Make a Minimalist Skincare & Beauty Routine

May 21, 2022
Make a Minimalist Skincare & Beauty Routine

Don’t have the time or tendency to spend hours in the toilet slathering yourself in lotion? That’s good, today the movement is for the minimalist magnificence routine! 

The concept is effortless, it’s about determining the number of products you utilize on a daily basis to get back to basics and attend to your skin’s requirements. 

Where to begin? What are the measures to pursue to set up a minimalist skincare habit? We inform you of everything!

Be Prudent to Your Skin’s Necessities

Covering your skin with several coatings of care can have the opposing result of that desired! Some do not coordinate with each other and their assets cancel each other out. 

An accumulation of cosmetics can also end up stopping the pores of your skin and preventing it from respiring properly… 

Finally, some products have a chemical formulation that can generate irritation or even spots.

The first query to ask yourself before investing in a group of products is thus to determine if your skin really requires them? 

Take the time to observe your epidermis and its growth. There is no perfect beauty routine that fits all skin types, so the most reasonable thing to do is to be cautious about your needs.

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Specify Your Skin Class

To pick the right treatments to integrate into your minimalist beauty routine, it is important to know your skin type! Not all products are eligible for all skin sorts, which is why, for each remedy to be efficacious, it is more pleasing to learn how to identify your own.

  • Normal skin: the one we all want! It is soft to the touch, without irregularities, and tolerates all external aggressions well (cold, heat, pollution, etc.).
  • Dry skin: it is fine, but often feels tight and lacks comfort.
  • Combination skin: it is dry in places and oily in the T zone (forehead, nose, and chin).
  • Oily skin: it is thicker, shines due to excess sebum and the pores are dilated. Oily skin is inclined to defects: pustules and blackheads.

Prefer Quality Beauty Products

Today, we are more and more aware of the composition of the products we consume, whether for cosmetics or for the food we put on our plate, it is important to choose products whose composition is the rawest possible.

Choose organic cosmetics, of 100% natural origin, more respectful of your epidermis. A certified organic skincare product means that the ingredients that compose it comes from controlled cultivation that respects the environment.

Opt for Multifunctional Products

Girl Applying Cream on Her Face
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Exit the superfluous! The principle of a minimalist beauty routine is to sort to keep only what is strictly necessary. The best solution to not overload your cupboards is to use multifunctional products. Here are 3 essentials:

  • A natural soap without palm oil can very well be used for washing the body and face!
  • Vegetable oils, such as organic coconut oil, can be used as a moisturizer for the body and face, eye contour, lip balm, hair mask, make-up remover, or even mouthwash. …
  • Shea butter is flawless for wetting all characteristics of your body including your hair. It is even very adequate on stretch marks, scars, and sunburn…

Adopt the Right Measures for Your Minimalist Beauty Routine

  • Makeup removal

The step that should not be overlooked is of course that of make-up removal! Choose an organic cleansing oil such as Jojoba vegetable oil for example. 

The oil will remove all lipophilic impurities: pollution, sebum, and makeup. Gently massage your face and remove excess using washable make-up remover wipes, then rinse with lukewarm water. 

If you don’t usually wear make-up, but wear sunscreen, this first step is also essential.

  • Cleaning

If there were to be only one gesture to respect, it would be that of evening cleaning! All-day elongate your skin sponges all types of contaminants… 

Cleansing your face in the evening with soap or foam is essential to eliminate them. In the morning, it is not required to utilize soap, because the skin is not actually contaminated. 

To refresh yourself, you can opt for a hydrosol adapted to the problems of your skin: rose, cornflower, lavender, witch hazel,…

  • Hydration

Finally, it is advisable to use a moisturizer, in the morning and evening. You can also opt for an organic vegetable oil such as Jojoba oil to deeply nourish your skin associated with Aloe Vera gel for the hydration side. 

It may be interesting to also apply serum under your day or night care. This active care concentrate will be more easily absorbed by your skin.

The needs of your epidermis evolve, which is why it is advisable to adapt your routine according to the seasons, hormones, or even sun exposure…

  • The scrub

Exfoliation is important to help cell renewal, nibble away dead cells, and improve the penetration of active ingredients in each treatment. The right rhythm? Once a week. µ

Proper exfoliation helps your skin breathe and limits the appearance of pimples. Prefer a soft exfoliation without grain so as not to attack your skin.

As you will have understood, having soft and radiant skin does not necessarily require the application of a multitude of products! 

The important thing is to stay tuned to the needs of your skin by providing just what you need. Avoiding overconsumption of products is good for your skin, your wallet… But it’s also ecological! 

Buying fewer products also means buying less packaging, and less plastic and therefore moving towards zero waste… To go further in developing a minimalist and natural beauty routine, don’t hesitate to consult Pinterest which is full of homemade beauty recipes.

Photo: Pexels/ Polina Kovaleva

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