Professional Makeup Artist Tips for Better Eyebrows

April 2, 2022
Professional Makeup Artist Tips for Better Eyebrows

There’s nothing like sophisticated eye makeup than perfecting the look by taking care of the eyebrows. Color, gesture, diversion of products… Jared Bailey, a global makeup artist for Benefit, shares 8 tips for eyebrows on fleek.

If you could just go out with one maquillage product, what would it be? For many, the answer is quite expected: mascara and foundation are often cited answers. 

But in recent years, another answer has begun to emerge: an eyebrow product. It is true that this area is at the heart of many trends and that all make-up brands now offer one or more products (even very complete ranges) to make up the eyebrows.

For lack of time or simply because you don’t know how to do it, sometimes you skip the eyebrow makeup step when it can really make a difference. We asked Jared Bailey, global makeup artist for Benefit, to share his golden rules for successful eyebrow makeup.

Makeup your eyebrows: finding the right color, is a real challenge

When asked about their hair color, most women tend to see themselves as darker than they actually are. Is it the same for eyebrows? Here again, it is often difficult to define our shade and, in fact, to choose the shade of our eyebrow product.

Jared Bailey explains that “a fairly common mistake is to opt for a product lighter than your eyebrow shade, thinking that you can’t go wrong if it’s lighter. 

Except that the color then risks not seeing ourselves under our hair and we will have to pass and pass again to obtain a visible result… and not very natural.”

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On the contrary, the expert advises not to be afraid to opt for a dark shade (ideally chosen according to the undertone of the hair and hair – cold, neutral, or warm), which is applied very lightly to the skin… 

Better: work with 2 colors, a dark one to apply first and a lighter one to “shade” the eyebrow, the result will be even more natural.

Keep the hand light, the assurance of a natural result

Whatever eyebrow product you use, one watchword: keep a light hand when applying. “It’s always easier to add product than to remove,” recalls Jared Bailey. 

And above all, do not lean on the bristles to apply the product, because you will inevitably apply too much pressure, which results in an unnatural result.

On the contrary, take support with one or more fingers under the eye in order to keep the fingers that hold the make-up product free of their movement and of the pressure which they apply. The result is then more precise and the rendering more natural.

Hatching, the right gesture to mimic hair

Certainly, the shapes of eyebrows vary according to the times, but there is a gesture that remains essential whatever the product you use: hatching or the fact of making small lines as if you were drawing hairs. 

This allows you to recreate the illusion of hair and avoids the unnatural tattoo side.

Jared Bailey also points out that eyebrow makeup should only be done where you need it: no need to hatch the entire line if you are missing hair only at the head or tail of the eyebrow. Not only will you save time, but in addition, the result will be more subtle.

Missed eyebrows, the magic of the brush

Anyone who’s tried eyebrow makeup knows it: it’s easy to mess up, either because you’ve applied too much pressure and the result is very dark, or because you’ve done something wrong and beyond the eyebrow line.

Don’t panic: Jared Bailey explains that the bottle brush, often supplied with pencils, is the ideal tool to correct this. Just gently pass it over the eyebrows to melt the material. It is also a gesture that he recommends doing at the end of any eyebrow makeup because the rendering is always more natural when the lines are slightly blurred.

If you have ever overstepped the line, pass the bottle brush several times until you have erased what is bothering you.

No eyebrow product? Products to be diverted

If you do not have eyebrows on hand, Jared Bailey offers two tips by diverting other make-up products:

Lacquer or a transparent lip balm to set: spray the lacquer or put a little balm on a brush, then brush the eyebrow to discipline it.

A dark brown eye shadow to fill: using an angled brush with hard bristles, take a little material and apply it where the eyebrow needs to be filled, making small strokes to create the illusion of hairs.

Restructure their line

The way you tweeze your eyebrows can transform your facial expression in stunning ways, even without makeup. The trick: slightly rework the underside of the eyebrow to give it a circumflex accent shape. 

The final line must therefore be upward on the first two-thirds, and downward on the last third to enhance the look. If your face is long, also tweeze a few hairs so as to raise the tail of the eyebrow towards the temples to stretch the look.

The extra thing: tweeze just a few hairs from the lower line at the level of the head of the eyebrow, for a light effect.

Work with pliers

Groom your eyebrows with tweezers. To avoid missteps, tweeze only the hairs between the eyebrows and those that have grown back below their line. 

Catch them at the root and hold the skin with the other hand to pull out the bulb without pain.

Tip: Even if you’re an expert, avoid using wax to trace their line or for touch-ups. The reason? Regularly pulling out the hair on the eyelids, which are already losing tone, risks accelerating the process of sagging skin.

Boost their growth

If you’ve plucked your eyebrows too much, groom them. To find a full line, apply once or twice a day a formula based on active ingredients recognized for their virtues on hair growth, such as black soy or Chaga. 

Or containing associations of peptides, micro-algae, and panthenol which stimulate the formation of keratin and strengthen the anchoring of the eyebrows. 

Remember to use a serum for eyelash growth, it has the same action on the eyebrows.

Image by Angela Roma via Pexels

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