Rogue Blonde: The 90s Hair Trend Agreed by Superstars

April 12, 2022
Rogue Blonde The 90s Hair Trend Agreed by Superstars

We thought he had disappeared since the 90s. However, the end of 2020 saw him come back with a bang: at the same time, you might as well brighten up this gloomy period by adding a touch of light to his face, right? 

If you are torn between the desire to go crazy on the hair and the fear of not knowing how to take care of two-tone hair: don’t panic! We give you our best advice for adopting Rogue blonde hair while limiting breakage. Ready to awaken the Geri Halliwell that sleeps in you?

Rogue hair, what is it?

Very popular before the transition to the year 2000, Rogue hair refers to a hair trend that consists of lightening the two thin locks that frame the face. The contrast can be more or less marked: from a discreet brown on brown hair to platinum blond on black hair. Everything is possible! Fancy colors are also welcome: brighten up your face with a pastel pink Rogue hair or a fiery red half hair color!

The effect produced on the face is a radiant complexion of light and freshness, especially when the contrast is light. When the color difference is more marked, it’s a real style change: back to the 90’s! You can cultivate this retro style even more by adding accessories such as fabric scrunchies or hair clips to your hairstyles. 

Fashion is an eternal beginning: mark this year as an “old-school” publication and give your Instagram and Pinterest followers a nostalgic flashback to the 90s!

Rogue hair, for whom?

Any hair color can afford a Rogue Hair: it’s all about choosing a color that goes well with your natural color. The darker your hair, the wider the color palette for the highlights you are going to lighten.

Many stars and influencers have fallen for this hairstyle trend: Beyonce and Kylie Jenner have opted for honey and golden blonde highlights, while Dua Lipa and Gaëlle Garcia Diaz dare to contrast with platinum blonde highlights!

As you can see, this color trend is perfect for all hair colors, but it is also perfect for all textures and lengths! From Beyonce’s glamorous curls to Dua Lipa’s ultra-sleek bob, anything goes. 

If your hair is long enough to be able to be tied, then we can imagine many hairstyles that can highlight your Rogue hair: a ponytail or a bun leaving your two lightened locks to frame your face, or on the contrary, braid your locks of color by bringing them together at the back of your head.

Get a Rogue Hair and limit breakage

You have a tube of oxidant at home and you feel like a hairdresser? At your peril! We do not recommend that you attempt to perform a Rogue Hair on your own. The result might disappoint you: performing a Rogue Hair is more complex than bleaching your entire head since you have to take into account the contrast that the shade of your bleached hair will have with the rest of your hair.

You also risk damaging your hair and ending up with two strands of straw on each side of your face. Several discolorations may indeed be necessary to neutralize the yellow highlights, which may deeply sensitize your hair fiber.

It is therefore better to call on a professional to achieve your Rogue hair. A good colorist can also advise you in the salon on the shade best suited to your natural color. 

It will bleach your hair with professional products from root to tip, before performing a patina, which will reduce unwanted reflections and bring shine to your hair thanks to the vegetable oils it contains. As you will have understood, investing in a service carried out in a hairdressing salon is highly recommended!

All you have to do is bring a regular dose of care to your hair to keep your Rogue hair as long as possible…

How to maintain your Rogue hair?

Like all bleached hair, a mane that has opted for this beauty trend is sensitized: even if only two strands are concerned, it would be unfortunate to see the locks framing your face break in the middle. To avoid this, pamper your hair with hydration and nutrients after reading our tips:

  • Choose your shampoo carefully: you will probably be tempted to turn to supermarket shampoos “care for bleached, highlighted hair…”. They are not necessarily the best option for your sensitized hair: most of them are rich in sulfates, a detergent agent that will strip your already fragile hair fiber. Instead, prefer their natural sulfate-free alternatives, which are gentler on your delicate hair.
  • Vegetable oils are your friends: you can choose between applying them in an oil bath before shampooing, or using them as a treatment after washing, on damp hair, to “seal” the fiber’s natural hydration. It’s up to you! Learn to recognize which oil is best suited to your hair type and your problems: dry hair loves Coconut and Argan Oils, frizzy hair is tamed by Broccoli Oil, while Castor Oils, Garlic, and Mustard promote growth.
  • Make moisturizing masks: finally, it is essential to moisturize your thirsty hair. For this, repeatedly make masks that will wet your hair. No demand to break the bank, everything you need is in your kitchen! Mix natural yogurt with a spoonful of honey. You can add aloe vera gel or vegetable glycerin if you have it. Leave on for as long as possible before rinsing: voila! Don’t forget to hydrate yourself from the inside by drinking enough, for your health, that of your skin, and of your hair.

So, still a hair’s breadth away from falling for Rogue Hair?

Image by Monstera via Pexels

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