How to Protect Hair in Summer

July 13, 2022
How to Protect Hair in Summer

In summer, our hair takes care of it… Between the sun, the sand, the seawater, and the swimming pool, it needs to be particularly pampered if you don’t want to have to cut everything at the start of the school year. Fortunately, there are many cult products and natural tips to protect hair from the sun!

Before: we prepare

In the same way that your skin will suffer less from the harmful effects of the sun if you prepare it, your hair needs love and care before you even think of exposing it to the elements that will, without a doubt, weaken it this summer. It is therefore a question of making them stronger and more resistant so that they are equipped to better fight against the attacks that await them.

A course of dietary supplements

Caring for your hair is not just about external care. The elements your hair needs come from within, which is why a good diet and a little boost in the form of food supplements can really make a difference in preparing your hair for the summer season. Start a cure several weeks before exposure to the sun and salt water:

  • Hair complex – Dieti Natura;
  • Growth, Growth and Fortification Cure – Luxéol;
  • We want… Mermaid hair – Atelier Nubio

Brewer’s yeast in the kitchen

For centuries, brewer’s yeast has been used for its beauty benefits for hair and nails. This ingredient, which you can find in the health section of your supermarket, stimulates the synthesis of keratin, the main component of your hair fiber. Brewer’s yeast makes our hair stronger and shinier, perfect to prepare it for the extreme conditions of summer. Delicious in salads, it can be sprinkled on all dishes! You can also find it in capsule form if you prefer.

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A moisturizing routine

If it is advisable to change your hair routine regularly for healthy hair, it is precisely the time to opt for a shampoo and particularly moisturizing care. Also plan a mask with strong moisturizing power to apply once or twice a week, in addition to your shampoo and conditioner routine.

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During: we protect

That’s it! You are on vacation and you are heading to your favorite beach or swimming pool… Remember to limit the exposure of your hair to the sun by wearing a hat or a cap. This is also the perfect time to succumb to the hairstyle trend of this summer, the scarf! Tie your hair in a loose bun, and avoid getting it wet too often… The best way to protect it from seawater, sand, and the sun is to hide it. If you don’t like this solution, consider sprays and other protective treatments, these even have the advantage of being green:

  • Summer Protect Spray – Cut by Fred
  • Hair In The Sun – Sachajuan
  • Anti UV Protective Veil – Aveda

After: We Repair

Sun, sand, sea water… All these elements tend to dry out the hair and you could end up with dry, brittle, dull hair and questionable color at the end of the summer. Do not panic! We have the solutions to take care of them and restore their natural shine and strength. Blue shampoo for blond hair that has turned yellow, or worse, greenish, vegetable oil to nourish your hair deeply in a natural way, a visit to the hairdresser and your hair will be prepared to face the start of the school year!

vegetable oils

Vegetable oils have the advantage of being 100% natural, even organic, and of nourishing the skin and hair in depth. Applied as a mask for a full night, they will reduce split ends and restore strength and shine to your damaged hair. Our favorite oils:

  • Coconut oil – The queen of hair care! Versatile, they are suitable for all hair types and deeply moisturize them, not to mention the delicious coconut scent that will send your brain back to the beach in just seconds. In addition, it promotes rapid growth;
  • Avocado oil – for hair that has suffered damage from pollution;
  • Hazelnut oil – to strengthen your hair;
  • Grape seed oil – to treat dry ends;
  • Hibiscus oil – for dry and brittle hair;
  • Olive oil – for dull hair.

The cult products of this summer

If you’re not a fan of vegetable oils or want to use a lighter product, don’t worry. Many brands specialize in natural hair care and offer after-sun care:

We cut the Ends Of The Hair!

If a product can bring hydration to your hair, no existing product can fix split ends. Dehydrated hair can therefore be treated and cared for, but not damaged hair. This is why cutting the tips from time to time helps keep your hair healthy! We, therefore, plan a short visit to the hairdresser on returning from vacation, just to get rid of ugly split ends and why not apply a patina that will remove the yellow or green reflections of pre-summer sweeping.

Photo: Pexels/ Vitor Castro

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