How to Pick Between Powder, Liquid, or Cream Blush

April 27, 2022
How to Pick Between Powder, Liquid, or Cream Blush

Blush is one of the fundamental daily makeup products for multiple women. But how do you choose the blush texture that fits you best, depending on your skin type and the expected finish? Here are the tips from the “Rédac” for choosing a suitable blush and obtaining a healthy complexion.

Why wear blush?

These days, blush is a must-have makeup product in every makeup bag. Regardless of your complexion or the state of your skin, blush can be a major beauty ally in your complexion routine.

Indeed, it helps camouflage your fatigue and revive your complexion in winter. Applied properly, it can give you a healthy glow! If the Asian trend is to place blush on the middle of the cheeks to obtain a doll complexion, in the West we prefer to use blush on the rounded cheekbones for a natural finish. So your cheeks look naturally rosy, and you look healthy.

Easy to remove and very easy to apply, the blush brings the final touch to a natural daytime make-up and sublimates a more elaborate evening make-up. Whether you are a follower of a matte complexion or a glowing complexion, blush is a makeup product that will illuminate your makeup, and bring relief to the shape of your face.

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Choosing the right color for your blush

If you want to counterbalance the matte and sometimes too plastered complexion of your high-coverage foundation, which can freeze your complexion; or if you simply want to achieve a healthy glow without applying bronzer, blush is the makeup product for you! However, keep in mind that the shade of blush you choose is important.

  • Pale skins are often afraid of the “clown” effect due to a pigmented blush or a brushstroke that is a little too forceful. However, nowadays there are blushes with very adjustable pigmentation, which fade well and whose color will highlight the most diaphanous skins. The blushes that will best suit fair to very fair skin are powder pink or iridescent beige blush for a 2-in-1 product that will also fulfill the role of the illuminator.
  • Tanned skin will also appreciate blush with adjustable pigmentation, and will prefer peach, pink, or even coral shades to perfect their complexion makeup.
  • Dark skin, on the other hand, will favor very good pigmentation in their quest for the perfect blush, to achieve nude or more colorful makeup. The red and Fuschia shades are the ones that will best highlight the complexion of black skin.

Choosing the right texture for your blush

Powder blush: for whom?

The powder blush is basic in all make-up bags. However, it is not appropriate for all skin sorts! Indeed, the powder texture marks the patches of dryness and the slightest imperfections of thirsty skin.

To obtain a bare skin effect without clumping of material and without disturbing your foundation, choose mineral blush. Normal, combination, and oily skin will particularly appreciate this blush texture.

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The cream blush: for whom?

Cream blush is the ideal makeup product for lazy or busy women. Indeed, it is often applied on the cheeks as well as on the lips. A true 2-in-1 product, it can be carried in your vanity or your handbag all day long. 

Unlike powder blush, you don’t have to worry about breaking your blush into a thousand pieces! For a playful application, the cream blush is sometimes available in a cushion format.

This creamy texture is suitable for all skin types except oily skin, which favors complexion products that camouflage shine.

Liquid blush: for whom?

Liquid blush is one of the less common blush formats. Indeed, it is not the easiest to dose or blend. However, there are liquid blushes whose pigmentation is light enough to spare you the “too much” effect.

Like cream blush, liquid blush can also be used on the lips. For beginners, you will need to choose a tinted fluid with a gel texture, for easy and quick application. The liquid blush is suitable for all skin types, except oily skin.

Apply your blush well

Once you know the shade of blush you need and the size that best suits your makeup habits and your skin type, you need to test the rendering of your blush on your skin.

To master this technique, above all use your blush sparingly: it will be easier for you to deposit more material than to blur your make-up on the complexion, at the risk of displacing the products previously applied to your skin.

To apply your blush, smile! Then apply your blush using a dense beveled brush on the rounded part of your cheekbones, for a most natural “rosy cheeks” effect. 

Make light movements from the outside to the inside of the face, and circular movements to avoid any unsightly demarcation.

Selection of blush for a healthy glow effect

To finally obtain the perfect complexion, here is a selection of blush tested and validated by the Rédac’, for all budgets and all skin types!

Too Faced, Love Flush Blush

If this blush from the Too Faced brand is characterized above all for its elaborate packaging, its formulation is also very good. The Love Flush offers adjustable pigmentation and several shades for all skin tones. It also promises a diffuse application, for a very natural look.

Maybelline New York, Dream Touch Blush

The airy texture of this cream blush will surely delight you! If you are afraid of material effects, the Dream Touch Blush is the blush for you. It will allow you to bring out the features of your face, and to deposit the right dose of product with each application.

Bourjois, Aqua Blush 12H

This long-lasting Bourjois blush is the perfect product to allow you to make the transition between a cream blush and a very liquid blush. Indeed, its gel texture guarantees easy application. It is the ideal blush to draw in winter for dry skin.

For an optimal result and a fresh complexion, the Aqua Blush 12H is applied with the finger. Zero material effect guaranteed! In order to obtain a healthy glow and return from vacation effect, do not hesitate to pair your blusher with sun powder and an illuminator.

Do you use a blush daily in your makeup routine? If so, what is your favorite blush?

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