The Classic Hollywood Glamour Exemplified: Helen Mirren’s Silver Waves

February 21, 2023
The Classic Hollywood Glamour Exemplified: Helen Mirren's Silver Waves

At red carpet events, celebrities often make a grand display of fashion, showcasing their most extravagant ensembles. While these outfits can become permanent fixtures in the fashion world or mark the beginning of a new trend, Helen Mirren’s recent appearance is a reminder that dressing up doesn’t always have to be over-the-top. Sometimes, being true to oneself can exude a timeless sense of style, as exemplified by Mirren’s understated elegance.

During the premiere of her film Golda in Berlin on February 20, the legendary actress donned a sleek, black dress with a slight train, complemented by a black clutch, patent leather shoes, a watch, and striking earrings. The dress featured puffed sleeves that draped off her shoulders, creating a dramatic effect, while her silver waves added a touch of Old Hollywood glamour to her overall look. Mirren’s understated yet elegant style proves that less can indeed be more, even on the red carpet.

Red Carpet_ Helen Mirren's Silver Waves
Helen Mirren/ Getty Images

Helen Mirren opted for a relaxed hairstyle, with soft waves and voluminous roots, accentuated by a side part that she elegantly tucked behind her ear. Her flowing locks perfectly showcased her naturally grey hair, adding to the star’s classic Hollywood allure.

For those following Mirren’s style evolution, it’s no secret that she has been sporting silver locks since 2020. However, the reason behind her decision to embrace her natural hair color is refreshingly practical. In an interview with Vogue UK, the actress revealed that she has always colored her hair at home, preferring to skip the tedious and costly salon appointments.

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Mirren further elaborated that, since her hair was naturally blonde for most of her life, her grey hair appeared sun-bleached, which made her decision to forego hair coloring even easier. Nonetheless, she encouraged women her age to embrace their natural hair color, citing the stunning results she’s seen in others who have taken the leap to go grey.

According to Mirren, while going grey is certainly encouraged, it’s also important for people to feel comfortable with their hair and do whatever makes them feel good about themselves. She emphasized that hair color is an integral part of one’s self-expression, and there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different shades to find what works best.

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Based on her previous statements, it seems that Mirren’s preference for silver hair is primarily rooted in practicality rather than a desire to conform to societal beauty standards. Her approach to beauty can be seen as refreshing, as she challenges the notion that “beauty is pain” and emphasizes the importance of enjoying the process. She encourages people to prioritize their own comfort and happiness when it comes to beauty practices, rather than feeling pressured to conform to societal expectations or trends. Ultimately, Mirren’s message is simple: do what makes you feel good, and have fun with it.

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