Microblading: The Natural Effect for Your Eyebrows!

April 22, 2022
Microblading: The Natural Effect for Your Eyebrows!

As in the world of fashion, beauty trends evolve. In terms of eyebrows, the trend is currently for the thick, natural, and well-structured eyebrow line. Yet, having full and well-shaped eyebrows is not provided to everyone… 

Do you dream of no longer spending hours drawing your eyebrows with a pencil in the morning in the bathroom? 

Good news! Microblading is a revolutionary new technology that everyone is speaking about in the world of aesthetics, and which permits you to have gorgeous natural eyebrows!

What is microblading?


It is a semi-permanent maquillage for the eyebrows resulting from an ancestral gesture born in Asia. Also called the 6D technique, microblading lets you restructure the eyebrows by drawing one by one ultra-fine hair for a truer-than-life effect!

Microblading is performed using a metal pen and nano-needles forming a thin blade. These will penetrate under the skin and place colored pigments that will imitate the hairs to perfection.

The microblading technique will pigment the upper layers of the epidermis only! Indeed, the needles enter under the skin at 0.2 – 0.3 mm unlike the electric demographic of semi-permanent makeup which goes up to 0.5 – 0.8 mm.

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This innovation makes it possible not to damage the capillaries, not to touch the bulbs, and thus avoid having problems with hair regrowth.

If the word needle scares you a little… Don’t worry! This intervention is not as painful as a tattoo. Although the needles pass under the skin, they do not penetrate as deeply as for a tattoo. They affect fewer nerve endings which make the procedure painless. Nothing to do with a tattoo…

In addition, there is less bleeding during the session and the healing after the first session is quite fast.

Microblading, who is it for?

It is a technique that is aimed at all women and which is possible from the age of 16 with parental consent.

Microblading can also work well:

  • For women who have thick eyebrows, but who wish to fill in the less dense areas in order to obtain a more uniform and overall more structured set;
  • To those who no longer see their eyebrows grow back after excessive waxing;
  • For people who have very light or very sparse eyebrows and who want to give intensity to their gaze;
  • For women who no longer have an eyebrow due to a disease such as alopecia, or due to a temporary loss of hair and body hair.

In all these situations, microblading is a very effective technique that allows you to partially or completely reconstruct an eyebrow line while having a very natural effect.

However, microblading is not recommended for pregnant women, people with surgical scars, acne, keloids, or people with hemophilia. 

People with diabetes should also be careful. Depending on their level of diabetes, they may or may not opt ​​for microblading. If you are in this situation, you will be asked for a medical certificate.

How does a session take place and how many are needed to obtain an optimal result?

A microblading session is carried out in an institute by a professional specially trained in this technique.

The first session lasts between one and two hours. Part of the session will be devoted to counseling.

First of all, the technician studies the shape of your face and your gaze to then draw your eyebrows to highlight you.

She chooses with your agreement the color of the pigments so that it harmonizes with that of your eyes, your skin, and your hair.

Then, it draws hair by hair each of your eyebrows using the needles.

After the first session, a second touch-up session is necessary three weeks to a month later.

Indeed, between the first and second session, the healing process reduces 30 to 40% of the colored pigments. The touch-up session then allows the pigments to be fixed.

Moreover, if you are not completely sure of the color of the chosen pigments, do not hesitate to ask for a lighter tone. The beautician can always darken the color afterward. To be fully satisfied with the result, it is better to go gradually!

Two days after the operation, you will need to apply a healing cream to your eyebrows morning and evening, and this for a week.

Attention! During the first seven days after the first session, you should not expose your eyebrows to water, steam, or the sun. Also, avoid sea bathing or swimming. You will also not have to apply make-up and remove make-up so as not to alter the color of the pigments.

What is the duration of microblading?


The microblading technique offers you a stunning, very natural result and beautiful eyebrows drawn for a long time.

Eh yes! The colored pigments can last from six months up to a year and a half. In the majority of cases, microblading lasts about a year.

The hold of microblading can vary from person to person, as it all depends on your skin type and how you will maintain it.

To maintain optimal results over time, it is important to maintain good hygiene of your face and clean it with a neutral PH soap. Also, be sure to moisturize and nourish your skin.

The duration of microblading can also depend on the depth of the needles under the skin and the pigment used by the technician.

The good news is that microblading fades smoothly over time, unlike permanent makeup which can sometimes turn red or blue over the months…

How to choose the right institute?

Before you start, it is important to take the time to be well informed. Microblading cannot be improvised and requires specific training.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to turn to an institute specializing in microblading.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of information that will give you good indications of the quality of the service offered by the institute!

For example :

  • The degree level of the professional;
  • The opinions of other customers and their level of satisfaction;
  • The before/after photos allow you to fully appreciate the result and project yourself.

The cost of the microblading session may also be a determining factor for you!

Be aware that the prices of microblading vary enormously. Indeed, depending on your location, the technique, the quality of the equipment used, or the reputation of the institute, they can range from 100 € to 600 €. On average, it takes 250 euros including the first session and the touch-up session.

Finally, when you go to a salon, remember to check that the standards

hygiene is observed. Microblading should be done using single-use needles. The material must be sterile and the technician must wear gloves.

So, are you going to adopt microblading to enhance your eyebrows?

Photo: Pexels/Antoni Shkraba

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