How To Get The No-Makeup Makeup Look

February 6, 2022
How To Get The No-Makeup Makeup Look

This winter’s flagship beauty trend, the “No-Makeup Makeup” is everywhere! Easy to apply, it permits you to have a radiant look without overdoing it. Foundation, blush, eyeshadow… We demonstrate everything you need to know to embrace the most natural makeup in the beauty sphere.

What is “No-Makeup Makeup”?

This term describes makeup that gives the appearance of not wearing any. In resume, it is a more or less extensive makeup process that allows you to conceal your imperfections and show off a radiant and fresh look, as if you had woken up like this, without makeup. It’s perfect for people who don’t like the feeling of looking like a can of paint and prefer a natural look. Depending on your starting base, it also has the advantage of being applied quickly since few products are used.

A flawless complexion!

The basis of No-Makeup Makeup is a flawless complexion, which is not hidden under a thick layer of makeup. A unified and flawless complexion that will serve as a base for your natural makeup. What matters here is to pick the right products for a natural effect. So remember to get good advice on the shades of foundations and other concealers, for a fresh complexion effect without demarcation. We, therefore, choose products with a light texture that will blur the pores of the skin and hide imperfections discreetly:

  • A fluid and lightly common foundation such as a tinted cream or;
  • A primer with blurring power that will tighten the pores of the skin and mattify shiny areas if you have combination or oily skin;
  • A light and fluid foundation, to be applied using a Beauty Blender or a “buffer” type brush or;
  • A loose powder foundation for even more naturalness;
  • A colored blush to deposit on the cheekbones;
  • You can also use a light concealer to apply with the Beauty Blender.

Our selection of bases and foundations for an almost invisible makeup:

  • Typology Tinted Serum;
  • BareMinerals mineral foundation;
  • Benefit Benetint liquid cheek and lip blush;
  • Sephora Beauty Amplifier Smoothing Primer.

A “Glow” effect thanks to the illuminator

The highlighter is a bit of the latest superstar of our makeup bags in recent years. And for good reason, it allows you to capture the light and hang it on the edges of your face for a more or less natural “Glow”. For a thriving No Makeup Makeup, you will have understood it, we choose a shade adjusted to your skin tone and a discreet but effective illuminator. The illuminator plays a crucial function if you are looking for a fresh complexion!

Our selection of highlighters for a GLOW effect:

  • Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent;
  • Rare Beauty Positive Light liquid highlighter;
  • Pai Skincare The Impossible Glow radiance concentrate.

What about the eyes?

This trend consists of giving the impression of not wearing makeup, which is why, if the complexion is worked in-depth for a natural healthy glow effect, the eyes are more discreet. We, therefore, work on the eyebrows by brushing them, or even by applying a fixing gel to open the eyes naturally. For the eyelids, you can apply nothing at all or merely apply an eye shadow in brown tones, but not too dark. This is also the time to bring out your highlighter by applying a touch to the corner of each eye and on the brow bone, just below the eyebrow on the outside of the eyes. 

Finally, the most reasonable friend of this flagship trend remains eyelash enhancement, which allows you to open your eyes thanks to a natural but permanent curvature of your eyelashes, without loading them with mascara. If you’re not a fan of the concept, apply a thin layer of mascara, preferably brown for a more natural look.

Our selection of discreet eye shadows and mascaras for natural makeup:

  • ILIA eyebrow gel;
  • Organic brown mascara from Avril Cosmétiques;
  • Zoeva’s Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Palette.

A luscious and fresh mouth

We obviously forget the pin-up red lipstick to adopt the No-Makeup Makeup… But you can absolutely apply a matte nude lipstick or even a tinted lip balm for a “bitten lips” effect which brings good mine and freshness to your face.

Our selection of tinted lip balms for a fresh and natural mouth:

  • Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Revealing Lip Balm by Dior;
  • Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Tinted Lip Balm;
  • ILIA Lip Wrap moisturizing lip mask.

Photo: Pexels/ PNW Production

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