How to Choose Your Face Serum Well

April 17, 2022
How to Choose Your Face Serum Well

Do you utilize a serum? A skincare product that is sometimes overlooked, the serum is nevertheless excellent for targeting the exact needs of the skin. 

You always have to realize how to select it perfectly! Discover how to target the perfect face serum for a radiant complexion!

Serum, we hear a lot about it in recent years. It has appeared in all the ranges of care products from cosmetic brands, and its virtues are constantly being touted. But first, what is a serum? How to pick it reasonably and how to utilize it well?

What is a serum?

A serum is a highly concentrated care product that can target a specific skin need: anti-aging, quenching, nourishing, or regenerating, there are several kinds and several textures. 

The serum is often a more liquid fluid than a cream. It is rich in useful functional components diluted in an aqueous or oily base. If it can complete a skincare routine with more efficiency, it does not replace a moisturizer.

Using a well-known Japanese treatment superposition technique, layering, the serum is applied to bare skin, previously cleansed, before applying its daily moisturizer.

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We use a serum to better meet the needs of our skin. It is a concentrate of active ingredients formulated to quickly penetrate the epidermis and prepare the skin before hydration. It is a booster for the skin that can be used either as a cure or daily. 

Anti-aging serums are the best known, but today there is a wide variety of serums for all skin types and all ages. In this vast choice of products, you can efficiently get misplaced. Here are some tips for targeting your needs and choosing the serum best suited to your skin.

Choose your serum according to your skin

  • Skin prone to imperfections

Uneven skin texture, a few pimples, blackheads: if you recognize yourself there, you have skin with imperfections.

To help erase imperfections, restore the balance of the skin and unify the complexion, it is better to choose a non-comedogenic and anti-inflammatory serum that has healing and purifying properties, which can regulate the production of sebum in the skin.

For example, salicylic acid, zinc, and lemon are active ingredients that are likely to help reduce blemishes and tighten skin pores.

We recommend Vinopure Infusion Anti-Blemish Serum by Caudalie, a serum with a light texture that helps refine skin texture.

  • Unwanted dark spots

Sun exposure, pollution, and passing years can cause pigment spots on your skin. Especially when it comes to the face, hyperpigmentation can become a source of complexes.

To fade dark spots on the face, choose a melanin-regulating serum with antioxidant properties. Patyka Dark Spot Correcting Serum is perfect for blurring visible spots on the skin and preventing the appearance of new spots.

  • Skin lacking hydration

Skin that lacks hydration feels tight, causes tingling and is uncomfortable daily. To rehydrate this type of skin, it is necessary to target a serum that has an aqueous base rich in active ingredients capable of giving the skin the hydration it lacks.

For example, aloe Vera, present in particular in Absolution’s Anti-Thirst Serum, is perfect for replenishing your skin with water.

  • Oily skin

If your skin is very shiny during the day, your skin’s sebaceous glands are producing too much sebum. Sebum is very useful for protecting the skin and preventing it from drying out, but too much sebum can cause imperfections on your face.

To restore the balance of your epidermis and prevent the appearance of pimples, you must regulate the sebum of your skin. The serum made for you should not be too greasy or too nourishing. On the contrary, it must have a purifying action on the skin without making it too dry.

If you have oily skin, try Garancia’s Elixir du Marabout, a serum that restores skin balance in just a few days.

  • Skins lacking radiance

Sometimes the skin does not show any blemishes or special conditions, but its general appearance is rather dull, without radiance. This phenomenon can have several causes, such as fatigue or pollution. Using a serum, you can illuminate your skin to regain a radiant and plumped complexion.

To this end, the Precious Radiance Elixir from the Cinq Mondes brand combines vegetable oils and vitamin C to stimulate the skin and restore its radiance.

  • Use a serum to bring comfort to your skin

The skin of your face is the first part of your body to be exposed to external aggressions. The cold, the wind, the pollution, and the rays of the sun can alter its comfort and make it dull. The epidermis loses vitality and the skin feels rougher.

To ensure a soft, matte, and comfortable feel to your skin throughout the day, Condensé Paris Active Hydration Concentrate is a serum to adopt. Its exclusive milky formula is the happy medium in terms of hydration: Mountain Aloe Vera replenishes the skin with water and protects it from external aggressions; Hyaluronic Acid acts as a natural water reservoir; and finally, Jojoba Milk allows this serum to be perfectly suitable for combination skin, without making it shine.

Choose your serum according to your age

  • Use as a serum to prevent the appearance of the first signs of aging

Generally speaking, from 20 to 35 years old, the skin is not yet prone to the wrinkles and fine lines that characterize skin aging. However, it is important to take care of your skin as soon as possible to prevent the appearance of the first signs of aging.

For this, you have to nourish and moisturize your skin, so that it retains good elasticity and good collagen production for as long as possible. Patyka Perfecting Antioxidant Serum oxygenates and plumps the skin to slow down skin aging. 

By integrating it into your daily routine, your skin will stay young longer and will be protected from external aggressions.

  • Use a serum to fade the marks of time

Aging of the skin is an inevitable phenomenon. It can be slowed down but never stopped. If you already have wrinkles and fine lines, you can however reduce them by using a serum with smoothing and plumping properties for the skin.

To regain firm and energetic skin, Absolution Booster Lift is a deep-acting serum that helps reduce wrinkles thanks to several active ingredients including Bush Tea, Oatmeal and Calcium. 

It accelerates cell renewal and helps firm the skin for a radiant complexion.

Have you ever incorporated a serum into your beauty routine? Are you convinced of their effectiveness?

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