sunglasses for a triangular face?

Reese Witherspoon Glasses

Its characteristics: The triangular face in the shape of an inverted triangle. The forehead is generally broad, the eyebrows elongated, and its features narrow to the chin.

The recommended glasses: For triangular shapes, it is important to take into consideration the upper part of the face. 

It is better to adopt frames with a thin outline to counterbalance. The same goes for the selection of colors and shapes, the more sober they are, the more reasonable.

To Avoid: Frames that are too massive, flashy colors, and butterfly glasses are to be bypassed. For your face shape, it is more useful to have slightly rounded glasses rather than too geometric shapes.

How do stars with triangular faces wear their sunglasses? 

Actress Reese Witherspoon bet on a pair of wayfarer-style sunglasses. Chic and uncomplicated, their borders are thin except at the tips. A fine equilibrium between fashion and good harmonies.

What sunglasses for an elongated face?

triangular face sunglasses

Its characteristics: The elongated face is acceptable, and its oval is especially pronounced. The nose can also sometimes be more elongated.

The recommended glasses: The concept for elongated faces is to shorten their length to give them more balanced proportions. The trick? Select wider frames to fatten the face, and a low bridge to shorten the nose. Round or cat-eye shapes are usually what suits them best.

To avoid: It is not advisable to opt for too rectangular shapes, these would harden your features. If you have a thin face, dodge glasses that are too thick or imposing. Be cautious, you can still wear large glasses, you solely have to prefer thin frames.

How do oval-faced stars wear their sunglasses? 

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker chose the perfect pair for her face. Rounded, wide, and with thin edges, they match her features perfectly.

Which sunglasses for a square face?

demi moore sunglasses

His characteristics: His features are structured and his proportions are equal in length and width. Its square shape often displays a pronounced jawline and a broad forehead.

The recommended glasses: You have two options. Either you accentuate its geometric lines with a graphic frame, or you soften your features with a more or less rounded shape.

To Avoid: Glasses that are too square and framings that are wider than your face, as they will emphasize its shape.

How do oval-faced stars wear their sunglasses? 

Actress Demi Moore opted for sunglasses with a structured cut and rounded edges to obtain more curves in her face. 

A good mix that is accompanied by transparent, infinitely delicate glasses.

Photo: Pexels/ Lê Minh

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