How to Recycle Mascara Empties

September 13, 2022
How to Recycle Mascara Empties

Your makeup bag may be overflowing with old mascaras that you dare not throw away, convinced that you can give them a second life… Guess you did well! We tell you all about the many ways to reuse your old tube of mascara!

How to recycle mascara tube?

Your old cosmetics can also be reused too! The plastic packaging (pots, bottles, tubes) of your old products can be recycled in many ways. So rather than trying to find out if you should put your mascara in the trash or sorting, we give you some tips on the best ways to recycle it!

Before you start cleaning it, first make sure it’s not just a little dry. If so, it is easy to recover it and give it a second life. To do this, simply put your mascara in a glass of hot water for a few minutes to find the original creamy texture of the product!

If your old mascara is really running out of steam and you’ve found a better replacement, then you might as well recycle it! Then start by cleaning it: remove any remaining residue in the tube with the brush. With a little soap or washing-up liquid, clean the mascara container and brush under warm water, until the rinse water runs clear. After drying, use tissue paper rolled up on itself to slip it into the tube and remove the last traces of humidity.

Your mascara is now ready to be used again! Not only do you give it a new use for your beauty or home, but you also limit your amount of daily waste.

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Reuse your mascara…

Recycle Mascara Empties

…In beauty accessories

If you don’t have an eyebrow brush, the mascara brush can completely take on this role! Fine and soft, its bristles are ideal for brushing your eyebrows. It can complement your makeup by blurring your pencil line and giving a more natural effect.

You can use your old mascara to make it an eyelash or eyebrow treatment. To do this, just fill it with castor oil and apply it directly to your eyelashes or eyebrows with the brush. Castor oil is known to promote hair growth, give it volume and strengthen it. Your eyelashes and eyebrows will be longer and fuller for a beautiful look!

You can also use the brush to remove excess mascara that you have applied. Indeed, new mascaras can have the disadvantage of forming clumps when applying makeup for the first few times. After applying it to your eyelashes, use your clean brush to remove the excess mascara. Your eyes will no longer be heavy and congested!

Your old mascara brush can also be recycled into a nail brush. When dirt gets stuck under your nails and forms unsightly black spots, use the brush to dislodge them. Remember to clean your brush between each use to avoid the risk of trapping new dirt the next time you use it!

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This brush can also be used to gently exfoliate your lips. Use a lip scrub for this, or make your own with a homemade sugar-based recipe. Apply a little and scrub gently with your brush. Rinse off, and say goodbye to dead skin! Your mouth is now smoother. Remember to keep it hydrated with a lip balm!

If your hair is acting up and strands decide to escape from your bun, you can use your mascara brush to re-discipline them. Spray some hairspray on it to hold it in place better. It is also very effective for taming and styling baby hair!

…At home

If you already have everything you need in your makeup bag, why not keep your mascara brush at home? Its small size and soft bristles make it an ideal tool for cleaning the smallest objects and the smallest nooks and crannies, unreachable with other household tools.

For example, you can use it to clean your kitchen and bathroom taps. The small corners of the fittings are indeed difficult to unclog with a simple sponge. The mascara brush then becomes an ally of choice for that! Soaked in a little household product, it gets rid of the most difficult-to-reach traces of limescale.

It also slips perfectly into the gaps of computer keyboards. You can use it to remove dust and any crumbs that may have gotten stuck in there after an evening watching Netflix.

It also works for the hair dryer filter, where dust and hair can get stuck. The mascara brush is long and thin enough to remove them without damaging it. This will extend the life of your device. Take precautions by unplugging your hair dryer beforehand!

The fine and soft mascara brush is also ideal for taking care of your jewelry. If you don’t have a soft cloth on hand to shine them, your brush will do just fine: it cleans gently without scratching your jewelry!

In eyelash care or encrusting, mascara bottles can be reused in many ways! So, you chose what yours was going to be used for?

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