Dropping Eyelids: 7 Makeup Tips to Raise Them

April 15, 2022
Dropping Eyelids: 7 Makeup Tips to Raise Them

Are your droopy eyelids aging you and making you look tired even after a good night’s sleep? Discover our 5 tips to wake up your look with makeup!

You spent long minutes putting on your makeup in front of the mirror, but when you open your eyes, all your work has been swallowed up by the crease of your eyelids?

We give you the diagnosis: you surely have droopy eyelids!

Don’t panic, there are plenty of tips to remedy this! All you have to do is know how to put on makeup by taking this little detail into account to finally awaken your eyes.

But first, what are droopy eyelids?

It’s simply the fact that part or all of your mobile eyelid is covered by the portion of skin that is above, just below the eyebrow. It could be due to aging by a loosening of your skin or it could just be the shape of your eye. In general, if your eye is made like this, this part will even be rather bulging.

We assure you, all eyes are pretty! However, when your droopy eyelids give you a tired and sullen look while you breathe the joy of living, you would like to correct all that without going through the surgery box!

Put away your scalpel, the Redac’ explains to you in 5 tips how to find a wide-awake look.

1 – Play with shadows to counter your droopy eyelids

As you will have understood, makeup can save us in many situations. Here’s how to make up your droopy eyelids and cheat a little on the shape of your eye:

The trick is to recreate your eyelid crease higher than it is. To fully understand where to place the shadow, keep your eyes open during this stage of makeup.

Preferably use a matte shadow, because iridescent shadows will attract light to this place and that is not the desired goal. With your matte shadow, preferably not too dark, create a banana-shaped shadow on your eyelid, higher than your natural crease. Make movements from left to right and do not hesitate to blend the shadow well.

You can now degrade lighter shades on your mobile eyelid.

Your gaze will be enlarged and the drooping eyelid effect greatly reduced!

2 – Stretch your gaze

Mascara is your best friend to open your eyes to! If you are already used to using them, try to lengthen the lashes that are at the outer corner of the eye more than the others. This will give you that doe-eyed look.

If you don’t feel like or don’t have the time to apply mascara every morning, you can consider getting eyelash extensions.

3 – Enlarge the eye to avoid the droopy eyelid effect

To make your look brighter and give the impression of having bigger eyes, you will need a white kohl pencil.

Draw a pencil line in your lower mucous membrane and observe the immediate result!

4 – Playing with light

In this trick, we advise you to use light to illuminate your eyes. To do this, use an illuminator (or highlighter). If you don’t have one, you can use an iridescent highlighter from one of your eyeshadow palettes.

Apply a highlighter to these two strategic areas: in the inner corner of your eye and under your eyebrow.

The iridescent product will catch the light and draw attention to these places to give your look an awakened look. Dark circles or bags under your eyes will go unnoticed!

5 – Your eyebrows: the key to a beautiful look against droopy eyelids

The eyebrows are the frame of the gaze. Structured and well-defined eyebrows are essential to look good. If they are too sparse, you can fill them in with a tinted brow gel or a dark matte eye shadow.

If your natural eyebrows tend to droop a little like your eyelids, don’t hesitate to ask a beautician for advice on recreating the eyebrow line and opening up your gaze. You may also be able to try microblading so you don’t have to draw them every day!

6 – Liner line

– Prefer the use of a gel liner to that of felt. Its texture dries quickly, you are less likely to stain your droopy eyelid when you open your eyes. Another solution, place your mirror on a low piece of furniture. You will then be forced to lower your eyes, and therefore stretch your eyelids, to apply makeup.

– Limit your line to the last two-thirds of the eyelid, emphasizing more on the outer corner of the eye. The trick for a lifting effect: finish with a cherry tail. For a smooth path, first, draw a guide point where the line should end. Then connect it to the outer corner of the eye, voila.

– To avoid shrinking the eye, replace your line of black liner under the lower eyelid with a warm or dark eyeshadow, such as black, copper, aubergine, or even navy blue. Line the lash line with a brush, then blur.

7 – Banana Fold

With droopy eyelids, the crease of the eyelid is practically invisible. The ideal is to create your banana fold (hollow between the mobile and fixed eyelids). In front of a mirror, look straight ahead, and sweep the area from left to right with a dark shadow. Use a round brush with soft bristles, for a gentle gesture.

The bonus: how to avoid having droopy eyelids?

If you have droopy eyelids, avoid wearing mascara on the lower lashes of the eye, and do not apply pencils or dark shadows under the eyes. An eyeliner line that is too thick is also to be avoided: it will narrow your look.

And you, what tips do you have against droopy eyelids? Did these convince you?

3 Tips to Reduce Droopy Eyelids

1/ Well define your eyebrow line

This is rule number 1 to enlarge the look and lift the eyelid. The ideal shape? A rather straight eyebrow, not too arched because it could give the illusion that your eyelid is drooping. As a finish, consider brushing them upwards with a transparent gel to tame them and further open your eyes.

2/ Adopt the right makeup

Makeup is very important: with a few tricks, you can counter the illusion of droopy eyelids. First of all, avoid iridescent and glittery make-up which will tend to accentuate the problem.

Instead, bet on light and matte eyeshadow that will enlarge and enhance the mobile eyelid. To bring more light, consider applying a matte beige eye shadow to your eyebrows: this will create the illusion that your eyelid is lifted even more.

3/ Bet on facial gymnastics

If you do a little facial gymnastics every day, this practice helps tone the muscles of the face and fight against sagging skin. Good gestures?

Lightly pull the corner of your eyes with your index fingers and contract only the upper eyelids by opening them wide. Stay like this for a second, release, and repeat this movement for a minute.

Repeat these small beauty gestures and exercises daily, and you will see: that it changes everything! It’s your turn.

Image by Antoni Shkraba via Pexels

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