Jenna Ortega’s Influence: The Rise of the Bronzed Goth Makeup Trend

March 8, 2023
Jenna Ortega's Influence: The Rise of the Bronzed Goth Makeup Trend

Bronzed Goth is the latest makeup trend that has been taking the beauty world by storm, thanks to the bold and innovative looks of celebrities like Jenna Ortega. The 20-year-old actress, who’s known for her roles in popular shows like “You” and “Jane the Virgin,” turned heads at the Scream VI premiere in New York City with her stunning couture gown and striking makeup look. Since then, Ortega’s “bronzed goth” makeup style has been making waves and gaining popularity among beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the rise of the bronzed goth makeup trend and how Jenna Ortega has been leading the way. From her signature soft goth style to her latest experimentation with bronzed tones, we’ll explore how Ortega’s influence has inspired a new take on goth beauty. So, whether you’re a fan of the dark and moody aesthetic or just looking to switch up your makeup routine, keep reading to discover the latest trend taking the beauty world by storm.

Jenna Ortega’s “Bronzed Goth” Look: A New Trend Born at the Scream VI Premiere

Imagine a modern scream queen strutting her stuff at a Scream premiere and not only stealing the show with her striking outfit, but also introducing a brand new goth makeup trend. This was exactly the case for Jenna Ortega, who wowed attendees at the Scream VI premiere in New York City on March 6th with her take on goth beauty – what is now being referred to as a “bronzed goth beat”.

Ortega made a bold fashion statement in a couture Jean Paul Gaultier dress that was crafted from a deconstructed white button-up and a tuxedo jacket that gracefully fell off her shoulders. The ensemble was perfectly complemented by her stylist Enrique Melendez’s choice of open-toed black patent platform shoes, two Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Bean Design wire necklaces, and a matching Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Sevillana ring. The overall look was edgy and sophisticated, a true masterpiece of gothic elegance.

Bronzed Goth Makeup Trend

Jenna Ortega is no stranger to the world of “soft goth” glamour, but she took it up a notch at the Scream VI premiere with her latest makeup look – the bronzed goth trend. While we don’t have insider knowledge on exactly how her makeup artist, Mélanie Inglessis, achieved this striking look, we can speculate.

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It seems that Inglessis started by using a cool-toned brown shade to sculpt Ortega’s crease, bringing it all the way along her lower lash line for a moody and dramatic effect. To add brightness and dimension to her eyes, a shimmering champagne color was applied to Ortega’s lids. Leaving her lashes mostly bare created an emphasis on the overall morose vibe of the makeup. Inglessis also expertly contoured Ortega’s complexion, adding a subtle touch of bronze for depth. For the ultimate goth touch, a bold and vampy blood-red pout was created with a matte lipstick. To complete the look, Ortega’s hairstylist, David Stanwell, styled her hair in a “wolf lob” with wispy waves and curtain bangs, perfectly complementing the edgy and sophisticated aesthetic of the makeup.

“Soft goth” has been a dominant trend in the “dark bimbo” community since its inception in December 2022. With a preference for minimal beauty routines featuring cool-toned greys, blacks, and dusty blues, this look is perfect for the colder months. However, Jenna Ortega’s recent bronzed goth makeup debut at the Scream VI premiere shows that you don’t have to abandon your love for cooler tones as the weather gets warmer.

If you’re looking to try out a cooler-toned makeup look for spring or summer, Ortega’s bronzed goth trend might be just what you need. Using cool-toned browns to sculpt out your eyes and cheeks or even to wear on your lips can give your makeup an angsty yet lively edge. It’s a vibe that’s definitely worth exploring if you want to switch up your beauty routine this season.

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