How to Pick and Use False Lashes

May 8, 2022
How to Pick and Use False Lashes

Do you dream of having an intense look like Eva Longoria or Penelope Cruz? False lashes are the vital accessories to perfect a doe look and to obtain volume and length to sparse eyelashes. 

But you still have to know how to select and establish them! La Rédac teaches you to achieve this like a proficient and avoid any missteps!

Why have false eyelashes?

False eyelashes are the ideal accessories that allow you to intensify your look in the blink of an eye! They are accessible to all, even to the most beginners. 

Thanks to the variety of false eyelashes, it is easy to change your look easily and choose a sophisticated model for going out in the evening, an extravagant model for a special occasion, or finally a natural model for everyday use.

How to choose the right false eyelashes?

Difficult to find among all the model’s false eyelashes. Two elements must be taken into account: the effect you are looking for, the morphology of your eyes, and the hairs of the false eyelashes.

False eyelashes in natural or sophisticated bristles?

It is strongly advised to choose false eyelashes with natural bristles for a more authentic result.

For beginners, preferably choose flexible and natural false eyelashes. Dense bangs are much heavier and more difficult to lay.

False eyelashes in fringe, half false eyelashes, or individual?

It all relies on the result you are searching for. We will favor full fringes for a sophisticated result. Full bangs fall across the entire upper lash line. 

For a “doe eye” effect, we will rather choose half false eyelashes. The half false eyelashes only arise on the half of the line. 

Finally, if you are looking for a natural “no-make-up” effect, opt for individual false eyelashes. Individual false eyelashes are also perfect for precisely filling in gaps.

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Which false eyelashes to choose according to the desired effect?

  • False eyelashes for a “baby doll” effect

The “baby doll” look is perfect for round eyes. To work this effect, preferably choose a fringe of tapered false eyelashes. The eyelashes should be thicker at the base and should come together in small, spaced-out bundles.

  • False eyelashes for a natural effect

If you are new to applying false eyelashes, preferably choose individual false eyelashes. The result is perfect for a “no-make-up” effect.

  • False eyelashes for a sophisticated and exaggerated result

For sophisticated makeup, opt for false eyelashes that are longer than your natural eyelashes. Choose dense, beveled false eyelashes. You can also choose false eyelashes with rhinestones or glitter! Nothing better to attract more attention!

  • False eyelashes for doe eyes

For a “doe eye” effect, favor false eyelash fringes that are dense at the outer corner of the eye and short at the inner corner of the eye.

Which false eyelashes to choose according to the morphology of his eyes?

  • Do you have droopy eyes?

If you have droopy eyes, lay short lash strands on the outer corners of the eyes and long lash strands at the center of your lash line.

  • Do you have slanted eyes?

To further enlarge your look, all you require to do is add a few strands of eyelashes at the lower fringe.

  • Do you have wide eyes?

Make a “fan” effect by putting a few shorter lashes at the inner corners of the eyes.

  • Do you have closed eyes?

Open up and enlarge your look by laying a fuller fringe on the outside of the eyes. The inner sides of the eyes should not be too full.

  • Do you have small eyes?

To enlarge and intensify your look, opt for a thicker strip of false eyelashes on the outside.

  • Do you have almond eyes?

To accentuate and stretch the eyes outward, add a few strands of long lashes to the outer corners of the eyes to create a “doe eye” effect.

  • Do you have round eyes?

To improve and tone down the roundness of round eyes, add longer lash strands to the outer corners of the eyes.

How to apply false eyelashes easily?

Individual eyelashes

Individual lashes are perfect for strengthening the look and rejuvenating a look that’s been around for years.

The steps to follow to apply your individual false eyelashes:

  • Prepare your lashes by combing or curling them
  • Apply your usual mascara;
  • Grasp an eyelash using tweezers and dip its root into the glue;
  • Place the false eyelashes on your natural eyelashes, near the roots, so that they stick to your eyelashes rather than to your skin;
  • Place the longer lashes towards the outside of the eyes, and the shorter lashes as you get closer to the inner corner of the eye;
  • Reprise the procedure until you get the wanted effect;
  • Stay a few minutes for the adhesive to dry. Once dry, apply mascara to your lashes for even more impact.

Full false lashes

Full false eyelashes can give a subtle or exaggerated look. It all depends on the length and type of false eyelashes you have chosen, but also on the brand. Whichever product you choose, follow the following steps for an infallible application and avoid any missteps!

  • Draw a line of eyeliner along the upper eyelids on the right and then on the left;
  • Lift the strip of false eyelashes from its box using tweezers and warm it gently in the palms of your hands to soften it;
  • Place the entire strip on your eyelashes, and check the length according to that of your eye, cut all that protrudes from the strip with a small scissor;
  • Once you have defined the correct width of your strip of false eyelashes, pour a little glue directly along the strip;
  • Leave to dry for about 60 seconds so that the tape soaks up the glue well;
  • Using your fingers or tweezers, place the strip of false eyelashes at the root of your natural eyelashes;
  • Hold the eyelashes against the skin of the inner and outer edges of the eye for a few seconds to fix their hold;

For a more natural effect, and to blend the false lash strip to your natural lashes, apply a little mascara from the root to the tip of the eyelash.

How to remove false eyelashes?

Soak your cotton swab in cleansing milk and dab gently along the lash line. Using your tweezers gently lift the false eyelash at the outer corner of the eye and pull it completely.

How much does it cost?

You can find ready-to-use false eyelash kits including special glue, a tool to help you apply the false eyelashes to your natural eyelashes, and eyelash strips. 

The price of a kit costs approximately between 15 and 30 dollars.

Eyelash extensions in the institute are much more expensive. It takes about 200 $

Where to buy false eyelashes?

In the supermarket, on the internet, in a specialized point of sale, in a beauty salon… you can easily find it everywhere in the trade.

Finally, if you don’t dare to start, you can always opt for a “false-lash effect” mascara.

You now know all the steps to sublimate and magnify your look. So, are you ready for an intense doe look?

And you, have you ever applied false eyelashes? Do you prefer fringe lashes, half lashes or individual lashes?

Photo: Pexels/ Israelzin Oliveira

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