Home Treatments to Get Rid of Your Greasy Hair

October 15, 2022
Home Treatments to Get Rid of Your Greasy Hair

Just like oily skin, the scalp can produce too much sebum and thus make your hair oilier than it should be. As a consequence, your hair gets dirty more quickly and you find yourself having to shampoo more and more. A bad routine that only worsens the problem. Fortunately, this uncomfortable condition is far from being final! Let’s discover together the different tips to combat oily hair naturally…

Why do we have greasy hair?

Stress, poor diet, inappropriate or excessively aggressive care, hormonal imbalance, or a dirty atmosphere… aspects that can cause greasy hair.

Indeed, although certain genetic elements can be taken into account, excess sebum most often finds its origin in an unhealthy lifestyle.

Believing oneself attacked, the scalp will thus perspire more sebum than necessary to further shield the hair, making it greasy and shiny. Hyperseborrhea can however be “treated” in a 100% natural manner.

Daily tips

To fight against greasy hair naturally, you will have to put in place some new routines!

Wash your hair less often

Once or twice a week is a plenty! Indeed, the more you wash the hair, the more it will feel attacked and the more it will produce sebum to protect it.

By spacing out the shampoos, you will permit the hair to self-regulate and will quickly see the first outcomes.

Doing a dry shampoo from time to time can aid you to reduce the frequency of washing.

Avoid heat sources

These are far too aggressive for your hair. When shampooing, therefore, select lukewarm water rather than hot water and rinse with cold water if possible to correctly close the hair scales.

Also ditch the hair dryer in favor of air-drying or ultra-absorbent bamboo towels, which can be found on the Amazon website.

A more delicate routine for your scalp will then produce less sebum.

Adopt a more balanced diet

If you limit fatty and/or too sweet foods (butter, fresh cream, sugar, refined foods, fried foods, etc.), your hair, and at the same time your skin, will be much better off.

On the other hand, favor fresh fruits and vegetables, steamed cooking, grilled meats, fish, or even white meats. By taking care of yourself on the inside, you will see changes on the outside.

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Fight oily hair with natural products

To get rid of the problem for good, a piece of advice: switch to natural care!

Aleppo soap and Ghassoul

Aleppo soap and Ghassoul will gently wash your hair and also cleanse your scalp without harming it.

For a Ghassoul shampoo, simply mix your clay in water until you get a paste.

Apply to the roots, massage then rinse thoroughly.

Essential Oils

2 to 3 drops of orange, Atlas cedarwood, lavender, grapefruit, lemon, or sage essential oil, mixed with your shampoo, will help handle sebum production.

Please note that Essential Oils should be employed with caution. Check that they have no particular contraindications before using them.

Green Clay

Green clay, in the form of a mask at the root level, will in particular absorb excess sebum and leave your hair lighter.

Prepare a paste by mixing the clay with a little water, apply it to the scalp then leave it on for ten minutes before doing your usual shampoo.

To be done once a week.

Cider Vinegar

Finally, rinsing with cider vinegar and essential oils of thyme or rosemary will tighten the scales of the hair, thus causing it more resistant.

For this, mix 1 tbsp of cider vinegar and 2 drops of essential oil to 1L of lukewarm water.

Pour all over your hair after rinsing out your shampoo, wring out and let air dry.

Photo: Pexels/ Elina Fairytale

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  • Also if you wanna get rid of greasy hair overnight; simply spray a generous amount of dry shampoo into your hair before you rest and overnight it will absorb the oils.

    Thanks for this informative article 🙂

    Sherri Young October 16, 2022 2:47 pm
  • It’s a good idea to see a dermatologist. He can help you figure out the root cause of your scalp problems and prescribe medication or cure skin products as required.

    Keep it on, you’re doing a great job. Love this page.?

    Linda Perry October 27, 2022 7:05 pm