Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know

June 16, 2022
Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Everyone has their own beauty and makeup routine. Either way, there are a few tips to save time and keep you organized. We are also going to show you some practical tips that you may not have thought of before.

Makeup Storage Tips

To optimize your preparation time, it is essential to adopt the right storage techniques. This will allow you to apply makeup more easily if you are a beginner. You will indeed be more serene handling your make-up products when they are well stored in suitable boxes.

Group your products according to your routine

In the morning and evening, you do not necessarily utilize the exact products since each routine has its particularities. In the morning, you will tend to get prepared in a hurry. 

In the evening, on the other hand, you will be exhausted after a hard day’s work and you will not have the power to look for your products. In both cases, don’t waste any more time and think about getting organized.

The organization is indeed a key point. Thus, the advantage of makeup storage is that they help you see things more clearly. Choose several types of organizers for the different products used during each of your routines. 

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This technique is particularly practical in order not to forget anything, but also to have everything at hand. For example, a box with 3 compartments or dividers will come in very handy. On one side, store the products you use in the morning, and on the other side, place those you will need in the evening. 

The middle compartment can contain the products common to both routines, a moisturizer and a facial cleanser for example.

In addition to grouping makeup products, these will be highlighted to make it easier for you to find them. Instead of storing them in drawers, you can arrange them on your dressing table, a piece of furniture, or at the top of a shelf. All the products will thus be clearly visible so as not to mislead you.

Organize your makeup and cosmetics by category

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Organizing your products by category is also an efficacious way to save time. Mainly if you have a large makeup collection. The first thing to do will be to take all your products out of the drawers and sort them. 

Some may be outdated, so this will be an opportunity to get rid of them. Also, take the opportunity to give your loved ones the products you do not use. Once you have sorted, group your cosmetics by category. 

Place complexion products on one side, lip products on the other, and store eye products together. You also have the option of storing your products by brand.

When the sorting is done, all you have to do is separate the make-up from the other treatments. Everyone should have their own organizational space. Do not hesitate to dedicate special storage for each category. 

For instance, a transparent acrylic drawer allows you to place all the products for the lips, whether they are glosses, pencils, or balms. Thus, it is crucial to invest in special storage for each type of product. If you have a lot of makeup, choose containers with a large storage capacity.

Put labels on your storage boxes

For even more organizations, putting labels on your products will be very practical. Especially if you don’t use transparent make-up containers, but boxes. Stick a label on the outside, with the names of the products it contains. They will help you easily find your different cosmetics.

Round-shaped pads are an alternative to square labels. These are not to be placed on the storage box, but rather on the dressing of the cosmetic. 

For example, on the top of the bottle, place a white dot that you have previously painted with the color of the varnish. If you store your varnishes in a drawer, you will no longer have to manipulate them one by one to find the desired color.

Labels can even be used to mark the expiry date of each product. This will prevent you from using an expired product, which can be harmful to your skin and the hold of your makeup. 

Typically, the brand specifies the expiry date of the product on its packaging. In this way, you will know which products to use in preference according to the dates. 

In addition, using the labels, you can thus indicate which day you started using it and throw it away when it has expired. Even if this task is time-consuming, it will save you from using outdated products.

Makeup Tips

For a beautiful result and beautiful skin, some tips will allow you to make your makeup neater. In particular, you can save money by using items you already have at home to avoid buying certain accessories.

Use accessories you already have at home to apply your makeup

Use accessories you already have at home to apply your makeup

Cosmetics manufacturers have invented all kinds of accessories to facilitate the application of your makeup. 

Between blenders, beveled brushes, flat brushes, eyelash curlers, and others, it is sometimes complicated to find your way around. And if you are new to makeup, you will not necessarily have the means to buy all the necessary equipment. 

Fortunately, you have several items at home that can easily replace these tools when needed.

Among the most original ideas, a simple sock can help you apply your foundation. Opt for a fleece model and form a ball with it. This type of sock will soak up your foundation well and make application easier. You will have a homemade beauty blender in case you don’t have one yet or you forgot to clean yours.

Scotch tape is also a tool that can be used in many ways in make-up. The best known is probably the use of a small strip of tape to trace your eyeliner. But it is also possible to use this utensil to make a very beautiful lip contour. 

For this, you must delimit the borders of your lips with the tape. This will allow you to create luscious or thin lips more easily. When the contour is done with your lip liner, all you have to do is apply your layer of lipstick or gloss.

Kitchen utensils can also be used in make-up. This is particularly the case with the fork which will be used to draw impeccable eyebrows. This step is very simple to perform: all you have to do is place the cover against your eyebrows and fill it in with your pencil.

Homemade products to clean your makeup utensils

When you have finished applying your makeup, it is time to clean the utensils. If you haven’t been able to buy the special equipment yet, don’t panic, these tips will certainly help you. 

Do you have a silicone oven mitt with dots? These will help you clean your dirty brushes by rubbing them under soapy water before rinsing them. They are effective in ridding these tools of all impurities without fear of damaging them.

There are many tips for storing makeup and skincare. Some are quite obvious and practical. Be that as it may, good organization is essential on a daily basis so as not to waste time and get your brushes tangled up.

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