Nicole Kidman’s ’90s Curls Make a Comeback

March 22, 2023
Nicole Kidman’s '90s Curls Make a Comeback

Nicole Kidman has long been a renowned figure in the entertainment industry, but it appears that her popularity is experiencing a resurgence. This may be attributed to her overexposed AMC commercial or her widely shared appearance on the red carpet at the 2023 Oscars. Regardless of the cause, her fans are thoroughly enjoying it, especially her diverse beauty looks, such as the “Jellyfish hair” she sported last summer. However, Kidman recently returned to her roots with her signature ‘90s strawberry blonde curls.

On March 21, the actress took to Instagram to share a collection of photos of herself in a sheer turquoise maxi dress featuring delicate floral stitching. Rather than being on a photoshoot set or attending a red carpet event, she appears to be at home, which prompted her to accessorize her ensemble with simple stud earrings, a diamond ring, a delicate gold watch, and her iconic natural curls.

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In recent years, we have witnessed Kidman embrace her natural hair texture on multiple occasions. In November, she shared a snapshot of herself wearing a ponytail that showcased her long curls, featuring the same smooth buttery blonde hue she exhibited at the 2023 Oscars. This time, however, she revealed strawberry blonde curls that resemble those of her character, Alice Harford, in the movie Eyes Wide Shut.

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While it is likely that Kidman simply returned to her natural hair color, it’s plausible that the current popular trend of copper hair may have influenced her latest ringlets. Copper hair provides a vivid warmth that’s ideal for the spring season. Nonetheless, the color may be too intense for certain individuals, and this is where intermediary shades come into the picture. Just as “crunette” hair is suitable for brunettes wanting to experiment with the copper hair trend, strawberry blonde is an option for fair-haired individuals seeking to try out a reddish tone.

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nicole kidman red curls
@Nicolekidman/ Instagram

According to Toyomi Ishikura, a colorist for SH-RD Hair Care at Kim Vo salon, keeping up with strawberry blonde hair is quite effortless and necessitates only touch-ups every six to eight weeks. However, if you have gray hair, this may require more frequent maintenance. Moreover, regardless of the particular shade of strawberry blonde you opt for, it’s advisable to discuss with your stylist the possibility of tweaking the tone to appear either more blonde or redder, depending on your skin complexion.

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