Dry, Combination, Oily: What Type of Skin Do I Have?

July 3, 2022
Dry, Combination, Oily: What Type of Skin Do I Have?

When you are questioned about your skin sort, it is panic, you remain silent. In short, you dry out completely. And that’s expected because unless you are registered in a school of aesthetics or have a passion for dermatology, we frequently lack the measures to take proper care of our face. Oily, dry, normal, or combination skin, what is your skin type? We help you respond to the question!

What is Oily Skin?

The type of oily skin can be determined by its uneven appearance and shiny appearance over the entire surface of the face.

This betrays the presence of excess sebum, an oily secretion produced by the sebaceous glands to protect the skin.

A defense system that is often triggered by pollution or stress, and which ends up attracting many bacteria responsible for the appearance of acne pimples or dilated pores!

Oily skin is therefore fragile skin, which despite what you may believe, needs specific protection and regular hydration.

The advantage of this type of skin

Thicker than others, oily skin ages better and wrinkles are less apparent thanks to better elasticity.

Our advice

If you have an oily type of skin, there is no need to try to dry it out, because it will react by producing even more sebum.

You especially need to clean it regularly, gently exfoliate it to prevent clogged pores, and protect it with non-comedogenic products.

Apply a green clay mask once a week as well, to purify it and dislodge blackheads.

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What is Dry Skin?

In appearance, dry skin looks like perfect skin. A smooth and soft appearance, few or no imperfections, and a beautiful regularity.

But this very thin skin that produces little sebum is in a way “naked” in the face of external aggressions such as temperature changes, pollution, or even excess food.

With force, tightness and irritation may appear.

One watchword for her: regular hydration!

Our advice

If you have this type of skin, choose nourishing products and avoid showers that are too hot and scrubs that are far too aggressive.

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What is Combination Skin?

If you have combination skin, the skin on your cheeks and temples is soft and even.

While your T zone, an area comprising the forehead, nose, and chin, is shiny and prone to imperfections, such as pimples or blackheads.

It is an intermediate skin type that adds up all the advantages and disadvantages of oily and dry skin:

A nice skin texture in places, but some tightness after the shower for example.

Irregular and oily skin on the areas most exposed to external aggressions.

Our advice

You must trick! You need to both moisturize the skin of your cheeks and temples which is dry and limit the secretion of sebum in your T zone.

For this, get a moisturizer, both mattifying and non-comedogenic.

Do not hesitate to make once a week a mask with green clay on the T zone, or white on the whole face.

What is Normal Skin?

Do you have any tightness, redness, or imperfections? Is your skin texture even and soft?

Congratulations, you have the skin everyone dreams of, the “normal” skin type skin. This is the most comfortable type of skin. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about it!

Even if it is balanced, your skin needs protection when exposed to sources of disturbance. In addition, its cells are naturally prone to aging. It is, therefore, necessary to take care of your youth capital, as soon as possible.

Our advice

As with all skin types, don’t skimp on moisturizing, and be sure to remove makeup and cleanse your face before sleeping.

The Skin Cycle

Your current skin type may not be of yesterday or tomorrow.

In adolescence, in particular, hormonal changes often make the skin oilier than at other periods of life.

In the same way, age, state of health as well as changes in lifestyle or place of life can influence our skin type.

Anyway, now you know how to take care of the skin of your face, according to its needs today!

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