How to Pick the Suitable Lipstick Color for Your Skin Tone

April 17, 2022
How to Pick the Suitable Lipstick Color for Your Skin Tone

If makeup is above all a pleasure, we can highlight the form of our face while playing with distinct colors and products thanks to makeup! 

Don’t feel like you have to wear a certain color on your lips, but learn to figure out the best way to highlight your lips, while taking your skin tone into account. Find out which lipstick colors are right for you!

Texture: choose between matte and gloss

The foremost step to selecting the ideal lipstick for your skin tone, even before looking at the unlike lipstick colors, is to comprehend which finish will flatter your skin tone the most. 

Indeed, there are an enormous number of possible finishes for lipsticks, from matte to satin, including gloss and lip ink. Depending on the shape and size of your lips, it will be more or less judicious to favor a particular texture.

So, if your mouth tends to be dry, fine lines occur on your lips and they seem dehydrated to you, the matte effect is surely not for you. In addition to drying your lips, even more, this finish will highlight the dryness of your lips. 

Prefer a satin lipstick or a gloss, which will nourish and moisturize your lips and bring them to shine.

In the same way, if you have thin lips, the “glossy” moisturizing finish is ideal for a luscious lip effect.

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Finally, if you are lucky enough to have plump and healthy lips, then you can afford to use matte lipsticks on a daily basis, which will highlight the shape of your lips.

What are your skin’s undertones?

In order to be able to accurately select a color that will suit your skin tone, it is very important to take into account the undertones of your skin.

Some people tend to think that the undertones of your skin are determined by your skin tone, however, determining the exact undertones of your skin is more complex than you might think. 

Indeed, black skin does not necessarily have warm undertones, just as very fair skin does not necessarily have cold undertones. To understand what are the undertones of your skin here is a very simple and reliable tip: in natural light, observe the veins of your forearm. 

If the color of your veins tends towards green, you have warm undertones. If your veins are bluish, then you have cool-toned skin. If you find that your veins appear both green and blue, you probably have neutral undertones.

Depending on the undertone of your skin, certain shades will suit you more or less well. It is therefore imperative for you to study which undertone your skin pulls towards.

Lipsticks also have undertones, which will match those of your face if you choose their shades carefully. Indeed, if you have cold undertones, you will have to favor a bluish red lipstick rather than a brick red.

A lipstick adapted to your complexion

Now that you have selected the lipstick finish and its undertones based on your skin tone and lip texture, here is a list of colors to suit your skin tone.

Fair skin

If you have fair skin, a very wide spectrum of colors is available to you. You can indeed opt for a red lipstick, which will particularly highlight your pale skin color, and choose it in orange shades to give you a luminous complexion. A more classic red will go perfectly with your complexion, regardless of your hair color.

Darker reds will also enhance you, provided you have a perfect complexion without imperfections! The pink shades are also particularly suitable for your fair skin, they will give you a fresh complexion, illuminate your face and bring you a subtle touch of color. Choose a light “bubblegum” pink for a very natural effect, or opt for a more pronounced pink, even a fuchsia.

These shades will dress your lips beautifully while still being very wearable on a daily basis. If you want to wear a more nude color, be careful not to choose a shade that is lighter than your skin tone, as this can give you a dull complexion.

These shades will dress your lips beautifully while still being very wearable on a daily basis. If you want to wear a more nude color, be careful not to choose a shade that is lighter than your skin tone, as this can give you a dull complexion. Preferably choose a color similar to that of your lips, or a shade with pink undertones to give you a healthy glow.

Tanned skin

The pronounced colors look great on you and highlight your tan or your tan. Don’t be afraid to dare flashy colors, they will make you irresistible! So, choose a fuchsia tone that will revive your tan and your dull skin, or a coral shade suited to your complexion for skin full of vitality. 

For a more brown hue, take care to choose it warm and coppery so that it can marry with your tan. Finally, the darkest colors are not recommended for the color of your skin, as they could darken your complexion and reduce the radiance of your tan.

The darkest skins

As with tanned skin, the shades that will highlight you are the showiest. They range from bright red to fuchsia. These intense colors will awaken your black skin and give it a “fresh” effect ideal for highlighting your complexion. Feel free to wear vibrant colors such as orange, or purple-toned hues. 

Your choice can extend to the darkest shades, ideal for evening makeup. They range from deep dark browns to burgundy, to dark purples and plums. During the day, you can also opt for a clear or even transparent lipstick, ideal for a luscious mouth and which will be enough to subtly enhance the color of your lips.

Asian skin

The colors that look best on you are light colors. Whether they are in peach or pale pink tones, choose an all-transparent effect or even a tinted balm, which will give you a bitten lip effect. These colors will be your allies to give you a healthy glow and brighten your complexion.

Classic red lips can also be your makeup signature, for a more polished and very sophisticated look.

There are a large number of lipstick shades that can highlight your skin tone. However, it is important to remember that the main thing is to enjoy makeup and wear the colors that you like the most. 

All you have to do is choose from the multitude of possible shades, a choice that will also depend on your outfit and the occasion! And you, what is your favorite lipstick color?

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