Complete Your Skin Cycling Routine with Dr. Whitney Bowe’s Retinal Treatment

April 1, 2023
Complete Your Skin Cycling Routine with Dr. Whitney Bowe’s Retinal Treatment

Dr. Whitney Bowe has had an exciting year. Her “skin cycling” technique went viral with over 291 million views on TikTok and she launched her skincare brand, Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty. The brand offers ingestible and topical skincare products that treat the skin from the inside and outside.

Concerning the latter, Bowe has introduced two skin cycling essentials, namely the Bowe Glow Microbiome Nourishing Cream and Exfoliation Night Resurfacing and Brightening Serum. Currently, she is releasing the ultimate product required for your skincare regimen, which is the Retinal Night Advanced 0.1% Retinal Firming Treatment. In the following paragraphs, Dr. Bowe provides a comprehensive breakdown of all the necessary information about her latest retinal product.

Dr. Whitney Bowe retinal night

The Inspiration

According to Dr. Bowe, a traditional skin cycling routine typically involves exfoliation night, retinoid night, recovery night, recovery night, and repeating this sequence. However, the retinoid night can be challenging to manage as some retinoid products can cause skin irritation. Dr. Bowe clarifies that retinoic acid, or tretinoin, is the retinoid of prescription strength. Once applied to the skin, it immediately binds to receptors and begins working. However, many individuals are unable to tolerate tretinoin, leading them to use over-the-counter retinols instead.

Dr. Bowe points out that several issues arise with some of the retinol-based products currently available in the market. She explains that retinol needs to undergo a conversion process to become retinaldehyde or retinal, which then converts into retinoic acid. This conversion requires more effort by the skin, whereas retinal only requires one conversion step. Additionally, Dr. Bowe reveals that most retinols are highly unstable, which is a well-kept secret in the beauty industry. As a result, by the time you apply the retinol product to your skin, only a fraction of the stated percentage remains active.

Dr. Bowe aimed to resolve the problems of skin irritation, instability, and potency once and for all with the introduction of the Retinal Night Advanced 0.1% Retinal Firming Treatment.

The Formula

Retinal Night Advanced 0.1% Retinal Firming Treatment

Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty – Retinal Night Advanced 0.1% Retinal Firming Treatment ($99.00)

Dr. Bowe reveals that the Retinal Night Advanced 0.1% Retinal Firming Treatment has been under development for two years. She explains that it took so long to launch the product because of the effort put into stabilizing the retinal. They utilized technology to maintain the retinal’s stability and potency, and independent testing showed that the retinal retained its full potency for two years.

The advantages of using 0.1% retinal are vast as it helps to firm the skin, improve texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Dr. Bowe also explains that they are using a proprietary dermal delivery technology that enables the retinal to penetrate the deeper layer of the skin, the dermal layer, rather than remaining on the surface and causing irritation. Delivering the retinal molecule to the dermal layer also assists in lifting and firming the skin.

To minimize skin irritation, the Retinal Night Advanced 0.1% Retinal Firming Treatment is formulated with a proprietary penta-lipid complex consisting of three ceramides, phytosphingosine, and plant-based sterols, which help to hydrate, soothe the skin, and restore its barrier. The formula is also enriched with two types of peptides, namely palmitoyl tripeptide-1 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, which improve skin elasticity and enhance the firming effects of the retinal.

How to Use It

After cleansing, Dr. Bowe advises applying a pearl-size amount of the Retinal Night Advanced 0.1% Retinal Firming Treatment to clean, dry skin. For most individuals, adhering to the “classic” skin cycling routine and using the treatment on night two is recommended, but it can be adjusted according to your skin’s tolerance. Dr. Bowe explains that some individuals with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin may require a “gentle” skin cycling program, which includes an additional recovery night. In contrast, those with oily or acne-prone skin who are accustomed to potent actives can opt for an “advanced” skin cycling program, which involves reducing recovery nights and increasing retinoid nights.

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The Results

According to Dr. Bowe, rigorous clinical testing is a must. She states that their team conducts both subjective and objective testing on their final formulations, relying on their own data rather than supplier information.

Dr. Bowe also emphasizes the importance of including all skin tones and types in each product trial. With the Retinal Night Advanced 0.1% Retinal Firming Treatment, it was particularly crucial to ensure it was gentle enough for everyone. As such, 50% of the clinical study participants had sensitive skin. “I want to make sure that my patients prone to hyperpigmentation, rosacea, or eczema have no problem tolerating the product,” she explains.

The results of the clinical trial were highly encouraging. “We had over 30 subjects who used the product three times a week for eight weeks,” Dr. Bowe shares. “We saw improvements in certain parameters within two weeks. Then, at the eight-week mark, we began to see dramatic changes in terms of hyperpigmentation beginning to lift.”

The Retinal Night Advanced 0.1% Retinal Firming Treatment is now accessible on the official website of Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty, priced at $99 ($84 for a refill). Additionally, customers can now obtain all of the brand’s essentials with the Skin Cycling Program Kit, which is available for $199.

Photo: Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty

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