How to Plump Your Lips Without Surgery

April 2, 2022
How to Plump Up Your Lips Without Surgery?

To provide a form to lips considered too thin, surgery and aesthetic treatment are not the only choices. Gentler techniques exist to increase the volume of the mouth without a scalpel or injections.

Lips can be naturally thin, but also get thinner with age. And for good reason, the skin of the lips has neither sebaceous glands nor sweat glands, which means that it is hardly protected when it is exposed to various exterior aggressions like the sunlight or the cold. 

The mouth then dehydrates extremely fast and ends up aging prematurely, with lips that evolve thinner and forfeit their original volume.

Fortunately, resolutions exist to slow down this phenomenon and discover gorgeous curved lips. And it’s not about hyaluronic acid injections or surgical implants.

An applied skincare routine

Plump Your Lips

“You can’t own a pleasing mouth without wetting your lips daily,” declares Kirsten Carriol, creator of Australian brand Lanolips. Crucial for keeping the harmony of the skin and shielding the skin wall from dryness and irritation, the typical application of a hydrating/nutritional remedy is the foremost step to adopt for naturally plumper lips.

The good reflex? Leave a lip cream or punch on your bedside table, and involve a thick, protective layer of product to your mouth and around it every evening. 

A brief ritual, which regardless provides optimal hydration and keeps the volume and elasticity of the skin over the long term.

For a “flash” move, lip masks can be attractive options. Fabric version, silicone patch or cream to leave on, they soften the mouth and allow, for example, to prepare the skin before a slightly more elaborate lip makeup than usual. But beware, for long-lasting plumped lips, nothing can substitute the daily process of a moisturizer!

Eventually, to create a mouth more receptive to moisturizing care, exfoliating the lips is a remedy that should not be ignored. Like the rest of the face, the lips require to be freed of dead cells to preserve maximum suppleness.

Guidance from our pro: “We like soft products and we take care not to over-exfoliate because the lips stay a specific weak area”, warns Kirsten Carriol. 

Once a week, we provide ourselves with a scrub specially prepared for this portion of the face and we serve delicate circular moves to unhook the small skins and start the microcirculation of the lips. “We consistently end up applying a dense layer of a cream after the scrub,” adds Kirsten Carriol.

Plumped lips thanks to self-massage

For fuller lips, bring your mouth in hand, literally. In complement to the care practice described above, there’s nothing like a self-massage session to redefine your mouth and boost its volume naturally. A specialist in the field, the facialist Delphine Langlois offers several gestures that are comfortable to perform on a daily basis.

In the first stage, we start by working on the hem of the lip in order to reshape the mouth. “We grab the hem between the thumb and index finger and roll the lips outwards to warm up and soften the area”, explains Delphine Langlois. Then place the pinches.

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“Consistently with the thumb and index finger, we rob the hem of the lips until it evolves almost disliked”, resumes our expert. We can then go a little further and reproduce the same manipulation but this time by twisting the skin. 

One precaution, however: “On delicate and susceptible skin, specifically mature skin, these particles, and twistings can damage small blood capillaries if you push too hard”, points Delphine Langlois. “You always have to accomplish this in the front of a mirror to control as soon as the skin starts to blush.”

Behind the hem, we drive onto the orbicularis, this muscle that comprises the framework of the lips. “If the lips get lighter, it’s also because the orbicularis accords and gets shorter over time, resulting in a less plump mouth,” describes the facialist. 

The most useful exercise to preserve your elasticity: is the favored duck mouth. “We grab his mouth between his thumb and his index finger and we provoke it by pushing it forward”, demonstrates Delphine Langlois.

The usage of a jade roller or Gua Sha instruments can also pay off. “We place these tools in the cold then we operate them by going back and forth horizontally on the mouth”, adds the professional.

This training can be accomplished every day or as a cure. “We can tell to ourselves that we set ourselves into it every day for three weeks then only twice a week and we start likewise on a cure”, guides Delphine Langlois. Before a fete, you can also plan a self-massage session for a quick plumping result.

Plump your lips with makeup

To create the illusion of a fuller mouth, makeup is an effective parade. Plumping glosses are also specially designed for this purpose. Improved with moisturizing and anti-aging mechanisms (peptides, collagen, etc.) to ease and smooth, these “Bluff” products also possess ingredients that are considered to boost blood circulation and thus make the lips swell: mustard sprout extract, chili section, peppermint extract… 

This also illustrates why it is not unusual to feel a little tingling during application. In general, “Gloss and shiny consistencies are those that most underline the ease of the mouth”, accentuates Laurie Baralle, Pro-artist France Charlotte Tilbury.

In complement to these plumping products, different makeup styles exist. A useful trick is to redefine the shape of the lips with a pencil to have a better voluminous impression of the lips.

“The line must be delicate and rounded sufficiently for the result to stay elegant”, specifies Laurie Baralle. 

For a naturalistic result, the option of shade even matters: it is preferable to select a color comparable to that of the lips or A little darker if you like to support the plumping effect. “You can actually go barely outside your genuine lip line to hold this volume side”, adds the proficient makeup artist.

Another piece of advice: Utilize a little lighter lipstick in the middle of the lips, before covering the mouth with a touch of gloss. “This is what will drive it feasible to play on shades and lights and make a plumping result”, illustrates Laurie Baralle.

Eventually, contouring and highlighting approaches also work very well around the mouth. “We can set a little concealer or highlighter on the top of the mouth, particularly at the Cupid’s bow, then a shadier contour under the lip lower”, demonstrates our expert.

By combining the stated methods – daily hydration, regular massages, and clever makeup – we obtain visible effects without going through surgery or aesthetic medicine. In our modest view, it would be a disgrace to deny yourself of it.

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