How to Take Care of Your White and Gray Hair

April 17, 2022
How to Take Care of Your White and Gray Hair

That’s it, did you fall for the white, gray, or polar blonde discoloration? Magnificent! It is the perfect color for the fall-winter seasons. But beware, very light colors are not the easiest to maintain. Keeping a pretty gray or a bright white requires special care: we explain everything to you so that you have angel hair!

Adopt a suitable routine

By removing the layer of melanin that determines the color of your hair, you have also removed a very useful protective layer from them to fight against external aggressions. Our hair is indeed a victim of UV, pollution, friction, heat, cold, and even sea salt in summer. 

Without their protective barrier, your white or gray hair will tend to oxidize much more quickly, which can give that yellowed and devitalized look to bleached hair.

It is therefore in your best interest to opt for anti-yellowing shampoos, specially designed to reduce these unwanted reflections. Called purple shampoo, the latter reduces yellowing by respecting the principle of colorimetry: the complementary color of purple is yellow, applying this type of shampoo will give you shiny silver or white hair. 

This type of treatment also has the advantage of being highly moisturizing, reinforcing the suppleness and shine of the hair, and of slowing down the appearance of split ends.

White and Gray Hair
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This type of shampoo is essential but should not replace your usual routine: you can use this anti-glare shampoo once or twice a month, never leaving it on for more than 3 minutes or you will end up with hair. blue or purple! Always adapt your routine to your hair type and continue with your usual care. 

Use moisturizing and protective masks to pamper your sensitized hair and favor the use of anti-UV products, especially in summer and at the beach. You can even opt for professional salon treatments based on keratin and hyaluronic acid to strengthen the damaged scales of discolored hair.

It is also preferable to space out shampoos as much as possible. These will indeed tend to remove your gray pigment. Prefer the use of dry shampoos to space out your washes. If possible, use a natural and homemade mixture, which you can obtain with talc, cornstarch, or ghassoul, a fine Moroccan clay. 

Certain hairstyles can also help you go several days between your shampoos. Sympathize with buns, and African braids, or accessorize your hairstyles with turbans and other scarves! You can also slow your scalp’s sebum production by spacing out your shampoos. 

It’s a virtuous circle! There is the no-poo technique for this: using a boar bristle brush, brush your hair from root to tip, head down, to distribute the sebum evenly to your lengths. Your hair will be shinier and will regrease less and less quickly.

Mask idea for beautiful reflections

White and colored hair is more exposed to external aggressions and therefore more fragile, additional care such as moisturizing masks are recommended. They will also allow you to revive your color and give pretty silver highlights to your hair.

Here is an example of a mask that will bring the most tired hair back to life:

Take German Chamomile Essential Oil (Matricaria Recutita): blue, it can be a good alternative to commercially available purple shampoos. pretty silver reflections. Add to this oil Aloe Vera Gel, one to two tablespoons of honey, and natural yogurt. Apply this mask to lengths and roots and leave it on for as long as possible. Shining and hydrated hair guaranteed!

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How do I maintain my roots?

It is strongly advised to continue bleaching your roots every three weeks or so to avoid the “bar” effect of the roots, especially if you have dark hair. It is therefore recommended to return to your colorist once a month in order to neutralize this undesirable contrast. However, it is not necessary (even not recommended) to touch its lengths: the hairdresser only applies the oxidant to the root.

I got tired of my discoloration: how to go back to nature?

Are you tired of your polar blonde and want to go back to your natural ebony hair? It’s entirely possible. However, several parameters must be taken into account: above all, do not apply a brown or black dye directly to your bleached hair! It is necessary to pre-color to avoid ending up with green hair. 

Indeed, a brown color with cold undertones (bluish) can turn green on contact with polar blond hair because of their yellow undertones. If you want to achieve a cold brown, you will therefore need to pre-color your hair in a warm tone (red or red). 

However, natural henna coloring should be avoided, as it may turn orange on bleached white hair. The least risky process is to darken your hair little by little, color after color. We advise in all cases to cut the damaged tips for easier penetration of the pigments and a better result.

White and gray hair is beautiful hair to wear, it lights up your face and gives you a mystical look straight out of a storybook. Many stars such as Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne have already adopted this sparkling hairstyle. 

However, these colors are among the hardest to maintain and your discoloration can quickly turn into a fiasco if you do not take care of it. To avoid seriously weakening your hair fiber, it is essential to provide it with a sufficient dose of care and to entrust its maintenance to a hairdressing professional.

So, ready to see life in white?

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