How to Remove Nail Polish Without Using a Remover

March 12, 2022
How to remove nail polish without using a remover

Manicure enthusiasts know that removing your nail polish is not always an easy task. However, we bet you can do it easily even without nail polish remover? 

Concentrate on these little-known beauty suggestions that permit you to remove nail polish without solvent.

Nail polish and nail polish remover usually go together in our minds because it seems impossible to wear one on our hands without having the other product in the bathroom to take it off when the manicure starts to chip. 

However, there are solutions to rid our fingertips of classic nail polish (and not semi-permanent or gel) without resorting to solvents when there is no more at home.

How to remove varnish without solvent: the trick of the peel-off base

Before embarking on more uncertain tips, we invite you to use a very practical treatment that usually does us a favor when wearing glitter nail polish: the peel-off base. 

This clever product, halfway between a protective base and a remover, is generally used to avoid the difficulties of removing glitter varnish and it is little used for anything else. 

However, it also works with other types of classic nail polish and eliminates the need to scratch the nail. This base is to be applied before varnish protects the natural nail by creating a film that is specially designed to be easily peeled off the nail plate. 

Thus, there is no risk of damaging it by removing it without solvent! This ecological solution permits, in extra, not to utilize cotton: we validate!

We grant you, that this trick is particularly clever if you plan to remove your varnish without solvent beforehand at home and not if you have to do it in the event of the unexpected.

How to remove nail polish with 90° alcohol and alcohol-based by-products?

To clear makeup from your nails without solvent, 90° alcohol is a good choice for acetone. Alcohol will certainly dissolve the varnish nearly as effectively as solvents. 

Just involve generously on a cotton pad and move as usual to remove your manicure.

The right news if you don’t have this disinfectant in your pharmaceutical cabinet is that this process also functions by replacing it with alcohol-containing beauty products such as fragrances. 

Of course, the perfume technique can be expensive if you only have your big brand perfume on hand, but it can allow you to deal with an emergency or even finish a perfume that is too old.

But rest assured if you don’t want to waste a few precious drops of your favorite fragrance, the trick also works with much cheaper alcohol-containing products like hairspray spray or even deodorant spray. 

Note, however: that it seems that not all products are the same as a solvent replacement. For the method to work with hairspray or deodorant, the product must contain a lot of alcohol. Forget about deodorants for sensitive skin. 

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Finally, if you opt for the fixing lacquer option for the hair, be aware that you will have to proceed quickly to remove your varnish because the formula will quickly dry on your fingertips. 

So spray your fixative spray then immediately rub your nails with cotton pads to clean them. 

Plan well ten minutes to remove all the product from your nails and in case of resistance, put a little product and rub.

Just be cautious not to manipulate this process because it can be drying for the skin and your cuticles. Once the varnish is removed, it is better to rinse your hands with clear water and why not massage the edges of your nails with a nourishing oil to compensate.

How to clear nail polish with polish?

Yes, you read that perfectly, you may not have comprehended it, but your nail polish can likewise allow you to pull the manicure you wear without solvent. Just set new nail polish on top of the dry layer. 

The constituents of the nail polish definitely make it possible to soften the layer of varnish from your past manicure, all that stays is to rub your nails with a cotton ball or a piece towel to clean maquillage from your nails without any other product. 

Note all the identical that this manner of doing things is not the most satisfying because there is a risk of creating smudges if you go about it the mistaken way to remove the product from the nail with a paper towel or the cotton. You will have to be very careful when removing your manicure. 

A small problem to note: it appears that occasionally a little varnish remains at the edges of the nails with this makeshift solution.

Another version of the method: utilize a top coat instead of nail polish. A variant that keeps you from wasting a nail polish you love by turning to an affordable topcoat that you can offer for your manicure troubles.

Our advice: to bypass laying varnish around, pet as soon as the varnish has softened, starting from the base of the nail towards the free edge.

Clearing nail polish with toothpaste: does it function?

If this product that we all have at home is usually cited as an option to nail polish remover, it appears that it is not practical for clearing makeup from nails. 

First of all, it should be mentioned that people who utilize it rely on whitening toothpaste to vacate the varnish and that they frequently add baking soda. 

In some videotapes that can be seen on the internet, we notice individuals coating their nails with toothpaste and then energetically rubbing them with a toothbrush to rid their nails of makeup, but most of the time the nail makeup removal is initiated with another product. Only the traces gone by shady or vivid varnishes are finally pulled operating this process.

A plan to preserve in a corner of your head, therefore, but just for the small residues of already well-flaked varnish or the ugly colors which continue after its disposal.

Clear nail polish with white vinegar and lemon

Unlike the other forms, white vinegar counted as fresh lemon juice doesn’t appear to function when you involve the mixture straight to a cotton pad for rubbing. 

On the other hand, this genuine solution is periodically practical if you soak your fingertips in it for about twenty minutes before attempting to clear the varnish.

Bonus: lemon bleaches the free edge of the nail!

Green solvents: a naturalistic solution to place an end to acetone

If you are examining for a choice of classic nail polish removers that include harsh chemical solvents like acetone, also learn that there are not solely these awesome beauty tips -mother within reach of manicure! 

There are now “green” solvents that rely on natural formulae in which the chemical solvent is replaced by a solvent of vegetable origin.

These products that surf in nature, have the extra benefit of typically containing vegetable oil which permits them to feed and take into consideration the nails in stride. What to pick the chances of weakening them even by bearing the manicures.

Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pixabay

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